Portland, Maine 1915 City Directory - C

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Portland, Maine 1915 City Directory - C

Click on the page number which corresponds to your surname of interest and this should take you to the appropriate page.

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Page #Description / Surnames in order they appear on each page. Not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 361Cabana, Caccavle, Caddell, Cadey, Cady
Page 362Cady, Cafaloues, Cahill, Cahoon, Caiazzo, Cail, Cailler, Cain, Caine, Cairnes, Calderwood, Caldwell, Caler
Page 363Calhoun, Calkins, Call, Callaghan, Callahan, Callan, Callas, Callender, Callila, Callinan, Calliste, Callo, Callver, Calucio, Caluerley, Calverley, Calvert, Camblin
Page 364Cameron, Camfield, Cammett, Camp, Campbell
Page 365Campbell, Camron, Canales, Canary, Canavan, Canders, Candy, Canfield, Cangiino, Cann, Cannell
Page 366Cannell, Canney, Canning, Cannon, Cannonier, Canon, Canton, Cantrell, Canty, Capen, Caplan, Caples, Caporano, Carbee, Card, Cardillo
Page 367Cardinal, Carey, Carians, Carigan, Carl, Carlan, Carle, Carles, Carleton
Page 368Carleton, Carliss, Carll, Carlo, Carlson, Carlstron, Carlton, Carmack, Carman, Carmichael
Page 369Carney, Carofoli, Carpath, Carpenter, Carr
Page 370Carr, Carrick, Carrigan, Carroll, Carruthers, Carson
Page 371Carson, Carstato, Carswell, Carter
Page 372Carter, Carton, Cartret, Cartland, Caruso, Caryel, Carver, Carville, Cary, Casa, Casassa
Page 373Casassa, Casbin, Case, Caselden, Casey, Cash
Page 374Cash, Cashman, Caso, Casparius, Cass, Cassegrain, Cassevant, Cassidy, Casso
Page 375Casson, Castell, Castellucci, Castner, Castobguay, Castor, Casumker, Caswell, Cate, Castemfio, Cater, Caterino, Cates, Cathro, Catlin, Catruccio, Catterson, Caualet, Cavallaro, Cavanaugh, Cawfield
Page 376Cawlan, Cawley, Cawood, Cayford, Cayne, Caywood, Cederstrom, Center, Cereste, Cernigha, Chadbourne, Chadsey, Chadwell, Chadwick, Chaffee, Chaffey, Chaffile, Chaffin, Chagnon, Chaisson, Chaleurs, Chalmers, Chamberlain, Chambers
Page 377Chambers, Champagne, Champlin, Chandler
Page 378Chandler, Chandounet, Chapin, Chaplan, Chaples, Chaplin, Chapman
Page 379Chapman, Chappane, Chappell, Chappelle, Chark, Charke, Charland, Charles, Charleson, Chase
Page 380Chase
Page 381Chase, Cheever, Chelekis, Chellis, Chen, Chenery, Cheney, Cherrwin, Chesley
Page 382Chesley, Chessey, Chessman, Chestnut, Chew, Chiasson, Chick, Chicoine, Child, Childs, Chin, Chipman
Page 383Chipman, Chirick, Chirmald, Chisholm, Chittenden, Chittick, Chong, Christensen, Christian, Christiansen
Page 384Christiansen, Christianson, Christie, Christoff, Christophersen, Christman, Christy, Chude, Church, Churchill
Page 385Churchill, Chute, Chutoretzsky, Cilley, Cimbollek, Cinomon, Cinquini, Cioynar, Ciraccusa, Citrin, Cittaya, Clahane, Clamen, Claney
Page 386Clancy, Clapp. Clare, Clarity, Clark
Page 387Clark
Page 388Clark
Page 389Clark, Clarke
Page 390Clarke, Clary, Classen, Clausen, Clawson, Clay, Clayton, Cleary, Cleaves, Clement, Clemente, Clements, Clemers
Page 391Clemons, Cleveland, Cleven, Clifford, Clift, Clifton, Climo, Cline
Page 392Clish, Clonan, Close, Cloudman, Clough, Clow, Clowes, Cloyes, Cluett, Cluff, Cluney, Coan, Coates, Cobb
Page 393Cobb
Page 394Cobb, Coble, Coburn, Cochin, Cochling, Cochran
Page 395Cochran, Cockroft, Cockrane, Codash, Codman, Cody, Coe, Coffee, Coffen, Coffey, Coffield, Coffin
Page 396Coffin, Cogger, Coggins, Cogswell, Cohan, Cohannis, Cohen
Page 397Cohen, Coill, Coin, Colan, Coasanti, Colbath, Colbeth, Colbrith, Colby, Colcord, Coldwell
Page 398Cole
Page 399Cole, Colford, Coleman, Colesworthy
Page 400Colesworthy, Collado, Collello, Colleran, Colley, Collier, Collins
Page 401Collins, Collis, Collomy, Collver, Collyer, Colman, Colson, Colter, Coltman, Colton, Colucci
Page 402Colvin, Colwell, Comasser, Comeau, Comeras, Comery, Comma, Comochello, Compton, Comstock, Conahan, Conant, Conary
Page 403Conboy, Concannon, Concar, Condon, Coney, Congdon, Conklin, Conlen, Conley
Page 404Conley
Page 405Conley
Page 406Conley, Conlin, Conlogue, Conly, Conneen, Connell, Connellan
Page 407Connellan, Connelly, Connent, Conner, Connery, Connolly
Page 408Connolly, Connor
Page 409Connor, Connors, Conrad, Conrod
Page 410Conroy, Contois, Conway
Page 411Conway, Cony, Cook
Page 412Cook, Coolber, Coolbroth
Page 413Coolbroth, Coolen, Cooley, Coolidge, Coombs, Cooney, Cooper
Page 414Cooper, Cope, Copeland, Coperthwait, Copp, Coppen, Coppinger, Coppock, Corbett, Corbin, Corcoran
Page 415Corcoran, Cordes, Corey, Corkrey, Corkum, Corliss, Cormier
Page 416Corneau, Cornelius, Cornell, Cornet, Corning, Cornish, Coronet, Correll, Corridon, Corry, Corser, Corson, Corthell, Cosenz, Cosgrove, Cossar, Costello
Page 417Costello, Costelloe, Cote, Cottelo, Cotter, Cottle, Cotton, Couch, Couchran, Coughlan, Coughlin
Page 418Coughlin, Coulahan, Couri, Courier, Courson, Courtland, Courtney, Cousens, Cousins, Coutois, Coutreau, Couture, Couturier, Covell, Covelle, Coveney
Page 419Coveny, Covey, Cowan, Cowen, Cox, Coy, Coyle, Coyne
Page 420Coyne
Page 421Coyne, Crabb, Crabbe, Crabtree, Crafts, Crager, Cragg, Cragin, Craig, Craighill, Craigin, Cram
Page 422Cram, Cramer, Cranage, Crandall, Crandon, Crane, Crangle, Crannage, Crasnich, Crasnick, Craven
Page 423Craven, Cravens, Crawford, Crawley, Creamer, Creassy, Creary, Creeden, Creen, Creighton, Cressey, Cribb, Cribbey, Cribby
Page 424Cribby, Cripps, Crisfield, Crist, Critchley, Crocker, Crockett
Page 425Crockett, Crocus, Crofton, Cromwell, Cronin, Cronkite, Crook, Cropley, Crory, Crosby
Page 426Crosby, Crosman, Cross, Crossland, Crossman, Croswell, Croteau, Crouchen, Croudis, Crowell
Page 427Crowell, Crowley, Crown, Crozier, Crrone, Cruft, Cruikshank, Crummett, Crute, Cudahy, Cuddy, Cullen, Culleton, Culley, Cullinan
Page 428Cullinan, Cummings
Page 429Cummings, Cunard, Cuneo, Cunningham
Page 430Cunningham, Cupples, Curby, Curit, Curley, Curlew, Curlin, Curll, Curran
Page 431Curran
Page 432Curran, Curray, Currey, Currie, Currier
Page 433Currier, Curry, Curtin, Curtis
Page 434Curtis, Curwin, Cusack, Cushing
Page 435Cushing, Cushman, Cuskley, Cusson, Custis, Cuthbertson, Cutler
Page 436Cutler, Cutten, Cutter, Cutting, Cutts

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