Pennsylvania State College Faculty, 1920 - W

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Note: The source for this information is "LaVie," Volume 31, The Yearbook of Pennsylvania State College, State College, PA

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Last NameFirst NameMiddle NameDegreePosition
WakeleyR.E.B. S.Extension Representative - Susquehanna County
WalkerEltonD.B. S.Professor of Civil Engineering
WaltonR.C.B. S.Instructor in Plant Pathology, Field Laboratory
WarnerJ.W.B. S.Extension Representative - Indiana County
WatsonCarlDwartneyM. A.Assistant Professor of Physics
WattsRalphL.D. Agr.Dean
WeaverF.P.M. S.Assistant Professor of Farm Organization Extension
WeberG.G.B. S.Extension Representative - York County
WeberRoyI.C. E.Professor (Resigned) of Architectural Engineering
WehrweinGeorgeB. S.Associate Professor of Rural Economics
WeirPaulB. S.Student Assistant in Metallurgy
WestJohnMalcolmM. A.Instructor in Mathematics
WheelerAliceM.B. S.Instructor in Institutional Management, Chief Dietitian
WhiteJ.W.M. S.Associate Professor of Experimental Agronomy
WhiteMarshWilliamB. A.Assistant Professor of Physics
WhiteW.R.M. S.Assistant Professor of Agricultural Education
WhiteheadLindseyW.B. S.Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering
WightmanEarlRussellM. A.Assistant Professor of Physics
WildeE.I.M. S.Assistant Professor of Floriculture
WillardJosephMoodyM. A.Professor of Mathematics
WilsonI.D.M. S.Assistant Professor of Animal Husbandry
WilsonNelleM.B. S.Assistant in Home Economics Extension
WimerD.C.B. S.Instructor in Agronomy
WoodArthurJ.M. E., M. S.Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
WoodW.W.B. S.Instructor in Agricultural Extension in Charge of Two-Year and Winter Course
WoodruffEugeneC.M. A., PH. D.Professor of Electric Railway Engineering
WorthenEdmundL.M. S.Associate Professor of Agronomy
WrightArthurLlewellynPH. D.Instructor in Mathematics


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