Meriden, Connecticut 1890 Residential, Street and Business Directory - Q .. R

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 186Quandt, Quarter, Queenan, Quessy, Quested, Quigley, Quill, Quilligan, Quilty, Quinlan, Quinn, Quirk, Raarup, Raby
Page 187Race, Racker, Rader, Radigan, Rahaley, Rakowski, Raleigh, Ramsdell, Ramson, Rand, Randall, Rankin, Ranson, Rapalos, Rath, ratheran, Rattelle, Ravekes, Raven, Rawitser, Rawson, Ray, Raymond
Page 188Raymond, Readman, Ready, Reagan, Reager, Reama, Reams, Reaney, reardon, Rebcher, Rebstock, Redfield, Redmann, Reed, Rees, Reeves, Rehkofski, Rehm, Reicke
Page 189Reidy, Reilly, Reiman, Reinhold, Reiske, Reith, Relihan, Remington, Renier, Renner, Reschynski, Rettman, Rettmann, Reury, Reuss, Revalio, Reynolds
Page 190Reynolds, Rhind, Rice, Rich, Richards, Richardson, Richmond
Page 191Richmond, Rickerby, Richter, Ridley, Riedinger, Tiesche, Rieske, Riganuti, Riggins, Riggs, Rightmeyer, Riley, Ring, Riotte, Ritchie, Rittberg, Ritter, Rittmann, Ritz
Page 192Rivard, Roach, Roache, Roark, Robbins, Roberts, Robinson
Page 193Robinson, Roby, Rocheleau, Rockwell, Rodauch, Roder, Rodier, Roebuck, Roeth, Rogers, Rohan, Rohde, Rohlfs, Rohnstrom
Page 194Roi, Rolfe, Rolley, Rollins, Ronan, Rooney, Roosa, Root, Rosbach, Rosch, Rose, Rosebush, Roseliu, Roselle, Rosenberg, Rosi, Rosin, Ross, Rost, Roth
Page 195Roth, Rothe, Rourke, Rousseau, Rousille, Rowe, Rowley, Roy, Royce, Roys, Rubert, Rudkin, Rudolph, Rue, Rufleth, Rile, Ruley, Rulofson, Runge, Ruppert, Rushworth, Russell
Page 196Russell, Russo, Rutherford, Ryan
Page 197Ryan, Ryder, Rymill