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Fair View Cemetery and Mausoleum Transcription - Plot L-224

Plot # L-224

Owned by: John French, New York, NY
Purchased: May 20, 1865

Main Monument Photo   #1   #2   #3

List of Persons interred here:

SiteNameDate of DeathAge
1  Brower, Donald F.May 13, 197265
3Grey, James   PhotoApril 16, 188868
4Grey, Mary E.   PhotoAugust 31, 1910
5French, Charles G.   PhotoDecember 4, 191083
6French, Sarah C.   PhotoApril 24, 189660
7Coggeshall, Charles   Photo
8French, William R.February 24, 192089
9Brower, Louise F.   PhotoAugust 11, 196088
11French, childMay 18, 1902
12French, Amelia G.February 13, 193184
13French, Nathan R.   PhotoJanuary 11, 189679
14French, Portia   PhotoMay 17, 189164
15Brower, George S.   PhotoOctober 19, 191948
16Arnold, William
17French, Anna P.   PhotoAugust 3, 192597
18French, William A.   Photo89
19Grey, TracyMarch 18, 192973

The following "facts" were taken from monuments but were not in the cemetery records:

  • One additional person's monument found on site:
    • Hockman, Mary French ~~ January 25, 1863 - January 24, 1937   Photo
  • William Arnold's date of death and age are shown on his headstone as August 15, 1888, aged 22.
  • James Grey's headstone lists his age at death as 67 rather than the 68 reflected in the cemetery's records.
  • Mary E. Grey is the wife of James Grey. Her headstone shows her dates of birth - death as May 23, 1824 - August 31, 1910 which would make her age 86 at death.
  • Nathan R. French's headstone states dates of birth - death as January 18, 1817 - January 11, 1896 which would make him 78 rather than 79 at death.
  • The G. in Charles G. French is listed as Goodale on the headstone and his date of birth was November 10, 1827.
  • Charles Coggeshall died February 16, 1878, aged 5 years
  • Anna P. French was the wife of William A. French and her date of birth is listed as 1932 which would make her 93 at death rather than 97.
  • Portia French's (wife of Nathan R. French) maiden name was Willson and her date of birth was March 21, 1824
  • Sarah C. French was the wife of Charles Goodale French and her date of birth was january 16, 1836

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