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We have scanned the original complete directory for Jay County, Indiana for 1927 and indexed it for your quick search. Click on the the page number or section you are interested in. Clicking on the page number should take you to the appropriate page.

Page #Description
Page 1Title Page
Page 2Introductory
Page 3Facts about Portland
Page 4Portland's new High School
Page 5Population breakdown for the county
Page 6General Index
Page 7Index to Advertisers - Adair to Konrath
Page 8Index to Advertisers - Lay to Stephens
Page 9Index to Advertisers - Stevenson to end
Page 10County Officials and Council, Township Trustees and Assessors
Page 11Portland City Officials, Councilmen, City School Board, Abbreviations
Page 12Portland Church Directory
Page 13City of Portland Street Directory
Page 14City of Portland Street Directory cont'
Page 15Portland Business Directory - Abstractors to Barbers
Page 16Portland Business Directory - Barbers to Electric Stores
Page 17Portland Business Directory - Elevators to Groceries
Page 18Portland Business Directory - Groceries to Lumber
Page 19Portland Business Directory - Lunch Rooms to Radiator Shops
Page 20Portland Business Directory - Railroads to Wall Paper
Pages 21 to 92Portland Residential Directory
Page 93Dunkirk - City Officials, School Board, Churches, Street Directory
Page 94Dunkirk - Street Directory
Page 95Dunkirk Business Directory - Attorneys to Garage
Page 96Dunkirk Business Directory - General Store to Manufacturers
Page 97Dunkirk Business Directory - Manufacturers to Veterinarians
Page 98Advertisement
Pages 99 to 115Dunkirk Residential Directory
Page 116Redkey - Town Officials, School Board, Churches, Street Directory
Page 117Redkey Street Directory; Redkey Business Directory - Attorneys to Gents Furnishing
Page 118Redkey Business Directory - Groceries to Tinners
Pages 119 to 131Redkey Residential Directory
Page 132Pennville - Town Board, School Board, Advisory Board, Street Directory
Page 133Penville Business Directory - Auto to Jewelry
Page 134Penville Business Directory - Lumber to Undertakers
Pages 134 to 140Pennville Residential Directory
Page 141Bryant Town Board, Churches, Street Directory, Business Directory
Pages 142 to 145Bryant Residential Directory
Page 146Salamonia Town Board, Churches, Business Directory
Pages 147 to 148Salamonia Residential Directory
Pages 149 - 223Rural Residential Directory:

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Page 149Advertisement including photograph of Fred E. Meeker