Meriden, Connecticut 1890 Residential, Street and Business Directory - I .. J

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 117Ibbotson, Ille, Illingworth, Illsbury, Imhof, Immich
Page 118Immich, Indorf, Ingraham, Isbell, Island, Ives
Page 119Jacker, Jackins, Jackman, Jackss, Jackson, Jacob, Jago, James, Jarvis, Jasse, Jauch, Javett, Jeffrey, Jenkinson, Jennings, Jensen, Jepson, Jirard, Jeralds, Jeshki, Jetter, Joel, John, Johnson
Page 120Johnson
Page 121Johnson, Johnston, Johnstone, Jonas, Jones, Jopson, Jordan, Joy, Joyce, Judd
Page 122Judd, Judge, Julian