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Norwalk, Connecticut 1925 City Directory - M

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order,
Page 283Maas, Macalka, Macaluso, Macauldy, MacBride, MacCumber, MacDonald, Macdonnell, Mace, MacFarland, Machette, Mack
Page 284MacKay, Mackendry, Mackenrodt, MacKenzie, Mackey, Mackin, Mackley, MacLaren, MacLaughlin, MacLean, MacMillan, MacPhail, MacPherson, MacQueen, Macy, Madden, Madey
Page 285Madey, Maerowitz, Maestro, Magaw, Magee, Mages, Meginn, Magner, Magrath, Magugen, Maguire, Maguirk, Magyar, Magyer, Maher
Page 286Maher, Mahnken, Mahon, Mahoney, Maich, Maier, Mailhot, Maillard, Main, Maiins, Maiorano, Maisano, Maisch, Maistri, Majaros
Page 287Major, Majoros, Makai, Makin, Makovich, Makowsky, Malagese, Malanek, Malek, Malletz, Malkin, Mallery
Page 288Mallette, Malliland, Mallory, Malm, Malone, Maloney, Malucky, Manchester, Mancuso, Mandel, Manek, Maney, Manfred, Mangano, Mangels, Mangini, Mangler, Maniglio, Manilow, Manion
Page 289Manke, Mann, Manning, Mannion, Manresa, Mansfield, Mansy, Manuel, Manugian, Many, Manzavinos, Mapes, Maples, Mapp
Page 290Maraflotti, Marano, Marasco, Marchionne, Marcus, Maresco, Marguiles, Mariano, Marino, Marinozzo, Markham, Markoff, Markos
Page 291Markos, Markous, Marks, Markusz, Marotta, Marowitz, Marquardt, Marriott, Marron, Marsch, Marshall, Marsico, Marta, Martel, Martella
Page 292Marticone, Martin, Martineau, Martinez, Martins, Martuccio, Martulli, Maruca, Marusak
Page 293Marvin, Maschal, Mascia, Masi, Masklaris, Maslanka, Maslowski, Mason, Mass, Massa, Massaro, Massell, Massey, Mast, Mastaseusa
Page 294Masten, Mastrianni, Mastriano, Mastrocano, Mastroianni, Mastroiano, Mastrolillo, Matagaro, Matheis, Mather, Mathews, Mathias, Matra, Matroni, Matteis, Mattero, Matthews
Page 295Matthewson, Maxfield, Maxwell, May, Mayberry, Maybin, Mayehoff, Mayen, Mayer, Mayers, Mayhew, Mayo, Mazer, Mazor, Mazza, Mazzaca, Mazzone, Mazzucco, McAfee, McAlister
Page 296McAlister, McAllister, McArthur, McBride, McBurney, McCabe, McCann, McCarthy
Page 297McCarthy, McCausland, McClain, McClane, McClelam, McClellan, McClelland, McCloughan, McCollum, McConaughy, McCormack, McCormick, McCrae, McCrombie, McCryne
Page 298McCryne, McCullough, McDermott, McDonald, McDonough, McElroy, McFadden, McFarland, McFarlane, McGann, McGarrie, McGarry, McGee, McGinn, McGinness, McGinty, McGlone
Page 299McGlone, McGovern, McGowan, McGrath, McGregor, McGuiness, McGuinness, McGuire
Page 300McGuire, McGuirk, McHugh, McIlhoney, McIlwain, McInerney, McInnes, McIntosh, McIntyre, McKean, McKee, McKeever, McKendrie, McKendry, McKenna, McKenzie
Page 301McKeon, McKibbin, McKiernan, McKnight, McLachlan, McLaughlin, McLean, McLellan, McLoughlin, McLoughn, McMahon
Page 302McMahon
Page 303McManus, McMullen, McMurray, McNally, McNamara, McNeil, McNerney, McNetton, McNichols
Page 304McNichols, McNiven, McNulty, McPhail, McPherson, McQuade, McQuaid, McQueeney, McQuillan, McRedmond, McSally, McShane, McWalter, Mead
Page 305Mead, Meader, Meades, Meany, Meckel, Medo, Medvied, Meech, Meehan, Meeker
Page 306Meeker, Mehle, Mehlin, Meijer, Meinhardt, Meisel, Meizl, Melbourne, Melillo, Mellor, Mendel, Mendelsohn, Menna, Mennino, Mercer, Meredith, Mergner, Merrell, Merriam
Page 307Merriam, Merrifield, Merrill, Merriman, Merritt, Merwin, Meserve, Meskony, Messer, Metello
Page 308Metzger, Metzler, Meunier, Mewborn, Meyer, Meyers, Mezo, Mezzo, Michaels, Michalowsky, Michek, Michel, Michelsen, Michelson, Michlovitch, Micklovotch, Miczlinski, Middlebrook
Page 309Middlebrook, Middleton, Midlock, Mielenz, Migliorati, Miiler, Mikalowski, Miklas, Mikliewski, Miklo, Miklos, Miklovich, Miko, Mikola, Mikus, Milazzo, Miles, Millard
Page 310Millard, Millburn, Miller
Page 311Miller
Page 312Miller, Millerd, Millerman, Millican, Milligan, Milliken, Mills
Page 313Mills, Millspaugh, Milne, Milton, Mindlin, Miner, Mingo, Miniage, Minichillo, Minkin
Page 314Minkins, Minkowitz, Minnich, Minor, Minton, Mintz, Mirovsky, Miserendin, Miserendino, Mishico, Miskowich, Miskowitch, Misner, Mitaly, Mitchell
Page 315Mitchell, Mitchler, Mittesser, Moakley, Mockler, Modne, Modra, Modrys, Moehring, Moeller, Moffett
Page 316Moffett, Moga, Mohnkern, Mohr, Mohring, Mokisel, Mokovich, Mola, Molinaro, Moller, Molnar, Molner, Monaghan, Monahan
Page 317Monahan, Mondelli, Monfort, Mongoni, Monochio, Monro, Monroe, Monsell, Monsport, Monteiro, Monteith, Montgomery, Moody
Page 318Moody, Moonshine, Moore
Page 319Moore, Moran, Morano, Moraske, Morehouse, Morelli, Morgan
Page 320Morgan, Moriarty, Morino, Moroney, Morrell, Morrill, Morris, Morrison, Morrissey, Morro, Morrone, Morrow
Page 321Morrow, Mortes, Morton, Moscariello, Moscato, Moschella, Moseley, Moses, Mosher, Mosier, Moss, Mosser, Mott
Page 322Mottolo, Mottram, Moulthrop, Moulton, Mourison, Mowry, Moynihan, Muendel, Mugavero, Muhlberger, Mollaney, Mullar, Mullen, Muller
Page 323Muller, Mulligan, Mullings, Mullkay, Mulqueen, Mulvey, Mulvoy, Munhall, Munro, Munroe, Munsell, Muoio, Murdoch, Murkison
Page 324Murnane, Muro, Murphey, Murphy
Page 325Murphy, Murray, Murtapha, Muth, Muttart, Mutuski, Myers, Myewski
Page 326Mylod, Mynttinen, Myrick

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