Kirkwood Cemetery, Kirkwood, Broome County, NY

I stopped by Kirkwood Cemetery for a brief visit while my daughter played fastpitch softball at a nearby field.   It is a relatively small burial place with a thousand or more interments.   I had planned to come back between softball games and perhaps finish my work.   But, alas, my daughter's team was eliminated and we went home instead.   Still, I was able to photograph about 150 tombstones and have transcribed them and posted the photographs below.

The cemetery is located along Main St , a block from Bridge St., in Kirkwood, Broome County, New York, not very far from Binghamton.   It is a relatively small cemetery with perhaps 500 or so interments.   It is well maintained but some of the stones have worn away due to the elements.   We have done the best that we could and perhaps one day we will be back to finish the job.

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