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We are pleased to offer for your use the "Donnybrook Fair" of 1903, Yearbook of The Woman's College of Baltimore.

We have scanned and included certain pages relating to the faculty and administration as well as all student classes and specials. This yearbook includes a copy of a publication called "The Carnation" which consists of portraits and interesting stories about several members of the senior class. The class listings include the name and residence of each member.

We have no additional information on the persons named in the publication and corrections are not possible as it is our desire to present this publication exactly as it was originally produced. To view pages, simply click on the page number which corresponds to the item of interest or surname listing below.

Page #Description or Surnames
DedicationPortrait of Joseph S. Shefloe, Ph.D.
Class PictureClass of 1903
Page 11Board of Editors
Page 13"The Studio"
Page 14Literary Contributors
Page 15Board of Trustees: Foss, Summerfield, Cathcart, Bennett, Widerman, Hill, Wilson, Miller, Bennett, Slagle, Gamble, Kennedy, Hooper, Baldwin, Bennett, Stevens, Holmes, Hendrix, Murdoch, Buckley, Richardson, Stinemetz, Shaw, Oler, Heubeck, McDowell, Foss, Love, Pattison, Goucher, Burnley, Dashiell, Baldwin, Cathcart, Hooper, Smith, Patterson, Hewes
Page 16Faculty: Goucher, Meter, Hopkins, Froelicher, Shefloe, Welsh, Thomas, Blackshear, Metcalf
Page 17Faculty: North, Metee, Maltbie, Bibbins, Hodell, Whitbread, Conant, Lord, Bacon, Melle
Page 18Faculty: Gates, Peebles, Clark, Rogers, Hillyard, Erickson, Schwing, Hugo, Hall, Blumenfeld, Cole-Shefloe
Page 19Faculty: Schaefer, Hoskins, Blogg, McAnulty, Groves, Roberts, Williams, Filbert, Childs, Kahn
Page 21The Carnation: General Stories
Page 22The Carnation: Mallory, Boss, Davis
Page 23The Carnation: Connor, Evans, Wolf
Page 24The Carnation: Rouark, Ostrander, Alford, Ebaugh
Page 25The Carnation: La Barre, Smith, Trippett
Page 26The Carnation: Fiske, Bennett, Hoskins, Moses
Page 27The Carnation: Osterstock, Rupp, Dean, Appleby
Page 28The Carnation: Creamer, Hastings, Nast
Page 29The Carnation: Soper, Emery, Tucker, Kahn
Page 30The Carnation: Guggenheimer, Macswain, Murdoch
Page 31The Carnation: Warfield, Anderson, Iden, Thompson
Page 32The Carnation: Weakley, Miller, Caughy, Smith
Page 33The Carnation: Lind, Howell, Lavers
Page 34The Carnation: Rife, Bull, Robinson, Thomas
Page 35The Carnation: Bowes, Prouse, Axson, Miesse
Page 36The Carnation: Hable, Gutman, Osborn, Brenner
Page 37The Carnation: Hall, Emerson, Lord
Page 38Portrait of Benjamin Bennett, Builder of the College buildings
Page 41Seniors: Officers
Page 42Seniors: Alford, Anderson, Appleby, Axson, Bennett, Boss, Bowes, Brenner, Bull, Caughy, Conner, Creamer, Davis, Dean, Ebaugh, Emerson, Emery, Evans, Fisk, Guggenheimer, Gutman, Hable, Hall, Hastings, Hoskins, Howell, Iden, Kahn, LaBarre, Lavers, Lind, MacSwain, Mallory, Miesse, Miller, Moses, Murdock, Nast, Osborn, Osterstock, Ostrander
Page 43Seniors: Prouse, Rife, Robinson, Rouark, Rupp, Smith, Soper, Thomas, Thompson, Trippett, Tucker, Weakley, Wolf, Lord
Page 44"Pilgrim's Progress"
Page 45continued
Page 46Juniors: Officers
Page 47Juniors: Abercrombie, Ackerman, Baxter, Belt, Benson, Bixler, Boole, Briggs, Brown, Carmine, Caspari, Catching, Clendening, Cocke, Crawford, Cullom, Davenport, Day, DeBow, Dingle, Disbrow, Doetsch, Doherty, Dunning, Enochs, Fehr, Haddock, Haslup, Hendrix, Hill, Holtzman, Hopkins, Hukill, Hyde, Hutchins, Iliff, Johnson, Jones
Page 48Juniors: Kellogg, Kramer, Lawrence, Leutz, Magee, Mast, Mathews, Murphy, Norris, Nulton, Pease, Pendleton, Philps, Powell, Ricaud, Rice, Robinson, Simis, Slease, Smart, Stevens, Talley, Taylor, Weakley, Wiant, Wilson
Page 49Junior Class History
Page 50continued
Page 51Sophomores: Officers
Page 52Sophomores: Adams, Alexander, Baldwin, Bass, Beadenkopf, Bealmear, Beck, Bird, Birely, Blair, Bond, Browne, Bruff, Bunnell, Caldwell, Campbell, Clark, Conner, Couch, Crowl, Davis, Dilks, Dobbins, Dodge, Dunn, Eakins, Easley, Ebaugh, Ellis, Ellsworth, Elmer, Elsbree, Evans, Faus, Ferguson, Fisher, Force, Frizzell, Golding, Goodrich
Page 53Sophomores: Graham, Gunsaulus, Hewes, Hoffman, Hutchins, Hood, Ijuin, Johnson, Keen, Kemper, Kerr, King, Lear, Leavy, Lewis, Logan, MacGowan, MacSorley, Mann, Manning, McCord, McIntire, Metxger, Milburn, Moore, Mooreland, Morriss, Nickerson, Nicholson, Pangborn, Parrish, Perkins, Phillips, Pipher, Probst, Quigg, Rannie, Reese, Reno, Rhodes, Robbins, Round
Page 54Sophomores: Scott, Smith, Spedden, Soencer, Stevens, Tacke, Takamori, Waite, Walther, Webb, Wilson, Wyckoff, Zouck, Van Meter
Page 55Sophomore Class History
Page 56continued
Page 57Freshmen: Officers
Page 58Freshmen: Adams, Alcocke, Allen, Ames, Aronsohn, Austin, Baker, Baldwin, Ballard, Barber, Barr, Beck, Bird, Borcherding, Boyer, Brough, Brown, Buxton, Cann, Clendening, Coultas, Cull, DeArnit, DeBow, Dice, Drummond, Dunahue, Dunning, Gambrill, Gardner, Garrison, Gatch, Goucher, Gunsaulus, Haff, Hall, Harman, Harrell, Haughy
Page 59Freshmen: Hogue, Hough, House, Hutzler, Jackson, Kelly, Kemper, Kendrick, Kern, Kirlin, Kleinlie, Lacey, Lampton, Lowe, Lynch, McCary, Manifold, McGregor, McLaren, Miller, Moore, Murdoch, Nice, Nugent, O'Connor, Oehm, Osborn, Pell, Putts, Ransom, Rapson, Rawls, Reese, Rosemon, Rosenheim, Round, Ruddell, Sands, Shriver, Slater
Page 60Freshmen: Sleman, Smith, Snell, Spencer, Steele, Stevenson, Taylor, Wallis, Ware, Watts, Webb, Webster, Wilson, Winsor, Wooden, York, Young
Page 61Freshman Class History
Page 62continued
Page 63Specials: Allison, Barrett, Bitzer, Brice, Charter, Dice, Eager, France, Hopper, Jackson, Martin, Peay, Rosenthal

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