1909 - 10 Rural Route Directory of Delaware County, Indiana - W .. Z Surnames

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Page #Description / Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 232Wable, Wachtell, Waddle, Wadkins, Wagaman, Wagner, Walburn, Waldo, Walker
Page 233Walker, Wall, Wallace, Wallar, Waller, Walling, Walradth, Walsh, Walters, Walton, Wampler, Wanatke
Page 234Wandelle, Wanner, Ward, Warfel, Warner, Warren, Wasson, Waters, Watkins, Watson
Page 235Watson, Watt, Watters, Waymire, Wean, Weaver, Webb, Weber, Webster
Page 236Webster, Weed, Weekley, Weightman, Weinman, Weir, Weisse, Welch, Weldy, Wellington, Wells, Welsh, Wendel, Werking, Werst, West
Page 237West, Westcott, Western, Weston, Wheaton, Wherley, Whinrey, Whipps, Whistler, Whitacre, White, Whitehair
Page 238Whitehair, Whitehead, Whiteley, Whitney, Widner, Wiggerly, Wilburn, Wilds, Wiley, Wilhelm, Wilhoit, Wilkins, Wilkinson, Will, Willard, Williams
Page 239Williams
Page 240Williams, Williamson, Willis, Wills
Page 241Wills, Wilmington, Wilsey, Wilson, Wilt
Page 242Wilt, Wilts, Windsor, Wingate, Winget, Winn, Winters, Winton, Wise, Wisehart, Wishon, Wissell, Wissel, Witamyer
Page 243Witt, Wittemyer, Witemyre, Witter, Wolf, Wolting, Wolverton, Wood, Woodring, Woodbury, Woodring, Woods, Wooster, Worl, Workman, Wray, Wright
Page 244Wright, Wyne, Wysong, Wysor
Page 244Yates, Yingling, Yingst, Yockey, Yohey, Yohler, Yoke, York, Yoss, Yost, Younce, Young
Page 245Young, Younts, Yount, Zehner, Zeller, Zerger, Zimmerman, Zylstra