University of North Carolina Alumni Directory, 1795 to 1924 - O

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Page #Surnames
Page 463Oakes, Oates, O'Berry, O'Brian, O'Briant, O'Brien, O'Daniel, Odell
Page 464Oden, Odom, Oestreicher, Oettinger, Ogburn, Ogden, Ogilby
Page 465Ogilby, Oglesby, O'Hagan, Olcutt, Oldham, Oliver, O'Neal
Page 466O'Neil, O'Neill, Oppenheimer, Orr, Osborne
Page 467Osborne, Otey, Otten, Ottinger, Outlaw, Ouzts
Page 468Overcash, Overman, Overton, Owen, Owens
Page 469Owens, Ownbey

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