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Boston, Massachusetts 1860 City Directory - B

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 27Babb, Babbidge, Babbington, Babbitt
Page 28Babbitt, Babcock, Babeuf, Babo, Babson, Bacall, Bacallado, Bachelder, Bacheller, Bachelor, Bachi, Bachler, Backerman, Backman, Backoff, Nackus, Bacon, Badger
Page 29Badger, Badlam, Baer, Bagan, Bagette, Bagg, Bagley, Bagnall, Bahan, Bail, Bailey
Page 30Bailey, Baird, Bake, Bakeman, Baker
Page 31Baker, Balch, Balcom, Baldick, Baldrey, Baldwin, Balfe, Balfour, Balge, Ball
Page 32Ball, Ballantine, Ballantyne, Ballard, Ballem, Ballister, Ballman, Ballou, Balyer, Bambauer, Bambrook, Bamford, Banchor, Bancroft, Banfield, Bang, Bangs, Banister, Banker, Banks, Bannister, Bannon, Barbadoes, Barber, Barbour
Page 33Barbour, Bardwell, Bargalee, Barham, Barker, Barkins, Barlow, Barnabee, Barnacle, Barnard, Barnes
Page 34Barnes, Barnett, Barney, Barnicoat, Barnum, Barnwell, Baron, Barr, Barrell, Barrer, Barrett, Barri
Page 35Barrington, Barron, Barrow, Barrows, Barry, Barstow
Page 36Barstow, Barteaux, Barter, Barth, Bartholomesz, Bartholomew, Barthune, Bartimus, Bartlett, Bartley, Bartol, Bartoll, Barton
Page 37Barton, Bartram, Bascom, Basford, Basley, Basore, Bass, Bassett, Basto, Baston, Batchelder, Batcheller, Bate, Bateman, Bates
Page 38Bates, Bath, Bathholt, Battelle, Batterby, Batterman, Batterton, Battesby, Battey, Battis, Battison, Battles, Bauer, Baum, Baury, Bauston, Baxter, Bayard, Bayfield, Bayley
Page 39Bayley, Bayne, Baynum, Bazin, Beach, Beadle, Beal, Beals, Beaman, Beamis, Bean, Beard
Page 40Beard, Bearse, Beatley, Beaton, Beattie, Beatty, Beaty, Beaumont, Beaver, Beazley, Beck, Becker, Beckett, Beckey, Beckford, Beckler, Beckman, Beckwith, Bedell, Bedford, Bedlington, Beebe, Beecher, Beeching, Beede, Beeler, Beers, Beetle, Beeton, Begg, Behringer, Bekkenhuis, Belcher, Belden, Belding, Belford, Belknap, Bell
Page 41Bell, Bellamy, Bellhouse, Bello, Bellows, Bellyer, Belser, Belt, Belyea, Bement, Bemis, Bemish, Benari, Bench, Bendix, Benedetto, Benedict, Benjamin, Benn, Bennellick, Benner, Bennett
Page 42Bennett, Bense, Bensemoin, Benson, Bent, Bentley, Benton, Benz, Benzon, Berantio, Berg, Bergan, Berger, Bergman, Berigen, Berigin, Bernhard, Bernstein, Berran, Berresford, Berrell, Berrett, Berrigan, Berron, Berry, Berthold, Bertholf, Bertram, Bertsch, Bertz, Berutich, Besent, Bessom, Besson, Best
Page 43Bethune, Betteley, Bettencourt, Bettinson, Bettis, Betton, Betts, Bety, Bever, Bevin, Beyer, Bibber, Bibbey, Bible, Bibram, Bickel, Bickell, Bickers, Bickford, Bicknell, Bickner, Bickum, Biddle, Biddolph, Bidwell, Bie, Bieber, Bieler, Biffin, Bigby, Bigelow
Page 44Bigelow, Biggin, Bignall, Biggs, Bigley, Bilby, Billiard, Billiman, Billings, Billman, Bills, Billson, Binder, Binet, Bingey, Bingham, Binley, Binney, Birch, Birchard, Bird, Birkmaier, Birmingham
Page 45Birmingham, Birnstill, Bisbee, Bisch, Bishop, Bissell, Bisset, Bitterwolf, Bivins, Bixby, Black, Blackbird, Blackburn, Blackden, Blackett, Blackinton, Blackler, Blackman, Balckmar, Blackmer, Blackmore, Blackstaff, Blackstone, Blackwell, Bladon, Bladt, Blagden, Blagge, Blaikie, Blain, Blair, Blaisdell
Page 46Blaisdell, Blake, Blakely, Blakemore, Blakeney, Blakeny, Blakes, Blanchard
Page 47Blanchard, Bland, Blandin, Blane, Blaney, Blank, Blannett, Blasdale, Blasland, Blasser, Blatchford, Blazo, Bleakley, Blenkinsop, Blessinton, Blethen, Blevens, Blew, Blight, Blinn, Blish, Bliss, Bloch, Block, Blodget
Page 48Blodgett, Blois, Blom, Blood, Bloomer, Bloomfield, Bloot, Blosser, Blossom, Blount, Blue, Blumstaiel, Blunt, Bly, Blythe, Boanie, Boardley, Boardman, Boardwin, Bobrosky, Boch, Bock, Bockelman, Bockus, Boden, Bodenchatz, Bodge, Bodwell, Bogart, Boggs, Bogle, Bogman, Bogue, Bohannan, Bohe, Bohler, Bohlin, Bohm, Bohner, Boies, Boit, Boizard, Bolan, Boland, Bold, Bolen, Boles, Bolio, Bolles
Page 49Bolling, Bollman, Bolman, Bolster, Bolter, Bolton, Boman, Bond, Bonifacem Bonnar, Bonner, Bonney, Bonnie, Bonwell, Boody, Booklacier, Booklund, Boole, Boon, Boos, Boosfield, Booth, Boothby, Boott, Bopp, Bordeleau, Borden, Bordman, Borgnet, Borland, Bornehardt, Bornstein, Borra, Borrowscale, Bors, Borsch, Bosady, Bosford, Boss, Bossert, Bossey, Bossom, Bosson
Page 50Bosson, Boston, Bostwick, Boswell, Bosworth, Both, Bothamly, Botsford, Bottcher, Bottner, Botts, Botume, Boudren, Boudrow, Bouge, Boughton, Boulden, Boultbee, Bourboine, Bourguignon, Bourn, Bourne, Bourner, Boutell, Boutwell, Bouve, Bovard, Bovey, Bow, Bowden, Bowditch, Bowdlear, Bowdoin, Bowen
Page 51Bowen, Bowden, Bowers, Bowes, Bowetz, Bowker, Bowler, Bowles, Bowman, Boyce, Boyd
Page 52Boyd, Boyden, Boyer, Boyle, Boylen, Boynton, Boyson, Braalts, Brabiner, Brabrook, Brabson, Brackenbury, Brackett
Page 53Brackett, Brackin, Bradburn, Bradbury, Bradeen, Bradfield, Bradford, Bradish, Bradlee, Bradley
Page 54Bradley, Bradshaw, Bradstreet, Bradt, Brady, Bragan, Bragdon, Bragg, Braggiotti, Brahm, Brainard, Brainerd, Braley, Bralley, Braman, Bramhall, Branagan, Branard, Brandt, Brandly
Page 55Brandon, Branen, Branigan, Brannan, Brannon, Branson, Branscomb, Brasbridge, Brash, Brasher, Brassell, Brastow, Brawley, Bray, Brayman, Brayshaw, Brayton, Brazell, Brazer, Brazier, Breck, Breckenridge, Breden, Breed, Breeden, Breen, Breese, Breggren, Bregvogle, Breinig, Bremer, Brendel, Brennan, Brennenstuhl, Brennick, Brennon, Breshnahan, Breslahan, Bresnahan, Breslin, Breslon, Bresnan, Brett
Page 56Brett, Brewer, Brewster, Briard, Brice, Bricher, Brick, Brickett, Brickley, Bride, Bridge, Bridges, Bridgham, Bridgman, Brien, Briesler, Brigden
Page 57Briggs, Brigham, Bright, Brighton, Brignoli, Brimbecom, Brimmer, Brimnir
Page 58Brindleson, Brine, Briner, Brink, Brinkley, Brinkman, Brinley, Brintnall, Briody, Briscoe, Brisk, Bristor, Bristow, Britt, Brittan, Britten, Britton, Broad, Broadbent, Broaders, Brock, Brockbank, Brockelbank, Brockway, Brodbeck, Broderick, Brodhead, Brodigan, Brodrick, Brogan, Brogger, Brohan, Brolley, Bromade, Bronsdon, Brook, Brookhouse, Brookings, Brooks
Page 59Brooks, Brophy, Brosnan, Brotchie, Brothers, Brougham, Broughton, Brougby, Brower, Brown
Page 60Brown
Page 61Brown
Page 62Brown, Brownbill, Browne, Brownell, Browning, Brownlow, Brownrigg, Bruce
Page 63Bruce, Bruen, Bruerton, Brummett, Bryan, Bryant, Bryden, Bryent, Bryer, Bryers, Bryson, Bubier, Buchanan, Buck, Buckingham, Buckland, Buckley
Page 64Buckley, Buckman, Buckmar, Buckminster, Bucknam, Bucknar, Budd, Budden, Buell, Buffinton, Bufford, Buffum, Bugbee, Buitekant, Buhl, Buker, Bukup, Bulfinch, Bulger, Bulkley, Bull, Bullard, Bullen, Bullens, Bulling, Bullock, Bullocke, Bullzingslewen, Bulman, Bulson, Bumford, Bumstead
Page 65Bumstead, Bunce, Buncher, Bundy, Bunker, Bunten, Bunting, Bunton, Burbank, Burbeck, Burchell, Burchill, Burchstead, Burchsted, Burckes, Burckle, Burdakin, Burdell, Burdett, Burdick, Burditt, Burg, Burge, Burgen, Burger, Burgess, Burk, Burke
Page 66Burke, Burkett, Burkhard, Burkley, Burland, Burleigh, Burlen, Burley, Burlingame, Burnell, Burnett, Burnham
Page 67Burnham, Burns, Burnside, Burpee, Burr, Burrage, Burrell, Burridge, Burrill
Page 68Burrill, Burrison, Burrough, Burroughs, Burrows, Bursley, Burt, Burticant, Burton, Burtt, Busby, Busch, Busell, Bush, Bushee, Bushey, Bushnell, Buss, Bussell, Busteed, Buswell, Butcher, Butland, Butler
Page 69Butler, Butman, Butt, Butterfield, Butterick, Buttermore, Butters, Butterworth, Buttinger, Buttrick, Butts, Buxton, Buyse, Buzzell, Byam, Byers, Byram, Byrne, Byrnes
Page 70Byrnes, Byron, Byus, Bywaters

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