1917 Farm Journal Illustrated Directory of Gratiot County, Michigan - A Surnames

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 135Question, Quidort, Raby, Rafter, Rains, Randall, Randell, Randolph, Ranger, Raske
Page 136Raske, Rasor, Raston, Rathbun, Rauchenberger, Rawson, Ray, Rayburn, Raycraft, Raymer, Raymond, Razor, Read, Reade, Ream, Reames, Rector, Redman, Redmond, Reeb, Reed
Page 137Reed, Rees, Reeves, Reha, Rehak, Rehle, Reice, Reichard, Reid, Reinsmith, Reist, Rempp, Rench, Rengle, Repphun, Resseguie, Reynolds
Page 138Reynolds, Rhines, Rhoads, Rhynard, Rice, Rich, Richard, Richards, Richardson
Page 139Richardson, Richmond, Richter, Rickman, Rider, Ridsdale, Ries, Riggs, Rigle, Rinckey, Ring, Ringle, Risk, Rittenhouse, Rittenour, Ritter, Robart, Robb, Robbe, Robbennolt
Page 140Robbenolt, Robbins, Robburt, Roberts, Robertson, Robinett, Robinson, Robke, Rock, Rockafellow, Rockwell, Rodgers
Page 141Roe, Roemine, Rogers, Roles, Rolfe, Rolixman, Rollins, Ronk, Roof, Rooks, Roosa, Root, Rosa, Rose, Rosebush, Rosecrans, Rosenberg, Rosenberger, Rosencrans, Ross
Page 142Ross, Rossow, Roth, Rothgery, Rounds, Roup, Rouse, Roush, Rowe, Rowell, Rowley, Rowling, Royce, Rozen, Rudd, Ruehle, Rule, Rummer, Rumsey, Runyan, Rush, Russ, Russell
Page 143Russell, Ryan, Ryckman, Ryder, Ryerson