Scotch Plains Baptist Church Cemetery, Scotch Plains, Union County, NJ

Scotch Plains Baptist Church, located at 333 Park Avenue, Scotch Plains, New Jersey 07076 (phone: 908-322-5487; email: which lies at the corner of Mountain and Park Avenues is a very old congregation.   It was formed by members of the Piscataway Baptist Church around the mid 1700s.   The church has had a couple of buildings over the centuries and now has a very beautiful large structure.   The structure is surrounded by a wrought iron fence that has stood there for quite some time.   The fencing was re-built a while back and the old wrought iron was used at considerable expense.   This fence adds historical character to the property and well it should.   The cemetery on the property is the last resting place of a number of American Revolutionary War soldiers.   We also found several other veterans' tombstones from various wars including the Civil War and the Spanish-American War.

There is a monument which bears the names of 24 "patriots and soldiers of the American Revolution at rest in this cemetery" erected by the Daughters of the American Revolution "DAR," Scotch Plains Chapter.   Their graves are marked by very old stones, some of which are no longer readable and some of which are in decent shape.   Military markers have been placed at many of these gravesites making it a bit easier to find the veterans.   The marker for a slave named "Caesar" has been replaced by a new marker which was inscribed as true as possible to the original style, again at great cost, by the DAR.

The pastor of the church told me about the graveyard at great length while barely scratching the surface of its history!   We could have talked for weeks while walking the grounds and reviewing all that the stones had to tell.   He lamented a severe shortage of funding for properly maintaining the many historic stones.   The grounds themselves are well maintained as part of church property.   Much more could be done but the cost of preserving or restoring the very old stones is overwhelming.   If you find you have family interred here and are well healed enough to do so, I strongly encourage you to contribute to that cause and talk directly with the church about preserving this fine place.   If we do not preserve this country's historic properties, we risk losing the very foundations of our society and culture.

We hope you find the following tombstone photographs and transcription useful in your family history research.   This work was not prepared in affiliation with, at the request of, or otherwise in any official capacity of the church.   Also, while we intend to share everything we have with the church, upon completion of the project, we note that the church has no old records regarding burials as no formal survey was, to anyone's knowledge, kept.   They simply do not have records to consult regarding who was interred there, what their dates or places of birth or death were, causes of death, etc.   Their only source of information is that which can be found on the stones themselves and only to the extent these can be read.   So please do not innundate church staff with genealogical inquiries.   Instead seek out other resources at local libraries and from historical and genealogical societies.

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Markers we weren't certain about, couldn't read, or need help with:

  • ?r??art, ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph

  • ?, Emelia (Carter?, Thomae?, Hosinger?) ~~ Apr 6, 1877 - Feb 22, 1879   Tombstone Photograph

  • ?, Elizabeth P. ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph   Tombstone Photograph

  • Unknown ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph

  • Unknown (maybe Miller or Torrey) ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph

  • Unreadable Possible Torrey or Ward ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph

  • Unreadable near Amos S. Miller, MD and Robert Walpole ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph

  • Unknown broken stone, possibly Clark ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph

  • Unreadable ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph

  • Unknown ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph

  • Unreadable, possibly Hand ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph

  • Unreadable Jerr?ma? ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph

  • Unreadable, related to John Henry ~~ died Sep ?, 1859   Tombstone Photograph

  • Unknown, possibly Marian, possibly Dennis (located in large, ornate plot with numerous memorial markers) ~~ died Dec 11, 1894   Tombstone Photograph   Tombstone Photograph

  • Unknown, Cai "dau of James ? ?????awn" ~~ Aug 2, 1885 - Dec 18, 1919 (located in large, ornate plot with numerous memorial markers)   Tombstone Photograph   Tombstone Photograph

  • Unknown crumbled, inscription gone (located in large, ornate plot with numerous memorial markers) ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph   Tombstone Photograph

  • Unknown, inscription gone, possibly Mills or Brown ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph

  • Unknown, inscription gone (near Allen and Squire) ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph

  • Unknown possible Miller?, located in front of Caesar ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph

  • Unknown, possible Peirson or Frazee ~~ died 1?20, in the 52 year of his age   Tombstone Photograph

  • Unreadable John ~~ died ? 8, 1788, in the ? year of her age   Tombstone Photograph

  • , Sarah (wife of Isaia ???ime) ~~ died Mar 10, 1821, in the 42 year of her age   Tombstone Photograph

  • Not quite readable ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph

  • Unknown ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph

  • ??ke?, M??? (wife of James ??k?) ~~ died Sep 1805, in the ?34th year of her age   Tombstone Photograph

  • Elf???, William ~~ died Jun 18, 1789, in the 39th year of his age -   Tombstone Photograph

  • ? possibly Morris, Mary (wife of John ???) ~~ died Sep 10, ????, in the 49th year of her age   Tombstone Photograph

  • Unknown - inscription gone, possible Allen or Searing ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph

  • ? - possible Allen or Searing, Phebe Ann ~~ Apr 20, 1865?   Tombstone Photograph

  • ?, possibly Osborn, Abigail ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph

  • Unknown - inscription not quite legible (Frent Roese) ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph

  • Unknown - no inscription remaining ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph