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Granby, Connecticut 1915 Directory

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Page #Description / Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily alphabetical order
Page 163Street Directory
Page 164Abbreviations / Ackart, Adamis, Allen, Allhouse, Allisky, Angelot, Antonis, Argaceous, Ates, Avery, Bacon, Barden, Barknis, Barnaski, Barnes, Batayte, Bates, Batterson, Beach
Page 165Becker, Beckstrom, Beman, Bennett, Bertini, Bingham, Bishop, Blackman, Bowen, Broughton, Buck, Bunnell, Burke, Burleigh, Bush, Calhoun, Carlson, Case
Page 166Case, Cavanaugh, Chittenden, Clark, Colton, Conners, Colley, Cooley, Corey, Correll
Page 167Cotton, Cowles, Crandall, Crocker, Crouse, Curtis, Cushman, Daniels, Davis, Dawner, Day, Dean, Dellinox, Devnew, Dewey, Dibble, Dolan, Drake, Edgerton, Edwards, Egerton, Eichele
Page 168Elander, Emmons, Endress, Ferner, Filley, Floyd, Forsyth, Fox, Frazier, Freeman, Fuller, Gaylord, Gilbert, Fillette, Gillinsky, Godard, Goddard, Graham
Page 169Graper, Green, Gregory, Griffin, Guy, Hack, Hager, Halburn, Hanson, Harmon, Harper, Hayden, Hayes
Page 170Hayes, Hills, Hinchey, Hitchcock, Holcomb, Holcombe, Hollister, Holmes, Howard, Huggins, Hull, Humphrey, Hummason, Hunt, Ingman, Irwin
Page 171Jackson, Johnson, Judd, Katinos, Kelman, Kelley, Kelsey, Kendall, Ketchker, Kinney, Kolomansky, Knott, Korn, Korper, Krenz, Lees, Liberty, Liztus, Lockwood, Loomis, Lord
Page 172Lozier, Lupion, Luther, Madigan, Makepeace, Maltbie, Mather, Maynard, McElroy, McKenzie, Merriman, Messenger, Miller, Molonesk, Monahan, Moore, Morgan, Morse, Munson, Myers
Page 173Nelson, Newton, Nicholson, Nizarski, Olshesky, O'Meara, O'Reilly, Owen, Packard, Palmer, Parker, Parmelee, Parson, Pease, Peck, Peters, Peterson, Pettibone, Pilka, Piper, Plude, Polka, Polaski, Pratt
Page 174Quatis, Reed, Reid, Rice, Roberts, Rogers, Royes, Rollins, Ropelli, Rowe, Royce, Ruic, Rutherford, Savage, Scanlon, Shears, Schmidt, Shannon, Shattuck
Page 175Shattuck, Shaw, Sincovitch, Sjoblad, Smith, Sperry, Spring, St, John, Stevens, Stevenson, Stillman, Streeter, Sultan, Suckau, Thoren, Tudor, Tuffill, Turnbull, Ubanovitch, Vanderhoof, Viets, Webenogis, Weed
Page 176Wells, Werbitzkas, White, Wilcox, Wilderman, Willoughby, Wood, Wright, Yiznatsky, Yousours, Yourours, Zegas
Page 177Town Officers / Public Schools / Post Offices
Page 178Corporations / Churches / Societies / Halls / Cemeteries

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