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Norwalk, Connecticut 1925 City Directory - P

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order,
Page 346Pabst, Pacce
Page 347Pace, Pachman, Pack, Paddock, Padula, Pagano, Page, Paget, Paige, Paini, Paladino, Palarino, Palasky, Palinkas
Page 348Palinkas, Palinkos, Palmenta, Palmer, Palumbo, Pam, Panasauk, Panchison, Panek, Panichella, Pantaleo, Paolino, Paonessa, Papagno, Pape, Papek
Page 349Papp, Parada, Paradisa, Parczyk, Pardee, Parello, Parent, Pargamian, Paris, Park, Parker
Page 350Parketon, Parkinson, Parks, Parmelee, Parr, Parrilla, Parrott, Parson, Partrick, Partridge, Pascale, Pascariello, Pasko
Page 351Pasko, Pasquale, Passafume, Passas, Pastore, Patchen, Paterna, Paton, Patrakas, Patrick, Patterson, Pattison, Paul, Paulikovich
Page 352Paulovich, Pavalik, Pavka, Pavlik, Pavlovies, Paxton, Payne, Payson, Payton, Pazman, Pearlman, Pearson, Pease, Peat, Peccerello, Pechtold, Peck
Page 353Peck, Peden, Peena, Peet. Peffers, Pelicardi, Pellegrino, Pelligrino, Pelton, Pena, Pence, Penell, Penna, Pennell, Pennington, Pennoyer, Penny
Page 354Penny, Pepper, Perdrizet, Perdue, Perine, Perkins, Perlman, Perone, Perreault, Perrin, Perriraz, Perrot, Perry
Page 355Persechino, Pervez, Pesak, Pesty, Peter, Peters, Peterson, Petrie, Petrocy, Petroski, Petrucci, Pettit, Petty, Petzen
Page 356Pfahl, Pfleeger, Phelan, Phelps, Philbrick, Philip, Philips, Phillipo, Phillips, Phillipson, Pianka, Piaquadio, Picanza, Picard
Page 357Picard, Piccione, Picken, Pickett, Picknell, Pidgeon, Pier, Pierce, Pierson, Pietrangioli, Pietsch, Pike
Page 358Pilkington, Pinbell, Pinces, Pinkney, Pinneo, Pinto, Piper, Pippitone, Pirnat, Pisacrata, Pistiglione, Pitkus, Pitzer, Piza, Plander, Platt
Page 359Platt, Pleasant, Plowden, Plumb, Plunkett, Pocik, Poderwill, Podmore, Podzelni, Pogany, Pohlman, Poklemba, Polacik, Polack, Polesak, Polhemus, Polizzio
Page 360Pollak, Pollard, Pollastro, Polley, Polsky, Polzer, Pomagyi, Pomeroy, Ponfillo, Pong, Poole, Pooler, Pope, Poplavsky, Popp, Pops
Page 361Porter, Posik, Posluschny, post, Potmesil, Potter, Poullos, Poulos, Powell
Page 362Powell, Powers, Poyvez, Pozensky, Pramer, Pratt
Page 363Pratt, Preece, Pregiogio, Premeke, Premer, Premru, Prendergast, Prensky, Prentice
Page 364Prescott, Presti, Prestina, Preston, Pretti, Preusser, Price, Prince
Page 365Prince, Prindall, Prindle, Prist, Pritchard, Procop, Proetz, Provoost, Provost, Prowitt, Prudden, Prunyi, Prust, Pryer, Przybyswky, Psenthockonomas, Psyhojos, Pugh, Puleino, Punzelt
Page 366Purcill, Purdy, Purnell, Puskas, Putnam, Pybus, Pylypchuk, Pynduss

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