University of Maine Alumni and Non-Graduate Directory 1929

Welcome to the digital archive of the "University of Maine Alumni and Non-Graduate Directory 1929"   The following is taken from the original introduction:

Early editions of (this) alumni directory were included in the University catalogue or as a part of the annual report. In 1912 and again in 1914 separate editions were published. The first directory of non-graduates appeared in 1915. In 1921 a complete directory of all graduates and non-graduates was issued.

This directory like the others is published by the University. The information and data have been compiled by the General Alumni Association. All graduates and non-graduates are included with the exception of those non-graduates who have requested that they not be considered active alumni of the University of Maine because either they attended Maine a very short time or are graduates of another institution or both.

The class is the unit upon which the directory is based. Non-graduates are listed with the class in which they entered college. Graduates who were out one or more years during their course are listed according to their class preference.

The Directory is arranged in four parts. In Part I the names are given chronologically, by classes. For graduates the bachelor's degree is given and the curriculum pursued. Advanced degrees are indicated with the year of award in parenthesis, and unless otherwise stated the University of Maine is, with some exceptions, the institution granting them. The fraternity is given followed by the home or residence address; the state is Maine if not otherwise indicated. The occupation and business address follows. Bachelor's degrees granted out of course are followed by the year of award in parenthesis.

Non-graduates are listed chronologically followed by the year or years in attendance at the University. Degrees granted at other institutions are listed and the home address or residence, occupation and business address complete the information.

Deceased graduates and non-graduates are listed followed, when it is knovn, by the year of their death in parenthesis.

Part II is a geographic index, Part III is am alphabetic index and Part IV contains the numerical statistics.

An examination of the class lists will reveal that the address of many alumni is not given because it is not known, mail having been returned. In every instance efforts have been made to trace the lost alumnus without success. It is also probably true that the information concerning many alumni is incorrect, due to the fact that no information vas furnished for this directory. The alumni office would appreciate receiving corrected information especially new addresses.

We have scanned the original publication and indexed it for your quick reference.   Where an alumnus in the original publication shows both married surname and maiden, we have indexed her under both names. To view individual records, locate the first letter of the surname, click on it and locate the name in the index.   Clicking on the name will take you to the page on which it appeared.

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