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Aurora, Illinois 1910-11 City Directory - M

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order,
Page 240Macarie, MacBeth, MacCaslin, MacDole, MacDonald
Page 241Mack, Mackey, Mackie, MacKimmie, MacLaren, MacLeod, MacTavish, Madden, Maddock, Mades, Madison, Madsen, Magaro, Magill, Maginnis, Magnan, Magnuson, Magoon, Magyar, Mahaffey
Page 242Mahaffey, Mahaney, Maher, Mahlkofski, Mahon, Mahoney, Maier, Main, Mainz, Mais, Majerus
Page 243Major, Malar, Malberg, Maley, Mall, Mallams, Mallay, Maller, Mallette, Mallory, Malm, Malmborg, Malmer, Malmgren, Malone, Maloney
Page 244Maloney, Malwitz, Manbeck, Manchee, Manchester, Mandlein, Manderville, Mangan, Mangers, Mangin, Manka, Mann, Manning, Manor, Manternach, Mantzke, Maranville, Marback, Marbourg, Marceau, Marcelle
Page 245Marcelle, Marcellus, Marcley, Marcus, Mardsard, Mareth, Marion, Markell, Marlette, Marlow, Marlo, Marme, Maron, Marosan, Marquardt, Marr, Marsh, Marshall
Page 246Marshall, Marti, Martin, Martines, Martz, Marvin, Marx
Page 247Marx, Marzuccki, Maschhoff, Maselskie, Mason, Masse, Masson, Master, Masur, Matafs, Mateas
Page 248Mateas, Maters, Mather, Mathers, Mathews, Mathewson, Mathieu, Mathis, Matter, Matters, Matthews, Mattice, Matyas, Mauer, Maukert, Maul, Maurer, Maus, Maxfield
Page 249May, Maycomber, Maydwell, Mayweather, Mead, Meade, Meadows, Meagher, Mealoy, Means, Mears, Meck, Medernach
Page 250Medernach, Meehan, Meeks, Mehnert, Mehr, Meier, Meile, Meisch, Meister, Melchert, Melhorn, Mellen, Mellin, Mellinger, Memhardt, Mench, Mende
Page 251Mende, Mennecke, Menster, Menzl, Mercer, Meredith, Merner, Merrill, Merritt, Mersereau, Mertz, Merva, Mervine, Messenger
Page 252Metterhorn, Meyer
Page 253Meyer, Meyerhofer, Meyers, Micellotts, Michael, Michaels, Michaud, Michels
Page 254Michels, Micklan, Mielke, Mighell, Mikesell, Milbacher, Mileham, Miles, Miley, Milgate, Milke, Millar
Page 255Millard, Millay, Millen, Miller
Page 256Miller
Page 257Miller
Page 258Miller, Milligan, Millim, Millner, Mills, Milne, Milton, Minard
Page 259Minard, Minium, Mink, Minkler, Minnett, Minor, Minott, Minton, Misner, Missorris, Mitchell, Mitschler, Mittmann, Mix
Page 260Mlakar, Moberg, Michel, Modaff, Moderwell, Modine, Moebs, Moecher, Mohr, Moisant, Molitor, Mombleau, Monohan, Monroe, Montgomery
Page 261Montgomery, Moody, Mookhart, Moon, Mooney, Moore, Moormon, Moorman
Page 262Moors, Moos, Moran, More, Moreau, Moreland, Morey, Morgan, Morin, Morley, Morlock, Moroney, Morosang, Morris, Morrisey
Page 263Morrison, Morrissette, Morse, Mortenson, Mortimer, Morton, Morze, Mosely, Moser, Moses, Mosher, Moshow, Moss, Mottic, Moulton
Page 264Mowry, Moyer, Moylan, Mozack, Muck, Muduro, Muehlbauer, Mueller, Muench, Muenchenschwander, Muir, Muladore, Mullen, Mullenix, Muller, Mulligan
Page 265Mulligan, Mullin, Mullong, Mulvey, Mundt, Munsch, Munson, Munyon, Murphy, Murray
Page 266Murray, Murrin, Muschler, Muse, Musich, Musselman, Mussmann, Muszgung, Muth, Mutter, Muzzy, Myer, Myers
Page 267Myers, Mylius, Myline

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