Cambridge, Massachusetts 1859 City Directory - M

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Cambridge, Massachusetts 1859 City Directory - M

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Page #Description / Surnames in order they appear on each page, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 112Mace, Mack, Mackay, Mackenzie, Mackintosh
Page 113Macrella, Maddox, Magee, Maginn, Magoun, Magrath, Maguire, Mahady, Mahan, Mahn, Mahoney, Mahony, Mains, Major, Maligan, Malley, Mallory, Mallows, Malone, Manahan, Mandozea, Manen, Manfra, Mangen, Manheim, Mann
Page 114Mann, Manning, Mansfield, Mansise, Manson, March, Marcy, Marian, Marinan, Markham, Marran, Marrett, Mars, Marsden, Marsh, Marshall, Marsters, Marston
Page 115Marston, Martin, Marvin, Mason, Mathers, Mathews, Matthews, Maurer, Mavis, May, Maynard
Page 116Maynard, Mayo, McAlarney, McAleer, McAllen, McAlvin, McArdle, McAuliffe, McAuley, McAvoy, McBarron, McBride, McCabe, McCafferty, McCaffrey, McCallian, McCalvey, McCann, McCanna, McCart, McCarty
Page 117McCarty, McCarvill, McCarville, McCaughey, McCauley, McClarty, McCloskey, McClosky, McClure, McComb, McConnell, McCormick, McCourt, McCoy, McCrosson, McCue, McCune, McCurdy, McCurry, McCusker, McDade, McDaniel, McDermot, McDermott, McDonald
Page 118McDonald, McDonough, McDuffie, McElhena, McElroy, McEllroy, McFarland, McFeely, McGar, McGaw, McGee, McGeogh, McGerity, McGern, McGill, McGilley, McGinley, McGirr, McGiven, McGlencia, McGonagle, McGoun, McGourley, MCGovern, McGowan, McGowen, McGrath
Page 119McGregor, McGuire, McGurin, McGurk, McIlear, McIntire, McIntosh, McIntyre, McKanna, McKeever, McKene, McKenna, McKenney, McKenny, McKenzie, McKeown, McKlaget, McLane, McLaud, McLaughlin, McLean, McLearney, McLellan, McLoud, McMahan
Page 120McMahan, McMann, McMannis, McMannus, McMenamin, McNabs, McNall, McNally, McNamara, McNamee, McNaughton, McNorton, McNulty, McPeak, McPeck, McPherson, McQuade, McQuillan, McSorley, McVay, McVany, McWilliams, Meacham, Mead, Meany, Meginn, Megroth, Mehady, Melcher, Melledge, Mellen, Melley, Melville
Page 121Melvin, Menick, Merchant, Merkle, Meriam, Merriam, Merrill, Merritt, Meservey, Messer, Messinger, Metcalf
Page 122Metcalf, Metz, Metzger, Mickell, Miels, Milan, Miles, Miller, Miles, Milikin, Mill, Mills, Milton, Mimnaugh, Miner, Mitchell, Moeschlin, Moloney, Molyneux, Monegan, Monroe
Page 123Monroe, Moody, Mooney, Moore, Moran, Morgan, Moriarty, Morrill, Morris
Page 124Morris, Morrison, Morse, Morton, Mosman, Moses, Moulton, Mount, Mouringham, Mouz, Mowle, Moyninan, Mullery, Mullen, Mullett
Page 125Mullett, Mullhall, Mullin, Mulligan, Mulliken, Mulloy, Mulvany, Mumler, Munroe, Muns, Munsell, Murdock, Murphy
Page 126Murphy, Murphey, Murtagh, Murtha, Murray, Muzzey

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