Portland, Maine 1915 City Directory - B

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Portland, Maine 1915 City Directory - B

Click on the page number which corresponds to your surname of interest and this should take you to the appropriate page.

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Page #Description / Surnames in order they appear on each page. Not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 296Baade, Babb, Babbidge, Babbine
Page 297Babigan, Babbitt, Babcock, Babine, Bacalienick, Bache, Bachelder, Backiewitz, Backhouse, Backus, Bacon, Badrosin, Bagley, Bailey
Page 298Bailey
Page 299Bailey, Bain, Baine, Baird, Bakeman, Baker
Page 300Baker, Bakjervicz
Page 301Bakke, Bakula, Balch, Balcom, Baldwin, Balestreri, Ball, Ballantine, Ballard, Ballou, Bamberg, Bamforth, Bancroft, Bandassara, Banforth, Banghart, Bangs
Page 302Bangs, Banigan, Banks, Bannigan, Banton, Baracat, Baratta, Barbarian, Barber, Barberi
Page 303Barberi, Barbier, Barbour, Barbrick, Barbry, Barclay, Bard, Barker
Page 304Barker, Barlow, Barnaby, Barnard, Barnes
Page 305Barnes, Barnett, Barney, Barnfield, Barnicle, Barns, Barnstone, Baron, Barrett
Page 306Barrett, Barrie, Barron, Barrows
Page 307Barry, Barsalou, Barston, Barstow, Barteau, Barter, Bartfield, Barthold, Bartholomew, Bartlett
Page 308Bartlett, Bartol, Barton, Bartsch, Barvidendi, Bass, Bassett, Bassford, Baston, Bastvolucca, Batchelder
Page 309Batchelder, Batchelor, Bateman, Bates, Batger, Batlouney, Batson, Battle, Battles, Battley, Batty, Batura, Batz, Baxter
Page 310Baxter, Bayes, Bayley, Bayliss, Beach, Beacham, Beaird, Beal, Beale, Beals, Bean
Page 311Bean, Beander, Beane, Bearee, Beard, Beardsley, Beardsworth, Bears, Bearse, Beasley, Beatley, Beaton, Beattie, Beatty, Beaudoin, Beaudry
Page 312Beaudry, Beaulieu, Beaumont, Beauvais, Beck, Beckelman, Becker, Beckett, Beckford, Beckham, Beckman, Beddia, Bedell, Bedlow, Bedrosian, Beecher, Beede, Beedy, Beeler, Beem, Beeman, Beers, Beesley, Beheus, Beher, Behr, Bekings, Belarta, Belcher, Beldutch, Beleveau, Beliniam, Belivan, Belknap, Belkovitch, Bell
Page 313Bell, Bellefontaine, Bellefountaine, Belleville, Bellevue, Belli, Belter, Belyea, Beman, Bendelow, Benford, Benham, Benish, Benjamin, Benner
Page 314Benner, Bennett
Page 315Bennett, Benson, Bent, Bentley, Benton, Benzie, Beote, Berbero, Bercovitz, Berenson, Berg, Berger, Berkovitz
Page 316Berman, Berminger, Bernard, Bernson, Bernstein, Berrer, Berrick, Berry
Page 317Berry
Page 318Berry
Page 319Berry, Berryman, Bertelsen, Besig, Besse, Best, Betts, Betty, Bevans, Beverage, Beverly, Beves, Beyer, Bibber
Page 320Bibber, Bickford, Bickmore, Bocknell, Bier, Bierman, Bigelow, Biggins, Bigney, Bignole
Page 321Bilby, Biladeau, Bill, Billings, Bills, Bilter, Bimson, Binette, Binford, Bingamn, Bingham, Birch, Bird, Birkenmayer, Birney, Birnie
Page 322Birnie, Bisbee, Bishop, Bissett, Bissitt, Bither, Bjonram, Black
Page 323Black, Blackburn, Blackden, Blackman, Blackmore, Blackstone, Blackwell, Blackwood, Blades, Blagden, Blair, Blaisdell, Blake
Page 324Blake
Page 325Blake, Blakeway, Blanchard, Blarcom, Blaseka, Blasland, Blatchford, Blenkhorn
Page 326Blethen, Bliss, Block, Blocklinger, Blodgett, Blom, Blood, Bloom, Bloomer, Blossom, Blumenberg, Blumenthal, Blunt
Page 327Boardman, Bobryk, Bobrykowski, Bock, Bodde, Bode, Bodge, Bodin, Bodurtha, Boe, Boesen, Bogan, Boggs, Bogh, Bohnson, Boivin, Boland
Page 328Boland, Bolier, Bollar, Bolo, Bolster, Bolton, Bombard, Bon, Bonang, Bond, Bonfillio, Bonnang, Bonnell, Bonnet, Bonnevie, Bonney
Page 329Bonney, Bonvie, Bonyman, Boober, Booden, Boody, Booker, Bools, Boomer, Boone, Booth, Boothby
Page 330Boothby, Boothman, Borden, Bore, Borenfka, Borgstrom, Borta, Bosinski, Boston, Bosworth, Bothel
Page 331Bothel, Boucher, Bougea, Boulas, Boulieu, Boultenhouse, Boulter, Bouprey, Bourdelais, Bourgeois, Bourke, Bourne, Bourque, Bourrie, Boutelle, Boutwell, Bove, Bovine, Bowden, Bowdoin
Page 332Bowdoin, Bowdren, Bowe, Bowen, Bowers, Bowes, Bowie, Bowker
Page 333Bowker, Bowler, Bowles, Bowman, Box, Boxstein, Boyce, Boyd, Boyden, Boyker, Boyle
Page 334Boyle, Boyman, Boynton, Brabrosky, Bracey, Brackett
Page 335Brackett, Bracy, Bradbury
Page 336Bradbury, Bradeen, Bradford, Bradish, Bradley
Page 337Bradley, Bradstreet, Brady, Bragan, Bragdon, Bragg
Page 338Bragg, Braley, Bramhall, Bramson, Brand, Brandon, Brandt, Brann, Brannen, Brannigan, Branscombe, Branz, Brass, Brauman, Braun, Braunes, Braus, Brawn, Bray, Brayley, Brazer, Brazier
Page 339Brazier, Brean, Breau, Bredo, Breen, Breene, Breman, Bremner, Bremon, Brener, Brennan, Brenner, Brentwood, Breslin, Bretschneider, Brett, Brewer
Page 340Brewer, Brewster, Brice, Brickett, Brickman, Bride, Briden, Bridge, Bridger, Bridges, Bridgham, Briere, Briery
Page 341Briggs, Brigham, Brightman, Brilliant, Brimecombe, Brimmer, Brindle, Brink, Brinker, Brinkler, Briry, Brisbin, Brisette, Bristol, Britto, Britt
Page 342Britting, Britton, Broadhurst, Brock, Brockmann, Brockway, Brodel, Broderick, Brody, Broe, Brogan, Bronstein, Brookings, Brooks
Page 343Brooks, Broome, Brophy, Brosseau, Brousseau, Broughton, Brow, Brown
Page 344Brown
Page 345Brown
Page 346Brown
Page 347Brown
Page 348Brown
Page 349Brown, Browne, Brownell, Browning, Brownley, Brownrig, Brownstone, Brucato, Bruce, Brumcosky, Brume, Brune, Brunel, Brunette, Bruni, Bruns
Page 350Bruns, Brunswick, Bryan, Bryant
Page 351Bryant, Bryce, Bryden, Brydon, Brymer, Brynes, Bryson, Buccheri, Bucci, Buchalter, Buchanan, Buck
Page 352Buck, Buckingham, Buckland, Buckles, Buckley, Bucklin, Bucknam, Budd, Budzko, Buffum, Buichska, Build, Buker, Bukwald
Page 353Bulducci, Bulger, Bullard, Bullock, Bulson, Bump, Bunker, Bunting, Buote, Burbank, Burbridge, Burby, Burch, Burchill, Burckhart, Burden, Burdin, Burgen
Page 354Burgess, Burgin, Burjinski, Burke
Page 355Burke
Page 356Burke, Burnell, Burnes, Burnett, Burney, Burnham
Page 357Burnham, Burns
Page 358Burns, Burpee, Burr, Burrage, Burrill, Burrowes
Page 359Burrowes, Bursley, Bursten, Burt, Burtell, Burton, Busby, Busch, Busfield, Bush, Busher, Bushey, Busick, Bussell, Bustin, Buswell, Butkievitz, Butler
Page 360Butler, Butman, Butterfield, Butters
Page 361Butters, Butterworth, Buxton, Buzzell, Byard, Bye, Bynon, Byrd, Byram, Byrne, Byrnes

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