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The Aumack Family Burying Ground, Hazlet, Monmouth County, NJ

Researched and transcribed by Trevor Kirkpatrick / photography and page design by David Podmajersky


Located in the backyard of 15 Virginia Avenue, Hazlet, Monmouth County, New Jersey is the Aumack Family Burying Ground. The cemetery was started in 1841 with the death of William Henry Aumack's wife Christiana. There are approximately 20 burials in this plot which measures 90 feet by 50 feet.

On June 1, 1811, William Henry Aumack purchased 42 acres from his father-in-law, John W. Hoff for 100 dollars. According to his wishes, after his death in 1849, the farm was conveyed to his son, Jacob Aumack, on June 16, 1849. It was then divided amongst the other children.

On July 29, 1852, William Hoff Aumack and John H. Aumack made a mutual exchange of deeds for 1.00 for 26 and half acres of their share of the farm. According to the deeds "excepting and reserving a lot for a burying ground beginning at the south corner of the present graveyard as fenced in Amos Walling's line thence westerly at right angles to said line fifty feet thence northerly parallel to said line ninety feet thence easterly to said line at right agles fifty feet thence southerly along said line ninety feet to the beginning which said lot is reserved for the use of the Aumack Family as a burying ground forever."

In 1933, the cemetery was located in the center of a field on the farm of Amelia Walling. By this time only 12 markers were to be found, when Mrs. Jennie Wise of Newark, Essex County, NJ recorded the markers. She was the great granddaughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Aumack) Bedle. In 1928, Williard Wilson Aumack had plowed the wooded markers over for several of the family members buried there to make more room for crops. In 1991, Trevor Kirkpatrick made a survey of the cemetery. It was located in the backyard of 15 Virginia Ave. Permission had to be gained to view the cemetery. Of the original 11 white marble markers only two were standing, that of William Henry and Leonard Aumack, and one very large granite marker belonging to Catherine Bailey Aumack. The owners of the house take care of the plot when they can. When the author returned in mid 2000, the two white marble stones were no longer standing. Below is a transcript of those buried in the cemetery from Mrs. Jennie Wise's 1933 survey and additional information from the author's survey and research.

Transcription and Photographs

  • Garret Aumack, son of Jacob and Catharine (Conover) Aumack of Pine Neck (North Centerville), Middletown Township born Dec 4, 1772 and died Oct 31, 1845, aged 72 years, 11 months, 3 days. Served as a Private in Captain Daniel D. Hendrickson's Company of Riflemen, 3rd New Jersey Detailed Militia, War of 1812.

  • Hellenor Aumack, daughter of Jacob and Synchy (Stillwell) Aumack of Pine Neck and wife of Taylor G. Walling of North Centerville, born Jun 26, 1829 and died Jun 11, 1861, aged 31 years, 11 months, 16 days

  • John Hoff Aumack, son of William Henry and Christiana (Hoff) Aumack of Pine Neck born March 2, 1797 and died Aug 16, 1873, aged 76 years, 5 months, 14 days.

  • Christiana Aumack, daughter of John William and Helena (Stout) Hoff of Pine Neck and wife of William Henry Aumack, born Jan 17, 1761 and died Apr 29, 1841, aged 80 years, 3 months, 12 days

  • William Henry Aumack, son of Jacob and Catharine (Conover) Aumack of Pine Neck, born Jul 23, 1762 and died Apr 28, 1849, aged 86 years, 9 months, 5 days. Served as a Private in Captain Thomas Walling's Company, First Regiment of Monmouth County Militia, American Revolution and in Captain Thomas Walling's Company of Middletown Township Militia after the war.   ~ Monument Photo

  • Leonard Aumack, son of William Henry and Christiana (Hoff) Aumack, born Jan 15, 1785 and died May 10, 1849, aged 64 years, 3 months, 24 days. Served as a Corporal in Captain Thomas White's Company of Infantry, Lt. Col. James Abraham's Regiment of New Jersey Detailed Militia, War of 1812 and Served in Captain Daniel D. Hendrickson and Colonel Balzer's Company of Rifleman, 3rd New Jersey Detailed Militia, War of 1812.

  • Thomas Bailey Aumack, son of William Hoff and Catherine (Bailey) Aumack, born May 9, 1844 and died Oct 13, 1862, aged 18 years, 5 months, 4 days. Served as a Private in Company C, 87th Regiment of New York Volunteers, under Captain Samuel F. Knight, American Civil War. He was wounded at the battle of Antietam between September 14 - 17, 1862 and was sent home from Fort Monroe, Virginia by reason of Surgeon's certificate of disability to die.   ~ Monument Photo

  • Catherine Elizabeth Aumack, daughter of Captain Thomas Bailey of Keyport and wife of William Hoff Aumack, born Feb 3, 1823 and died Feb 12, 1904, aged 81 years and 9 days   ~ Monument Photo ~ Note that monument states "Catharine B. Aumack"

  • William Hoff Aumack, son of William Henry and Christiana (Hoff) Aumack, born Feb 2, 1792 and died Sep 29, 1880, aged 88 years, 7 months, 27 days

  • Richard I. Carhart, son of John and Martha Carhart, born Nov 19, 1791 and died Dec 16, 1875, aged 84 years, 27 days

  • Catharine Aumack, daughter of William Henry and Christiana (Hoff) Aumack, and wife of Richard I. Carhart, born Jul 8, 1794 and died Mar 29, 1853, aged 59 years, 8 months, 21 days

  • Elizabeth Carhart, daughter of Richard I. and Catharine (Aumack) Carhart, born Mar 9, 1828 and died Dec 22, 1845, aged 17 years, 9 months, 13 days

  • Taylor G. Walling, son of Thomas G. and Nancy Anne (Bedle) Walling of Holmdel, born Feb 6, 1815 and died Nov 21, 1908

  • Daniel S. Aumack, son of Jacob and Synchy (Stillwell) Aumack, born Feb 19, 1817 and died Apr 15, 1868

  • Eveline Walling, wife of Daniel S. Aumack, born Aug 28, 1818 and died after 1870

  • Elizabeth Ann Aumack, daughter of Daniel S. and Eveline (Walling) Aumack and wife of James Bedle Vanderbilt, born Jun 21, 1844 and died Aug 12, 1883

  • James Bedle Vanderbilt, son of Thomas Bedle and Lucy Ann (Aumack) Vanderbilt, born Jul 10, 1840 and died Mar 22, 1897

  • James Vanderbilt, son of James Bedle and Elizabeth (Aumack) Vanderbilt, born Mar 13, 1871 and died 1873

  • Asbury Walling, son of Taylor G. and Catherine "Katie" (Seabrook) Walling, died in infancy

  • William S. Aumack, son of Jacob and Synchy (Stillwell) Aumack, born Oct 6, 1811 and died Nov 28, 1883

      ~ Unknown Marker

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