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New London, Connecticut 1870-71 Residential Directory - H .. K

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order,
Page 96Hadley, Hagan, Hale, Haley, Hall, Hallam, Hamil, Hamilton, Hammel, Hammond, Hancon, Hand, Hanigan
Page 97Hannaford, Hannan, Hannon, Hardwick, Harkness, Harrington, Harris
Page 98Harris, Harrison, Hartley, Hartshorn
Page 99Harvey, Haslem, Hatterson, Haven, Havens, Hawkins, Hay, Hayes, Haynes, Headen, Heartley, Heary, Heath, Hebard, Heeley, Heldeman, Hempenstall, Hempstead
Page 100Hempstead, Hendricks, Henfield, Henry, Herbert, Hermann, Hespe, Hewitt
Page 101Hewitt, Hickey, Hicks, Higgins, Hilliar, Hines, Hinkley, Hoar, Hobart, Hobron
Page 102Hobron, Hodgson, Hogan, Hogue, Holdridge, Holland, Holloway, Holmes
Page 103Holmes, Holt, Holton, Honeywell, Hooper, Horan, Horton, Hovey, Howard
Page 104Howard, Howarth, Hoxsie, Hoyt, Hughes, Hull, Hunt, Hunting, Huntington, Huntley, Hurlbut, Hustace, Hutchinson, Hutchings, Hyde
Page 105Hyde, Hyland, Ihang, Ingerson, Irish, Ives, Jackson, Jamerson, James, Jantz, Jason, Jeffers, Jefferson, Jeffery
Page 106Jeffery, Jennings, Jerome, Jewell, Jillson, Jinkins, John, Johnson
Page 107Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Joseph, Kane, Kanna, Keables, Kearney, Keefe, Keeffe, Keeney
Page 108Keeney
Page 109Keeney, Keeting, Keegan, Kegan, Keith, Kemp, Kelley, Kelso, Kenan, Kenerson, Kenison, Kennedy
Page 110Kennefick, Kenyon, Keys, Kidder, Kiley, Kimball, Kimberly, Ming, Kingsley, Klein, Knight, Knowles
Page 111Knowles, Koffman, Kohn, Kopp, Kunzelmann, Kyne

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