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We have scanned the publication, "Dulwich College Register, 1619 - 1926" and indexed it for your search. This title was compiled for the "Alleyn Club" by Thomas Lane Ormiston. This over 700 page book includes, together with some smaller sections, a list of over eleven thousand boys (each numbered) attending the institution from January 1, 1858 through May 31, 1926 (pages 70 - 607. Each record lists date of birth, family relationships, professional accomplishments and more. There are many abbreviations used (4 full pages) which make using the reference quickly rather difficult. You simply must print out a copy of abbreviations before making sense of the record.

This text also contains short sections which list Masters, Scholars, Instructors, etc. As with all such publications, the user should verify information by acquiring primary documentation before using it in their research.

To view information included in the main, list of boys section, click on the letter which corresponds to the first letter of an individual's last name. You will be sent to a page which lists surnames, record numbers corresponding to that surname, followed by the page number where the record can be viewed. Clicking on the page number will take you to a scanned image of the specific page. These files are fairly large and may take time a few seconds to download. We thank you for your patience and hope that you find this resources useful.

PagesContents and surnames
Page ITitle Page
Page IVContents
Page VContents
Page VIIntroduction Page 1
Page VIIIntroduction Page 2
Page VIIIIntroduction Page 3
Page IXAbbreviations Page IX
Page XAbbreviations Page X
Page XIAbbreviations Page XI
Page XIIAbbreviations Page XII
Page XIIIAbbreviations Page XIII
Page XIVQuestionnaire for gathering and correcting data
Page XVQuestionnaire for gathering and correcting data
Page XVICorrespondence of New Numbers with Numbers in Original Register
Page XVIICorrespondence of New Numbers with Numbers in Original Register
Page XVIIICorrespondence of New Numbers with Numbers in Original Register
Pages 003 - 049Part I Founder, Grammar School, Fellows, School Association, Governors, etc.
Page 003The Founder, The Foundation
Page 004The Foundation
Page 005Dulwich College Grammar School
Page 006Dulwich College Grammar School
Page 007Visitors - Archbishop of Canterbury / Abbot, Laud, Juxon, Sheldon, Sancroft, Tillotson, Tenison
Page 008Visitors cont'd / Wake, Potter, Herring, Hutton, Secker, Cornwallis, Moore, Manners-Sutton, Howley
Page 009Visitors cont'd / Sumner, Longley, Tait, Benson, Temple, Davidson
Page 009Masters of the College of God's Gift in Dulwich / Alleyn, Allen
Page 010Wardens of the College of God's Gift in Dulwich / Alleyn, Allen, Alleyne
Page 011Allen
Page 011First Fellows and Preachers / Lymer, Wilson, Cance, Gifford, George, Reding, Welles (Wells), Turner, Blemell, Fletcher, Mace, Hooke, Crofts, Streete, Skingle, Carter, Harrison, Byarde, Alleyn, Bond, Alleyn, Church, Mawde, Bynes, Prichard, Baker, Brockett, Billington, Bolton, Done, King, Thorpe
Page 012Hilary, Swanne, Smith, Image, Howes
Page 012Second Fellows and Schoolmasters / Young, Harrison, Simons, Sweetser, Faldo, Viell, Frith, Porter, Jones, Mead, Colby, Bradford, Michaelson, Atwood, Brockett, Blackburne, Lux, Alcock, Baker, Rhodes, Billington, Hume, Hilary, Gregory, Swanne, Barker, Williams, Stow, Julian, Corry, Joohnson, Vane, Fellowes
Page 013Harrison, Simons (Symonds), Symonds, Reuthen, Faldo, Dickinson, Viell, Blemell, Porter, Sutton, Roberts, Mead, Tilley, Michaelson, Peere, Paddy, Brockett, Harper, Bailey, Usborn, Blackstone, Collins, Lewis, Oliver, Rhodes, Dacie, Sawyer, Beresford, Hilary, Rushworth, Hart, Tutty, Waterhouse, Lamb, Baker, James, Wilder, Panton, Taylor, Holbery, Layton, Stow
Page 014Panton, Smith, Puddicombe, Marshall, Barry, Corry, Johnson, Auber, Lindsay, Browne, Eddy, Chafy
Page 014Fourth Fellows and Organists / Hopkins, Cosyn, Gibbs, Dell, Silver, Alleyn, Holmes, Forcer, Bryn, Pierson, Garraway, Reading, Henstronge, Howell, Clark, Powell, Cheriton, Hawkes, Randall, Dowell, Linley, Browne, Giraud
Page 015Teaching Staff of Grammar School / Baber, Monk, Robertson, Johns, Cox, Goodall, Carvell, Harris, Tijou
Page 015Grammar School Attendees / Alleyn, Bailey, Baillie, Basket, Bateman, Bensley, Bonham, Bowden, Brasier (Brayser, Brazer), Brice, Brooke, Brouning, Brown, Bynes, Cakebread, Carter, Caldham, Chalfont (Challfont)
Page 016Chick, Collins, Cooper, Copland, Cormack, Cotton, Davies, Davis, Diciling (Dicylyng), Dismaritts, Eardley, Edwin, Evans, Farmar, Fawcett, Fells, Field, Flin, Flower, Foster, Fry, Greenhaugh, Griffin, Grinsel, Groves, Hall, Hallows, Hartley, Holmes
Page 017Hore, Hulse, Jacka, Jackson, Janes, Jenkins, Jennings, Jinks, Jones, Kayes (Keyes), King, Laighton (Layghton, Layton, Leyton), Lance, Long, Longe (Longs), Man, Manning, Meridale (Meridall, Merrydall, Merydale, Merydall, Meryday), Millard, Mills, Monks, Moysey, Newman, Outram, Parker, Peapell, Peat, Pettifar (Pettifer, Pettifor, Pettyfar, Ppettyfare, Petyfar), Phillips, Potter, Powell, Ray
Page 018Richardson, Rogers, Savage, Scruten, Shaw, Shepherd (Sheppard), Shepey (Sheppe, Sheppey, Shippey), Sinnott, Sloper, Small, Steadman, Stuart, Stubberfield, Swanne, Sym, Symes, Tatlock, Tijou, Waddop (Waddope, Waddup, Wadop, Wadope, Wadup), Waite, Webster, Wellesley, Westwood, Woodall (Woodhall), Woodgate, Woodward, Woodyell, Wright
Page 019Dulwich College Association - Governors / Cator, Devas, Farrer, Fergusson, Norman, Playfair
Page 020Ranken, Rogers, St. Joohn, Stanley, Stephenson, Hopgood, Piper, Pew, Waterlow, Fisher, Phillips, Mayland, Pegg, Nail, Percy, Wellington
Page 021Wrench, Chester, Tite, Gassiot, Parnall, Abraham, Adair, MacDonald, Roundell, Stone, Savage, Longley, Nevins, Telfer, Engledew, Gull, Taylor, Harris, Turney
Page 022Stapleton, Bowen, Grant Duff, Morley, Young, Trego, Hovenden, Brittain, Brodrick, Farrer, King, Ash, Strong
Page 023Bryce, Churchill, Enfield, Pim, Boulden, Nightingale
Page 023Clerks to Governors / Dennen, Brown, Mollett, Watchurst
Page 024Estates Governors of the College of God's Gift / Turney, Stapleton, Trego, Hovenden, Ash, Strong, Boulden, Nightingale, Churchill, De La Bere, Douglass, Godley, Rogers, Saunders, Stone, Young, Lindsay, Peek, Pim, Lindsay, Ross, Hale, Everington, Dadswell, Johnson, Voules, Hovenden, Peerless, Pedder, Merriman
Page 025Douglas, Edwards, Ramsey, Wallace, Lafone, Voules, Field, Moreland, Teesdale, Powell, Davey, Wilcox, Brown, Wicksteed, Newson, Tasker, Cane
Page 026Cousins, Norman, Coleman, Howes, Griffin, Edwards, Cousins, Hall, Langston, Berliner, Tomkins, Spicer, Clowes, Whiteley, Field, Hale, Thomas, Clark, Romain
Page 027Rider, Lyall, Thompson, Rehder, Cheylesmore, Pember, Wylde, Cane, St, Cedd, Marshall, White, Goddard, Knights, Pridmore, Caesar, Clifton, May, Bott, Christison, Hall, Frank, Warwick, Millar
Page 028Smith, Barton, Jarvis   Secretaries to Estates Governors / Taylor, King, Cane, Dunnage
Page 029Rogers, Wrench, Adair, Roundell, Stone, Young, Bryce, Churchill, Pim, Rochester, Godley, Anson, Maine, Buchanan, Foster, Poynter
Page 030Douglass, De La Bere, Douglas, Saunders, Lawrence, Paget, Routh, Voules, Rochester
Page 031Calderon, Lyall, Davey, Rochester, Morpeth, Courthope, Bryce, Price, Thompson, Edwards, Powell, Riviere
Page 032Strong, Spicer, Wallace, Richmond, Busk, Gray, West, Whiteley, Southwark, De La Bere, Clowes, Wallace, Walter, Hall, West, Ransford, Powell, Knott, Bell, Cane
Page 033Walllace, Ouless, Cheylesmore, Southwark, Teall, Hirtzel, Rehdar, Sheppard, Cousins, Marshall, Carmichael of Skirtling, Parker, Southwark, Teall, Baker, Holdsworth, Pearson
Page 034Thomas, Campbell, Cheylesmore, Clowes, Richmond, Teall, Christison, Taylor, Galer, Goodwin, Whiteley, Woolrich, Gillingham, Attwater, Webbe   Clerks to College Governors / Watchurst, Bickell
Page 035Chaplains / Oldham, Cheetham, Daniell, David, Hardman   Organists / Baumer, Brabham, Rendall, Stocks, Ivimey, Burgess
Pages 036 - 039Index to foregoing
Pages 036 - 039Scholars
Pages 053 - 679Part II, The College
Pages 053 - 69Masters, Instructors, etc.
Pages 070 to 607
Alphabetical list of college attendees with brief biographies for each
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Pages 609 - 679Index of boys listed on pages 070 to 607
Page 681Statistics, etc.
Page 682Athletics
Page 683Athletics
Page 684Athletics
Page 685Athletics
Page 686Athletics
Page 687Athletics
Page 688Athletics
Page 689Athletics
Page 690Athletics
Page 691Athletics
Page 692Athletics
Page 693Athletics
Page 694Athletics
Page 695Athletics
Page 696Athletics
Page 697Athletics
Page 698Athletics
Page 699Athletics
Page 700Athletics
Page 701Athletics, Publication editors
Page 702Publication editors, Athletics
Page 703Athletics
Page 704Athletics
Page 705Athletics
Page 706Athletics
Page 707Athletics
Page 708Athletics
Page 709Athletics, Debating
Page 710Science Society, College Mission
Page 711Athletics, Clubs
Page 712Athletics, Clubs
Page 713Athletic Houses and miscellany
Page 714Athletics and miscellany
Page 715Athletics and miscellany
Page 716Athletics and miscellany
Page 717Corrigenda

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