Biographical Record of Amherst College Grads and Non-Grads Class of 1892

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Page #Surname
Page 376Graduates: Adams, Alexander, Allyn, Babcock
Page 377Ball, Bentley, Billings, Boardman, Brainerd, Brooks, Brown
Page 378Bryant, Burbank, Byrnes, Clark
Page 379Cobb, Comstock, Cox, Coyle, Crandall, Degener, Dingley
Page 380Downey, Emerson, Ewing, Fairley, Fisher, Forbes, Gallup
Page 381Gardner, Goodell, Grant, Gregg, Griswold, Hildreth
Page 382Hildreth, Hitchcock, Hodder, Hodgman, Huntress, Jackson, Johnson
Page 383Johnson, Kollock, Lane, Leach, Lewis, Lincoln
Page 384Lounsbery, Marriott, Moody, Northrup, Perry, Pettengill
Page 385Phillips, Pierce, Raley, Randall, Ransom, Roberts, Scott
Page 386Seeley, Shattuck, Smalley, Smith, Staples, Stebbins
Page 387Sullivan, Swift, Thompson, Tilley, Vose, Waite, Washburn
Page 388Wilbur, Williston, Wood, NonGraduates: Avery, Baird, Ballou
Page 389Barton, Bullard, Chard, Clark, Coffin, Corsa, Edgell
Page 390Field, Gates, Hicks, Holmes, Jones, Lane, McClaughry
Page 391McClelland, Nichols, Parshley, Roberts, Royce, Sexton, Strong
Page 392Tooker, Vietor, Warfield, Watson, Williams