Manasquan (NJ) High School - Class of 1938

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Manasquan (NJ) High School - Class of 1938

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    The following transcription was provided by Anne West and is taken from the 'Treasure Chest', the yearbook for the Manasquan High School.


    • Allen, Bernice A.
    • Allen, Hilda A.
    • Anderson, A. Clarence
    • Anderson, Walter Thomas
    • Bennett, Herbert
    • Bennett, James
    • Boman, Carol
    • Boos, Doris J.
    • Brewer, James Bartley
    • Calkins, Estelle
    • Cassidy, Nora Elizabeth
    • Chapin, Sally Ann
    • Chapman, Cadmus
    • Clark, Aubrey Vernon
    • Clayton, Mercer Elwood
    • Collins, Josephine Mildred
    • Combs, Walter Edward
    • Coryell, John
    • Fiasconaro, Jane
    • Frazee, Charles A
    • Germain, Elizabeth S
    • Gifford, John Brower
    • Gifford, Lillian
    • Grasdord, A. Matilda
    • Heller, William H.
    • Heney, Charles
    • Henville, Roy W.
    • Howlett, William
    • Hunter, Robert D
    • Ivins, Alma Vera
    • Johnson, George Alvin
    • Johnston, Raymond F
    • Jones, William Louis
    • King, Vernon, JR
    • Kulpinski, John Thomas
    • Lashek, Martin
    • LaVance, Charles Ernest
    • Leahy, John Francis
    • Leahy, William Duncan
    • Legg, Leroy Burt
    • Leighton, Irene
    • Levine, Edna
    • Lewis, Donald Sherlock
    • Loftus, Evelyn
    • McHenry, James
    • Megill, James Morton
    • Moore, Melvin
    • Morton, Ruth Eleanor
    • Mount, James Cody
    • Naser, Charles O
    • Newbury, Jan Deborah
    • Newman, Marguerite
    • Nutt, Paul
    • Nystrom, Holger
    • Okerson, Jackson D.
    • Osborn, Allen
    • Osborn, Dorothy Elizabeth
    • Osborn, Marion
    • Osborn, Oliver
    • Panz, Claude Raymond
    • Parker, Joel JR
    • Patton, James S
    • Pepper, George William
    • Prevost, Marjorie Marie
    • Queen, Lillian May
    • Rankin, Eunice Elizabeth
    • Richardson, Cora M. K
    • Richardson, Grace Victoria
    • Ruf, Betty
    • Rutledge, Harold
    • Rutledge, William
    • Schneider, Mary H
    • Sevelin, Doris Mae
    • Shinn, Ralph
    • Simeone, Joseph Carl
    • Smith, Ian
    • Stokes, Beatrice H.
    • Strudwick, Jean Esther
    • Swain, Joseph W
    • Thompson, Ruth
    • Tuzeneu, Jane W
    • Van Schoick, Alice Jean
    • Volek, Emily
    • Wagner, Malvin Norris
    • Wallace, Ruth
    • Walter, Charles Martin
    • Watson, Virginia Belle
    • Whelan, Jeanette
    • Whitehead, Edward Leroy
    • Wilde, Betty Lee
    • Wood, Alfred J
    • Woodfield, Russell Tilton
    • Woolley, Leonora
    • Worthington, Robert M
    • Wynkoop, Morgan


    • Wilbur D. Crosley, B. S., M. A.   (Supervising Principal)   Northern State Teachers College; Columbia University; Graduate work, Columbia University; Rutgers University, Cincinnati University
    • Dr. Marion C. Santangelo, B. S., M. S. Ed D.   (Principal)   Trenton State Teachers College; Rutgers University; Graduate work, Rutgers University
    • Edith M. Brown, Ph. B.   (Latin and English)   Brown University
    • Miss Marie Champion   (Social Science)   Trenton State Teachers’ College
    • Miss Marie Champion   (Jr. Business Training, Stenography And Typing)   Trenton State Teachers’ College
    • Mathew L. Ciricolo, B.S.   (Bookkeeping, Commercial Math., Commercial Law)   Trenton State Teachers’ College; Graduate work: Rutgers University
    • Miss Elizabeth T. Duprat   (English and History)   Montclair Teachers College; Graduate work: Montclair Teachers College
    • Edward Ehre, A.B., M.A.   (English)   Rochester University, Columbia University, Teachers College Colgate University
    • LeRoy T. Fish   (Art, Manual Training, Mechanical Drawing)   Columbia University; Beaux Arts, Paris
    • Miss Beatrice Leitch, B.S., M.A.   (Social Studies)   Temple University, University of Pennsylvania
    • Granville V. Magee, B.S., Ed. D.   (Health and Physical Education)   Rutgers University; Vermont Academy
    • Miss Eleanor Mathiowetz, B.W., M.A.   (English and German)   Superior State Teachers’ College, Columbia, University of Wisconsin, University of Oklahoma
    • Louis C. Nanassy, B.S. in Ed.   (Bookkeeping, Office Practice)   Indiana State Teachers’ College, Graduate work: Ohio State University
    • Chauncey W. Oakley, B.S., M. Ed.   (Algebra, Plane Geometry, solid Geometry)   Mansfield State Teachers College, Geneva College, University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania State College
    • Bishop A. Oxenford, B. S.   (Biology and General Science)   Rutgers University; Graduate work, New York University; Rutgers University
    • Stephen J. Petrokubi, B. S.; M. S.   (Biology, Chemistry and Physics)   Lafayette College
    • Henry M. Phoenix, A. B., L. L. D.;   (French, Spanish and Commercial Law)   College of the City of New York; New York Law School; Rutgers University
    • Mrs. Dorothy L. Rankin, A. B.   (Music)   Bluffton College, OH
    • Dorothy Robinson, B.S.   (Stenography, Typing)   Trenton State Teachers’ College
    • Richard P. Scott, B.S., M.A.   (History, Economics and P.A.D.)   Antioch College, New York University; Graduate work: American Peoples College, Austria, Columbia University and Pennsylvania State College
    • Mrs. Eleanor Sneath, B.S.   (Jr. H. Math., General Science)   Trenton State Teachers’ College
    • Miss Margaret Smith, B.S.   (English, French, Jr. H. Science)   University of Pennsylvania; Graduate work: University of Pennsylvania, New York University
    • Mrs. Grace B. Taylor, A.B.   (History, General Mathematics)   Montclair State Teachers’ College, Graduate work: Rutgers University
    • Miss Anne Wallach, B.S.   (Health and Physical Education)   Trenton State Teachers College; Graduate work: Teachers College, Columbia University
    • Mrs. Martha B. Wickham, B. S.   (Home Economics)   Rutgers University; Graduate work, Columbia University
    • Miss Catherine Wirth, B.S.   (Librarian)   Trenton State Teachers’ College

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