Welcome to Meriden, Connecticut 1890 Residential, Street and Business Directory

We have scanned the original directory for Meriden, Connecticut for 1890 and indexed it for your quick search.   View the index below and click on page numbers of sections you would like to see or go to the name index and click on the letter which corresponds to the first letter of the last name for the person you are seeking.   You will be taken to a list of page numbers which correspond to specific surnames. Clicking on the page number should take you to the appropriate page.   These pages are scans of the original document which are fairly large files. Pages may download slowly if you are not on a fast connection.   Please be patient and let us know if you have problems accessing them.

Page #Description / Surnames
Page 001Title Page
Page 002etc.
Page 003Contents, Synopsis
Page 004Publisher's Masthead
Page 005Index to Advertisers - A .. Ellsbree
Page 006Index to Advertisers - Evarts .. Meriden
Page 007Index to Advertisers - Meriden Silver .. Z
Page 008Streets and Avenues - Akron .. Foster Court
Page 009Streets and Avenues - Franklin .. Pomeroy Ave
Page 010Streets and Avenues - Pratt .. Yales
Page 011Advertisement
Page 012List of Marriages
Page 013List of Marriages
Page 014List of Deaths
Page 015List of Deaths
Page 016Blocks, Buildings, etc.
17 - 242Meriden Residential Directory

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243 - 294Meriden Business Directory
Page 243Advertising .. Art
Page 244Art .. Brands
Page 245Banks .. Beef
Page 246Bell .. Boarding
Page 247Boarding .. Boot and Shoes
Page 248Boots .. Bottlers
Page 249Bowling .. Bronze
Page 250Bronze .. Cabinets
Page 251Cabinets .. Carpets
Page 252Carpey Cleaners .. Chandelier
Page 253Cigars .. Clergymen
Page 254Clergymen .. Coal
Page 255Coffee .. Confectionery
Page 256Constables .. Dentists
Page 257Deputy .. Dressmakers
Page 258Dressmakers
Page 259Dressmakers .. Eating Houses
Page 260Eating Houses .. Enamel
Page 261Engravers .. Fancy Goods
Page 262Fancy Goods .. Flour
Page 263Flour .. Galvanized Iron
Page 264Gardeners .. Glass
Page 265Grading .. Grocers
Page 266Gorcers
Page 267Groves .. Harness
Page 268Harness .. Hotels
Page 269Hotels .. Insurance
Page 270Insurance .. Junk
Page 271Kerosene .. Lawyers
Page 272Lawyers .. Machine Die
Page 273Machinists .. Meat
Page 274Meat .. Morocco Case
Page 275Mould Makers .. Newspapers
Page 276News .. Notaries
Page 277Notaries .. Nuts and Bolts
Page 278Opal Glassware .. Paints
Page 279Paper and Card .. Pattern and Model Makers
Page 280Pearl Agate Wear .. Physicians
Page 281Physicians .. Planing
Page 282Plumbers .. Rea Estate
Page 283Real Estate .. Saloons
Page 284Saloons
Page 285Saloons .. Scissors
Page 286Screws .. Silver Plated Ware
Page 287Smelters .. Stair Builders
Page 288Stamping .. Stock Companies
Page 289Stock Companies
Page 290Stock Companies
Page 291Stock Companies .. Stove Blacking
Page 292Stoves .. Tin-Ware
Page 293Tobacco .. Upholsterers
Page 294Veterinary .. Wood Turners
295 - 432Miscellany
Page 295Index to Out-of-Town Advertisers
Page 296Index to Out-of-Town Advertisers
Page 297Index to Out-of-Town Advertisers
Page 298Index to Out-of-Town Advertisers
Page 299Meriden City Government
Page 300City Government, Police
Page 301Police, Fire Dept
Page 302Fire Dept
Page 303Fire Dept
Page 304Town Officers, Schools
Page 305Schools
Page 306Schools
Page 307Schools, Churches
Page 308Churches
Page 309Churches, Societies
Page 310Societies
Page 311Societies
Page 312Societies
Page 313Societies
Page 314Societies
Page 315Societies
Page 316Societies
Page 317Societies
Page 318Societies
Page 319Societies
Page 320Societies
Page 321Societies, Building and Loan Assoc
Page 322Societies
Page 323Societies, Post Office
Page 324Post Office
Page 325Post Office
Page 326Courts
Page 327US Gov't
Page 328Post offices in Connecticut
Page 329Post offices in Connecticut
Page 330Large Cities of the World
Page 331Weights and Measures
Page 332Advertisements
Page 333Advertisements
Page 334Advertisements
Page 335Advertisements
Page 336Advertisements
Page 337Advertisements
Page 338Advertisements
Page 339Advertisements
Page 340Advertisements
Page 341Advertisements
Page 342Advertisements
Page 343Advertisements
Page 344Advertisements
Page 345Advertisements
Page 346Advertisements
Page 347Advertisements
Page 348Advertisements
Page 349Advertisements
Page 350Advertisements
Page 351Advertisements
Page 352Advertisements
Page 353Advertisements
Page 354Advertisements
Page 355Advertisements
Page 356Advertisements
Page 357Advertisements
Page 358Advertisements
Page 359Advertisements
Page 360Advertisements
Page 361Advertisements
Page 362Advertisements
Page 363Advertisements
Page 364Advertisements
Page 365Advertisements
Page 366Advertisements
Page 367Advertisements
Page 368Advertisements
Page 369Advertisements
Page 370Advertisements
Page 371Advertisements
Page 372Advertisements
Page 373Advertisements
Page 374Advertisements
Page 375Advertisements
Page 376Advertisements
Page 377Advertisements
Page 378Advertisements
Page 379Advertisements
Page 380Advertisements
Page 381Advertisements
Page 382Advertisements
Page 383Advertisements
Page 384Advertisements
Page 385Advertisements
Page 386Advertisements
Page 387Advertisements
Page 388Advertisements
Page 389Advertisements
Page 390Advertisements
Page 391Advertisements
Page 392Advertisements
Page 393Advertisements
Page 394Advertisements
Page 395Advertisements
Page 396Advertisements
Page 397Advertisements
Page 398Advertisements
Page 399Advertisements
Page 400Advertisements
Page 401Advertisements
Page 402Advertisements
Page 403Advertisements
Page 404Advertisements
Page 405Advertisements
Page 406Advertisements
Page 407Advertisements
Page 408Advertisements
Page 409Advertisements
Page 410Advertisements
Page 411Advertisements
Page 412Advertisements
Page 413Advertisements
Page 414Advertisements
Page 415Advertisements
Page 416Advertisements
Page 417Advertisements
Page 418Advertisements
Page 419Advertisements
Page 420Advertisements
Page 421Advertisements
Page 422Advertisements
Page 423Advertisements
Page 424Advertisements
Page 425Advertisements
Page 426Advertisements
Page 427Advertisements
Page 428Advertisements
Page 429Advertisements
Page 430Advertisements
Page 431Advertisements
Page 432Advertisements