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New London, Connecticut 1870-71 Residential Directory - D .. G

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order,
Page 79Dabney, Daboll, Dagger, Daly, Danforth, Daniels
Page 80Daniels, Darrow, Dart
Page 81Dart, Dasy, Davidson, Davis
Page 82Davis, Davison, Dawson, Day, Dayton, Decker, DeCourcey, Deegan, Dehotman, Deighan, De Lair, Delanoy, Delap, Delavergne, Dempsey, Dempster, Denehy
Page 83Denison, Dennis, De Sant, De Shon, Dewire, Dickinson, Dickson, Dillon, Dimock, Dissow, Dody, Doicot, Donahue
Page 84Donahue, Donally, Donelly, Donovan, Doran, Dorcy, Dorsey, Douglas, Douglass
Page 85Douglass, Dowe, Downer, Dowsett, Doyle, Dray, Driscoll, Drumond, Ducy, Dudley
Page 86Dugan, Dumford, Dunbar, Dunford, Durand, Dutton, Dwire, Dwyar, Dyer, Edgar, Edgecomb, Edwards, Eggleston, Ehle, Elliot, Elliott, Elmendorf, Elmore, Elvert, Elwell, Emmerich, Emmich
Page 87Emmons, Engelke, English, Enos, Eustis, Evans, Evers, Ewald, Ewen, Ewing, Fagan, Fahey, Fanning, Farnham, Faro, Farrall, Farrell, Farrington, Fay
Page 88Featherston, Feeney, Feltner, Fengar, Fenn, Ferguson, Ferris, Field, Finnegan, Fish, Fisher
Page 89Fisk, Fitch, Fitzgerald, Fitz, Fitzmaurice, Fleming, Flinn, Flood, Flynn, Foley, Ford, Forest, Forrest, Forsyth
Page 90Foster, Fowler, Fox, Frances, Francis, Frazier, Freeman
Page 91Freeney, French, Frink, Frisbie, Froman, Frost, Fuller, Furlong, Gaffer, Gaffy, Gafney, Gaitly, Gale, Gallaer, Gallagher, Galvin, Ganley, Gannon, Ganyan, Gard
Page 92Gard, Garey, Gardiner, Gardner, Garroty, Garvey, Gateley, Gates
Page 93Gates, Gay, Geany, Gee, Geer, Gere, Gerold, Getchel, Getcher, Getz, Gibson, Gifford, Gilbert, Gilfillan, Gillett, Gilmore, Gitchel, Glass, Gleason
Page 94Gleason, Glossenger, Glynn, Goddard, Goff, Golden, Goldie, Gooding, Goodwin, Gordon, Gorham, Gorman, Gormley, Gorton, Goss
Page 95Goss, Grace, Graham, Grant, Graves, Gray, Green, Greene, Greenfield, Griffin, Griffing, Grimes
Page 96Griswold, Guard, Guenther, Gundelsheimer

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