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New Haven, Connecticut 1894 City Directory - T

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Page #Surnames in order they appear. Not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 522Tabarini, Tabb, Taccinnelli
Page 523Tack, Tacy, Tadeo, Taetsch, Tafe, Taff, Taft, Tagg, Taggart, Taigue, Taintor, Taite, Taks, Talbot, Talbott, Talcott, Tallman, Talmadge, Talmage, Tamaso, Tamkin, Tammero, Tanenbaum, Tanner, Tansey, Tanyane, Tappan, Tarby, Tarnapolisky, Tarochky, Tarrant, Tasogna, Tassie, Tatarola, Tate, Tatro
Page 524Tatro, Taube, Taubert, Tautermann, Taylor
Page 525Taylor, Teal, Teas, Teasdale, Teator, Teeple, Teeter, Tefft, Tegmier, Teichert, Telesino, Telfair, Tellon, Templeton, Tendberg, Tendlar, Teneyke, Tennant, Tenny, Teodoro, Teply, Terhune, Terpening, Terrell, Terrells, Terrible, Terrill, Terry, Teske, Testa
Page 526Tester, Teuber, Teulings, Tevlin, Tewksbury, Texido, Thal, Thalheimer, Thatcher, Thausen, Thayer, Theese, Theiss, Thelin, Thesing, Theuerkauf, Thiebar, Thiele, Thiese, Thill, Thim, Thiril, Thomas
Page 527Thomas, Thomes, Thompson
Page 528Thompson
Page 529Thompson
Page 530Thompson, Thomsen, Thomson, Thorn, Thornan, Thorner, Thornton, Thorpe, Thorsell, Thrall, Thrasher, Thresher, Throm, Thum, Thumm, Thumpane, Thurber, Thurston, Tibbals, Tibbils, Tibett, Tice
Page 531Tice, Ticknor, Ticotsky, Tidge, Tidgewell, Tiedemann, Tiernan, Tierney, Tiesing, Tietzen, Tiffany, Tighe, Tikiob, Tilden, Tileston, Tiley, Tilford, Tilghman, Tilley, Tillinghast, Tillman
Page 532Tillotson, Tillou, Tilson, Tilton, Timbrook, Timlin, Timm, Timmins, Timreck, Tingley, Tinker, Tinkey, Tinkham, Tinley, Tipper, Tipping, Tisdale, Titus, Tobin, Toboco, Tocci, Todd, Toelk, Toles, Tolle
Page 533Tolles, Tolman, Tomask, Tomaso, Tombasi, Tomlinson, Tommaso, Tommassello, Tommers, Tompkins, Toner, Tong, Ton, Tono, Tontine, Toocker, Toof, Tooher, Toohey, Toohill, Toole, Tooley, Toomer, Toomay, Toomey
Page 534Topham, Topliff, Toplitsky, Torbert, Torbett, Torell, Torelli, Torello, Togerson, Tormey, Tornberg, Tornburg, Torpy, Torsney, Tosta, Totham, Totten, Tougas, Tourney, Tournquist, Tourtelotte, Tousley, Tovrousky, Toward, Towarovsky, Tower, Towle, Towles, Towne, Towner, Townsend, Townshend, Townsley
Page 535Trace, Tracey, Tracy, Traeger, Train, Trainor, Trambley, Trapp, Trappe, Trask, Traub, Trautman, Trautmann, Traver, Travers, Travis, Treadwell, Treat, Trecartin
Page 536Trefry, Treichel, Treitlein, Treloar, Tremper, Trevisano, Trezza, Tribbett, Tribbles, Triggs, Tripp, Trisch, Tritton, Troester, Troianno, Troiano, Trombley, Trommer, Trommler, Troostwyk, Trotta, Trotter, Troup, Trowbridge, Troy
Page 537Trraska, True, Truesdell, Truman, Trumbley, Trumbull, Trust, Tryon, Tschirner, Tuber, Tucker, Tudor, Tuey, Tufts, Tuite, Tullock, Tully, Tunks, Tunney, Tunstall, Tuohy, Turbert
Page 538Turbert, Turcott, Turgeon, Turmy, Turner, Turnbull, Turner, Turney, Turniansky, Turnquest, Turpie, Turpin, Turro, Tuscano, Tuthill, Tuttle
Page 539Tuttle, Tuxen, Tweed, Tweeddale, Twining, Twiss, Twitchell, Twombley, Twomey, Tyler
Page 540Tyler, Tymeson, Tynan, Tyndall, Tyner, Tyrrell, Tyrrell, Tyrrill, Tytus

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