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New Haven, Connecticut 1894 City Directory - Q .. R

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Page #Surnames in order they appear. Not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 443Quayle, Que, Queenin, Quigley, Quill, Quimby, Quincy, Quinlan, Quinley, Quinliven, Quinn
Page 444Quinn, Quinock, Quintard, Quinto, Quintin, Quirk, Quitman, Quong, Quotrino, Rabano, Rabanus, Rabatznich, Rabb, Rabe, Rabenovetz, Rabeo, Raber, Rabi, Rabinovitch, Racaw, Raccio, Racciti, Race, Rachman, Raco, Racorino, Racow, Racozini, Radigan, Radio, Radon, Rafael, Rafferty, Raffile
Page 445Raffile, Raffuse, Rafter, Ragozino, Rahl, Rainsford, Rajchgott, Rakers, Ralph, Ralston, Rambach, Ramey, Ramond, Ramos, Ramsberger, Ramsdell, Ramsden, Ramsey, Ranch, Rancour, Rand, Randall, Randoff, Randolph, Range, Rankin, Ranney, Rans, Ransell, Ransom, Raphel, Rapoport, Rapp, Rappa, Rapport, Rapsett, Rapuano
Page 446Rasch, Rasche, Rasmussen, Rasnakoff, Rasnikoff, Rassat, Rath, Rathbone, Rathbun, Rathgeber, Ratner, Rattlesdorfer, Rauchfuss, Rauer, Rausch, Raven, Rawles, Rawley, Rawling, Rawson, Ray, Rayburn, Rayevskey, Raymond, Rayner
Page 447Rayner, Raynolds, Raynor, Rayson, Razee, Razzo, Read, Reade, Readel, Reader, Readings, Ready, Reagan, Reager, Real, Reamer, Reardon, Reb, Rebel, Rebman, Reca, Recor, Redding, Reddington, Redfield
Page 448Redfield, Redford, Redman, Redmann, Redmond, Reed, Reel, Rees, Reeves, Regan
Page 449Regan, Reggiori, Rego, Reha, Rehbein, Rehberg, Rehkofski, Reib, Reich, Reichard, Reiche, Reichel, Reichenbacher, Reichert, Reichman, Reid, Reidy, Reif, Reifenberg, Reilly
Page 450Reilly, Reimann, Reimer, Reiners, Reinhard, Reinhardt
Page 451Reinhardt, Reinhart, Reinwald, Reipold, Reis, Reiser, Reisinger, Reisner, Reiss, Reissfelder, Reitz, Relyea, Rematore, Rembert, Remillard, Remington, Remlar, Rempher, Remson, Renaud, Renfrew, Rennicke, Reno, Renscheler, Renta, Rentz, Repier, Repphun, Reppucci, Resnik, Resnikoff, Reuter, Revel, Revenson, Revere, Rew, Rexroth, Reycraft, Reynolds
Page 452Reynolds
Page 453Reynolds, Rhea, Rhein, Rhine, Rhode, Rhodes
Page 454Rhodes, Rhynedance, Ricci, Ricciardi, Riccio, Riccitelli, Ricco, Rice, Rich
Page 455Rich, Richadella, Richards, Richardson
Page 456Richardson, Richardt, Richey, Richie, Richman, Richmond, Richter, Rick, Rickard, Rickertson, Ricketts, Ricks, Rida, Riddle, Rideout, Ridge, Ridgway, Ridinger, Ridley, Ridolfi, Riechers, Riedel, Riederich, Rieger, Riepenhausen, Rier, Riese, Rieser, Riess, Rifkin, Rigeeroone, Riggott, Riggs
Page 457Riggs, Riiger, Riker, Riley, Rimkevicy, Rimmler, Rin, Ring, Ringer, Ringler, Ringwald, Ringwood, Rinn, Rinton, Ripier, Ripley, Risbeck, Riscetto, Risley, Risso, Rist, Ritchie, Ritner, Ritter, Rittner, Rivard, Rivero, Rivers
Page 458Rivers, Roach, Roaf, Roaff, Roark, Roarke, Roath, Robbie, Robbins, Roberg, Roberson, Robert, Roberti, Roberts
Page 459Roberts, Robertson, Robinovitch, Robino, Robins, Robinson
Page 460Robinson, Rocco, Roche, Rochet, Rochfort, Rock, Rockafellow, Rockensusz, Rocket, Rocks, Rockwell, Roddy, Roden, Roder, Rodgers
Page 461Rodgers, Rodhe, Rodican, Rodman, Rodowsky, Roe, Roeburg, Roech, Roeder, Roehner, Roell, Roeltgen, Roemer, Roessler, Rofes, Rogan, Roger, Rogers, Rogerson, Rogowski, Rohan
Page 462Rohan, Rohlfs, Rohloff, Rohmer, Rohne, Rohnstaedt, Rohr, Rokien, Rolf, Rollason, Roller, Rollins, Rolph, Rolston, Romann, Romano, Romans, Romberg, Romer, Romo, Rompf, Ronald, Ronan, Ronola, Ronsky, Rood, Roodberg, Rook, Rooney, Root, Rooth
Page 463Rosa, Rosberg, Roscoe, Rose, Rosebash, Rosebrook, Rosen, Rosenberg, Rosenblant, Rosenblatt, Rosenblum, Rosenbluth, Rosenbrock, Rosenburg, Rosenfeld, Rosenfield, Rosenheimer, Rosenplenter, Rosenquist, Rosenstein, Rosenthal, Rosette, Rosi, Rosien, Rosin, Rosing, Rosinsky, Rosinus, Roslovsky, Rosoff, Ross
Page 464Ross, Rossa, Rosseau, Rossetti, Rossie, Rosson, Rossum, Rost, Roston, Roswell, Rotchel, Roth, Rothe, Rothery, Rothhaar, Rothman, Rothschild, Rotman, Rotolo, Rouf, Round, Rounds, Rourke
Page 465Rourke, Rouse, Rousseau, Routh, Rovinskie, Rowan, Rowe
Page 466Rowe, Rowen, Rowland, Rowley, Rowling, Roxburgh, Roxbury, Roy, Royce, Roys, Royton, Rozelle, Rubano, Rubbertoni, Ruben, Rubin, Rubinski, Ruck, Ruckelhausen, Ruckser, Rudd, Rudden, Rude, Ruden, Rudiger, Rudiman
Page 467Rudolph, Rueb, Ruff, Ruffin, Rugg, Ruggebergh, Ruggerio, Ruggiero, Rugiere, Ruickoldt, Rulofson, Rumberg, Rummell, Rumpf, Rumsey, Rundle, Rungee, Runow, Runstedt, Ruoppolo, Ruotolo, Rupp, Rupple, Ruschenberg, Rush, Rushby, Ruskol, Russ, Russell
Page 468Russell, Russello, Russetti, Russi, Russo, Russom, Ruth, Rutledge, Ruttiger, Rutty, Rutz
Page 469Rutz, Ruwet, Ruzzo, Ryals, Ryan
Page 470Ryan, Rydberg, Ryder, Ryerson, Ryland, Ryle

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