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We have scanned the original directory and gazetter of Wabash City and County, Indiana for 1914-15 and indexed it for your quick search.

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Page #Description
Pages 005 to 012Miscellany
Page 5County Officials, County Commissioners, County Council, Township Trustees
Page 6City Officials, City Council, Police Department, Fire Department
Page 7Board of Education
Page 8Board of Ed cont'd, Railway Organizations, Unions
Page 9Library, Post Office
Page 10Churches
Page 11Military, Secret Orders
Page 12Secret Orders, Miscellaneous Associations
Pages 013 to 118

Wabash City Residential Directory

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Pages 119 to 138Wabash Business Directory
Page 119Abstracts .. Automobiles
Page 120Automobiles .. Blacksmiths
Page 121Books .. Carriage Trimmer
Page 122Chiropractors . Cleaning
Page 123Clothing .. Delivery
Page 124Dentists .. Extract Manufacturers
Page 125Feed .. Furniture
Page 126Garages . Grocers
Page 127Hardware .. Hospitals
Page 128Hotels .. Insurance
Page 129Jewelers .. Libraries
Page 130Light Plants .. Meat Markets
Page 131Merchant Tailors .. Optometrists
Page 132Osteopath .. Physicians
Page 133Pianos .. Real Estate
Page 134Repair .. Saddlery
Page 135Sand and Gravel .. Shoe Shops
Page 136Slating .. Telephone
Page 137Theatres .. Veterinary Surgeons
Page 138Victrolas .. Wool
Pages 139 to 159Wabash City Street Directory
Page 139Adams .. Bond
Page 140Branch .. Carrol
Page 141Cass .. Columbus
Page 142Comstock .. East, North Hill
Page 143East, South Hill .. Erie
Page 144Ewing .. Fulton
Page 145Garfield .. Hill
Page 146Hill
Page 147Hobart .. Main
Page 148Main
Page 149Manchester .. Maple
Page 150Market
Page 151Markey .. Miami
Page 152Michigan .. Monroe
Page 153Morris .. Race
Page 154Rettig .. Sinclair
Page 155Sivey .. Stitt
Page 156Summit .. Wabash
Page 157Wabash
Page 158Wabash .. Water
Page 159Water .. Wilson
Pages 161 to 256

Wabash County Rural Residential Directory

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Pages 257 to 310Wabash County, Indiana Small Towns Directory