Ewing Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Ewing, Mercer County, NJ

Ewing Presbyterian Church Cemetery is located at 100 Scotch Road, Ewing, Mercer County, New Jersey on grounds which hold the historical chapel building of the First Presbyterian Church of Ewing.   According to Wikipedia, the building is the fourth church to be built on the cemetery grounds but it is currently threatened by structural problems with the roof.   The congregation was established in 1709 in what would become part of Trenton.   More than 100 years later, the town of Ewing was incorporated and a decade or so after that, the church became known as the First Presbyterian Church of Ewing.

Inquiries concerning the cemetery should be directed to:

Ewing Cemetery Association
78 Scotch Road
Trenton, NJ 08628


The cemetery is very large for a church cemetery encompassing many acres and probably holding more than 10,000 interments.   The grounds are park-like and provide a beautiful backdrop for the historic church building.   Grounds are well maintained.   Many tombstone inscriptions are wearing away over time though, on the whole, everything is holding up pretty well.   We were able to read many markers of an age that one would expect erosion to have made illegible.   There are some, however, we could not read and, for the most part, we did not photograph these.

What follows is a transcription of about a thousand or so of the readable markers with photographs of the tombstones.   Use the index below to locate these by surname and then, once you have found the individual you want to research, click on the link provided to view the tombstone photograph.

Click on the first letter of last names you are researching to view burial information and tombstone photographs:

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Also, the following stones were ones we had difficulty reading:

  • ?Har?, Theopholis ~~ died Oct 21, 1854, in the 64th yr of his age   Tombstone Photograph

  • ?Bri??n?, Matthias S. ~~ Jun ?, 186? - Jul 25, 1866   Tombstone Photograph