University of North Carolina Alumni Directory, 1795 to 1924 - C

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Page #Surnames
Page 093Cabell, Cade, Caddell, Caffee, Caffey, Cagle, Cain, Caldcleugh, Calder, Caldwell
Page 094Caldwell, Caler, Call, Callahan, Callaway, Callison, Calloway, Calmes, Calvert
Page 095Calvert, Cameron, Camp, Campbell
Page 096Campbell, Campen, Canada, Canaday, Candler
Page 097Candrays, Cannaday, Cannon, Cansler, Cantwell
Page 098Capehart, Capel, Capelle, Cappelmann, Capps, Carawan, Cardwell, Carlton, Carlyle, Carmichael
Page 099Carmichael, Carmon, Carney, Carpenter
Page 100Carr
Page 101Carr, Carraway, Carrigan, Carrington, Carroll
Page 102Carroll, Carrow, Carson
Page 103Carson, Carswell, Carter
Page 104Carter, Carthy, Cartwright, Carver, Carwill, Cash, Cashe, Cashett, Cason, Casper, Cassel
Page 105Cassel, Castelloe, Castor, Caswell, Cates, Cathcart, Cathey
Page 106Catlett, Cato, Caton, Cauble, Caudle, Cauthen, Cave, Caveness, Caviness, Cecil, Chadbourn, Chadwick, Chaffe, Chalfant
Page 107Chalfant, Chalmers, Chamberlain, Chambers, Chambliss, Champion, Chandler, Chaney, Chapin
Page 108Chapin, Chapman, Chappell, Charles, Chase, Chastain, Chatham, Cheatham, Cheek
Page 109Cheek, Cheesborough, Cherry, Cheshire, Chesnutt, Chewning
Page 110Chewning, Child, Childress, Childs, Chilton, Chinnis, Chisman, Chisholm, Choate, Christian, Christie, Christmas, Christopher, Chunn, Church, Churchill, Clairborne
Page 111Clairborne, Clancy, Claanton, Clapp, Clark
Page 112Clark
Page 113Clark, Clarke, Clarkson, Clarvoe, Clawson, Clay, Clayton, Clegg
Page 114Clegg, Clement, Clements, Clendenin, Clifton
Page 115Clifton, Clinard, Clinch, Cline
Page 116Cline, Clingman, Clinton, Clodfelter, Cloman, Clonts, Clopton, Closs, Clyburn, Coates, Cobb
Page 117Cobb
Page 118Cobb, Cobbs, Coble
Page 119Coble, Coburn, Cochran, Cochrane, Cocke
Page 120Cocke, Cockerham, Cockbell, Cody, Coffey, Coffin, Coggeshall
Page 121Coggin, Coghill, Cohen, Cohoon, Cohn, Coit, Coker, Cole
Page 122Cole, Coleman
Page 123Coleman, Coles, Coley, Collett, Collie, Collier, Collins
Page 124Collins, Colton, Coltrane, Colvard, Coman, Comar, Combs, Comer, Condon, Cone, Conger, Conley
Page 125Conley, Conly, Connell, Connelly, Conner, Connor
Page 126Conoly, Conrad, Conroy, Constable, Conwell, Conyers, Cook
Page 127Cook, Cooke, Cooley, Cooper
Page 128Cooper
Page 129Cooper, Copeland, Copenhaver, Coppedge
Page 130Copple, Coppridge, Corbett, Corbitt, Cordon, Corey, Cornelius, Cornwall, Cornwell, Corpening, Correll, Costen
Page 131Costner, Cothran, Cotten, Cottle, Couch, Coughenour, Coulter
Page 132Coulter, Council, Councill, Council, Courtney, Courts, Covington
Page 133Covington, Cowan
Page 134Cowan, Coward, Cowell, Cowles, Cowper
Page 135Cowper, Cox
Page 136Cox
Page 137Cox, Coxe, Cozart, Crabtree, Chaddock, Craig
Page 138Craig, Craige, Craighead, Cralle, Cramer, Cranford, Crane
Page 139Crank, Cranmer, Cranor, Cratch, Crater, Craven, Craver, Crawford
Page 140Crawford
Page 141Crawford, Crawley, Crayton, Credle, Creech, Creecy, Creekmore, Crenshaw, Cress, Creswell, Crews
Page 142Crews, Critchton, Crichton, Crinkley, Crisp, Crissman, Critcher, Crocker, Crockford, Croft, Cromartie, Cromer, Cromwell
Page 143Crooke, Croom, Cross, Croswell, Crouch, Crouse, Crowder, Crowell
Page 144Crowell, Crowson, Crudup, Cruikshank, Crump, Crumpler, Crutchfield, Culbertson
Page 145Cullen, Culp, Culpepper, Cumming, Cummings, Cumpiano, Cuningham, Cunningham
Page 146Cunningham, Curran, Currie
Page 147Currie, Curtis, Cutchin, Cuthbert, Cuthbertson, Cuthrell
Page 148Cuthrell, Cutlar

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