Cambridge, Massachusetts 1859 City Directory - L

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Cambridge, Massachusetts 1859 City Directory - L

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Page #Description / Surnames in order they appear on each page, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 106Ladd, Laidham, Laidler, Laird, Lakin, Lally, Lalley, Lamb, Lambert, Lamson
Page 107Landerkin, Landers, Lane, Lanergan, Lanergin, Lang, Langan, Langer, Langley, Langmaid, Lansing, Lantz, Laselle, Lassell, Law, Lawler, Lawrence
Page 108Lawrence, Laws, Leach, Leahey, Learned, Leary, Leathe, Leaver, Leavitt, Lee, Leeds, LeFrancis, Leggett, Lehan, Leighton, Leland, Lemmure, Lemon, Lemott, Lenfest, Lennon, Lenon, Leonard
Page 109Lerhy, Lerned, Leverett, Lewin, Lewis, Libbey, Libby, Lillie, Lilwell, Lincoln, Linehin, Liney, Ling, Linn, Litchfield
Page 110Litchfield, Little, Littlefield, Livermore, Lloyd, Lober, Locke, Lockhart, Locklin, Loehr, Logan, Loheed, Lomax, Lombard, Long, Longfellow
Page 111Longfellow, Longley, Longshaw, Loomer, Looney, Lord, Loring, Lothrop, Lougee, Loughran, Loughrey, Lovejoy, Lovering, Lovett, Low, Lowe, Lowder, Lowell, Lowry, Lucas, Lucy, Lufkin, Luke, Lum
Page 112Lum, Lumbard, Lunitz, Lunt, Luther, Lydston, Lyman, Lynch, Lynes, Lyon, Lyons

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