Woodrow United Methodist Church Cemetery, Staten Island, Richmond County, NY

Woodrow United Methodist Church, first established in 1771, is located at 1075 Woodrow Road, Staten Island, Richmond County, New York City, New York.   The graveyard is located adjacent to the church.   It is medium sized and rather unkempt except for grass mowing.   There is a considerable amount of overgrowth with tombstones intertwined with wild bushes.   It is a bit of a struggle to see all the stones located in the graveyard, requiring a bit of a "jungle" walk.   Many stones are in bad condition with some inscriptions having been erased by erosion over the many years.   The grounds could use some funds as well as a significant amount of saweat equity to bring them back into shape.

The cemetery is apparently still active, as is the church, as there are some interments of current vintage.   However, a good part of the burials to be found here are very old.   Inquiries regarding this place can be made to the church as follows:
1075 Woodrow Road
Staten Island, NY 10312
Chuch Office: (718) 984-0148

We took about 200 photographs of tombstones and transcribed them as best we could for your free use in your family history research.   Many stones were difficult to photograph and several were impossible to read.   We photographed mostly the legible ones and apologize for any ommissions.   We hope these efforts benefit you.

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