Low Dutch Reformed Church Cemetery, 2nd St Pike, Richboro, Northampton, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

The Low Dutch Reformed Church Cemetery sits along Second Street Pike in Richboro, a census-designated place in Northampton Towmship, Bucks County Pennsylvania.   The only street address we could find is 945 Second Street Pike but note that the property is immediately adjacent to Ohev Shalom of Bucks County whose address is 944 Second Street Pike.   So most likely 945 is wrong and you will need to find parking as the cemetery is located in a fenced in lot.   Also, there is no way into the yard or out because the fence is quite old and the gate does not work.   You will need to climb in and out, and risk being labeled a trespasser to view the place up close.

The Low Dutch Reformed Church is now called the Addisville Reformed Church Cemetery and a perusal of this church's history is worthwhile if you find you have ancestors who were members.   The graveyard is rather small, holding a few hundred interments, and rather old, holding the remains of about a dozen American Revolutionary War veterans which we have marked with "Am-Rev Vet."

According to Wikipedia, Henry Wynkoop (March 2, 1737 - March 25, 1816), a member of the Continental Congress and a Representative in the First United States Congress is interred here.   We found his tombstone and have posted a photograph of it to the left.

Many of the tombstone inscriptions in this cemetery have been completely worn away.   Most are difficult at best to read.   We photographed most stones that were at least partially legible and did our best to identify these.   Please be patient with our transcription of this information and page your way through the photographs to view the tombstones.   We hope our efforts pay some dividencs to you in your family history research.

Click on the first letter of last names you are researching to view burial information and tombstone photographs:

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Markers we couldn't read, or need help with:

  • ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph

  • , Elizabeth ~~ died ? 1, 1820   Tombstone Photograph

  • ?, Br ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph

  • ?, Catharine ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph

  • ?, Mary (dau of David and ? ?) ~~ Feb 21, ?, aged 5? yrs, ? mo and 10 days   Tombstone Photograph

  • ?completely illegible, possibly DuBois (Am-Rev Vet) ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph

  • ?mb??er, Elizabeth ~~ died Jul 19, 18??, in the 23rd yr of her age   Tombstone Photograph