Tippecanoe County and Lafayette City Business Directory

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Page #Description
Page 715Abdominal Belts .. Acetylene Welding
Page 716Accessories and Parts - Bicycles and Motorcycles .. Aluminum Ware
Page 717Ambulance Service .. Apartment Buildings
Page 718Aprons and Coats .. Auditors
Page 719Automobile Accessories and Parts .. Automobile Dealers
Page 720Automobile Dealers .. Automobile Garages
Page 721Automobile Garages .. Automobile Loans
Page 722Automobile Oil .. Automobile Repairing
Page 723Automobile Repairing .. Automobile Tires
Page 724Automobile Tires .. Automobiles
Page 725Automobiles .. Bands and Orchestras
Page 726Banks .. Barbers
Page 727Barbers .. Batteries - Storage
Page 728Battery Dealers .. Billiards
Page 729Billiards .. Boots and Shoes
Page 730Bottlers .. Builders Supplies
Page 731Builders Supplies .. Buildings
Page 732Buildings .. Carpets
Page 733Carpets .. Chattel Loans
Page 734Chemists .. Churches
Page 735Churches .. Cigars and Tobacco
Page 736Cigars and Tobacco .. Cleaners and Dyers
Page 737Clinics .. Clothing
Page 738Clothing .. Coal Dealers
Page 739Coal Dealers .. Coats and Aprons
Page 740Coffee Roasters .. Confectionery
Page 741Confectionery .. Contractors
Page 742Contractors
Page 743Contractors .. Crating Lumber
Page 744Culverts .. Delicatessen
Page 745Dental Laboratories .. Department Stores
Page 746Detective Agencies .. Druggists
Page 747Druggists .. Dry Cleaners
Page 748Dry Cleaners .. Electric Household Appliances
Page 749Electric Household Appliances .. Electrical Contracting
Page 750Electrical Contracting .. Employment Bureaus
Page 751Enamelware .. Expressing and Moving
Page 752Expressing and Moving .. Feed and Grain
Page 753Fence Manufacturing .. Floral Designs
Page 754Florists .. Fruit Dealers
Page 755Fruit Dealers .. Fur Dealers
Page 756Furnace Cleaning .. Furniture
Page 757Furniture .. Gas Fitters
Page 758Gas Ranges .. Gasoline and Oil Service Stations
Page 759Gasoline and Oil Service Stations .. General Merchandise
Page 760General Merchandise .. Grain Dealers
Page 761Grain Dealers .. Grocers
Page 762Grocers
Page 763Grocers
Page 764Hairdressers .. Hardwood Lumber
Page 765Harness Dealers .. Heating Contractors
Page 766Heating Regulators .. Hospitals and Dispensaries
Page 767Hotels .. Ice Cream
Page 768Indian Motorcycle Shop .. Insurance
Page 769Insurance
Page 770Insurance
Page 771Insurance
Page 772Insurance
Page 773Insurance
Page 774Interior Decorators .. Labor Organizations
Page 775Ladies Ready to Wear .. Laundries
Page 776Lawn Mowers .. Lawyers
Page 777Lawyers .. Lime, Plaster and Cement
Page 778Lime, Plaster and Cement .. Loans
Page 779Loans .. Locksmiths
Page 780Long Distance Hauling .. Lumber, Lath and Shingles
Page 781Lumber Manufacturers .. Malt and Hops
Page 782Marble Workers . Meats
Page 783Memorial Service .. Mill Supplies
Page 784Milliners .. Mosaic Work
Page 785Motion Picture Theatres .. Music Teachers
Page 786Musical Instruments .. Nurses
Page 787Office Outfitters .. Oils and Lubricants
Page 788Opticians .. Paints
Page 789Paints and Painters
Page 790Paper Manufacturers .. Physicians
Page 791Physicians .. Physio Therapists
Page 792Piano Dealers .. Plumbers
Page 793Plumbers .. Poultry Dealers
Page 794Poultry Dealers .. Radiator Manufacturers
Page 795Radiator Repairers .. Real Estate
Page 796Real Estate
Page 797Real Estate .. Restaurants
Page 798Restaurants
Page 799Restaurants .. Roofing
Page 800Roofing .. Safe Deposit Boxes
Page 801Safe Deposit Boxes .. Savings
Page 802Savings and Loans .. Sheet Metal Workers
Page 803Sheet Metal Workers .. Shoe Repairers
Page 804Shoe Repairers .. Societies
Page 805Societies
Page 806Societies .. Spraying and Surgery
Page 807Stains and Varnishes .. Stock Yards
Page 808Storage .. Tailors
Page 809Tailors .. Tile
Page 810Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Workers .. Title Insurance
Page 811Toilet Articles .. Truck Body Manufacturers
Page 812Trusses .. Undertakers
Page 813Upholsterers .. Vulcanizers
Page 814Vulcanizing .. Watch and Jewelry Repairers
Page 815Water Heaters .. Wire Goods
Page 816Wite and Iron Work .. Yeast Manufacturers