Allen Union Cemetery, Northampton, Northampton County, PA

At the corner of 4th Street and Main in the borough of Northampton, Northampton County, PA lies what at first glance is Allen Union Cemetery.   Just past the gate at which we first entered the cemetery, there is a sign which names the site as "Allen Union Cemetery," however, another gate proclaims "St Johns Catholic" while yet another states "Our Lady of Hungary Cemetery."   There is no clear delineation of separate cemeteries evident to us as we drove and then walked through the burial grounds.   It seems to be one continuous cemetery.   We saw names apparently from Hungarian Pre-World War One territories (including territories not currently within the country of Hungary).   Because we were not able to ascertain which graves related to which particular cemetery, we include all within this one section.

Allen Union was established in 1898.   We don't know about the other two named cemeteries.   It appears to be non-sectarian, meaning it has no particular religious affiliation.   We can't be certain of this but it represents our best guess.   The cemetery is large with several thousand burials evident.   There is also substantial area that has not yet been used but certainly appears to be prepared for future use as part of the cemetery.

The grounds are fairly sprawling covering several acres.   We did not photograph tombstones in any particular order because we were only able to visit the place over a short period of time and wanted to get a smattering of graves due to our confusion over the three different names.   We hope that makes sense to you on some level!   In any event, this section represents tombstones photographed more or less randomly.   This is necessarily an incomplete work.   Also, we had some difficulty discerning first vs last names for certain persons.   Please review these carefully and feel free to let us know where we erred.   Nonetheless, we hope your family history research benefits from our efforts.

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Markers we weren't certain about, couldn't read, or need help with:

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  • Weitz Szabara? ~~ Jun 21, 1887 - Mar 25, 1920   Tombstone Photograph