Green Tree Brethren Church Cemetery, Oaks, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Green Tree Cemetery sits quietly along Egypt Road in Oaks (part of Upper Providence Township), Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.   The cemetery resides on property which once held the original church building for the Green Tree Church of the Brethren.   The Church of the Brethren is a relatively small church which settled in Pennsylvania in the early 1700s, coming along with the Mennonites to escape religious persecution.   They first settled in what is now called Germantown, Philadelphia, PA.   They were known in America as Dunkers, Dunkards or Tunkers,   One of the church practices which is probably best known by outsiders is baptism in adulthood by a triple full body immersion.   I, having ancestors who were members of the church, remember my parents referring to the church as "Dunkard" and always thought of this as a reference to the form of baptism.   However, it is actually a corruption of a German word for dip.

Gree Tree Cemetery is a medium sized burial ground, holding perhaps 3-4,000 or so interments.   Grounds seem to be well maintained and some older tombstones have worn and eroded away.   It appears to continue to be in operation although I am not certain whether it is exclusively a Brethren burial site.   We visited the cemetery briefly, on a whim, coming across it on unrelated travel.   We took just a few hundred photographs of tombstones but hope to one day revisit with more time on our hands.

What follows is a transcription of the tombstones we photographed with links to the photographs.   We hope this work in some way assists you with your family history research.

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Markers we couldn't read, or need help with:

  • ?Richley, John ~~ Oct 30, 17?? - Jan 3, 188?, aged 86 yrs, 2 mo and 3 days   Tombstone Photograph