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1913 Alumni Record of the University of Illinois - Class of 1908

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Page #Surname
Page 439Abbott, Adams, Akers (Travers), Allen, Anderson
Page 440Applegate, Arthur, Atkinson, Atwood, Aumer, Bach, Baird, Baldwin (Turner), Ball, Bannon, Barker
Page 441Barloga, Barnhart (Miner), Barrett, Bartells, Batterson, Bauer, Baxter, Beal, Bear, Benjamin
Page 442Berolzheimer, Besore (McCann), Billingsley, Black, Blohm, Boothe, Bopp, Bouyoucos, Bracker
Page 443Bradshaw, Brand, Bredehoft, Bronson, Brooks, Brown, Brownson, Brundage (Messick), Bryan, Buenger
Page 444Bumstead, Burgess, Burres, Burwash, Busey (Gratton), Busey, Bushnell, Butler
Page 445Butler, Buyers, Byers, Cabanis, Cairns, Caldwell, Campbell, Candor, Carrithers
Page 446Chapin, Child, Christopher, Clark, Cleveland, Clifford (Morgan), Coghlan, Connard, Cook, Coons, Cooper (Dillon)
Page 447Cox, Crossett, Cutler, Dadant, Daehler, Davidson (Brown), Davis, Dayton, Deal, Deets
Page 448Denny (Smith), Dewey, Dicke, Dickinson (Chenoweth), Dieter, Dillon (Shaw), Disosway, Doherty, Donaho, Dugan, Dunn
Page 449Dunning, Earnest, Edmunds, Edwards, Eiszner, Elliott, Ellis, English, Eno, Ewing (Holman)
Page 450Faber, Fast, Feagans, Finch, Fisher, Forman, Fossland, Fraser, Frazer, Gaines
Page 451Garnett, Gentsch, Gesell, Gillespie, Gilstrap, Glasgow, Gonnerman, Grady, Graham
Page 452Grant, Greene, Gridley, Griswold, Gross, Grubel, Hall
Page 453Hall, Hampton, Hanson, Hanzlik, Harder, Harris, Harrison, Haynes
Page 454Hays, Hazard, Heaney, Hellstrom, Herrick (Henry), Herrin, Hilario, Hill, Hobbs, Hoge (Straight), Hogue
Page 455Holt, Holton, Hoodwin, Howser, Hudson, Hueckel, Huff, Huffman, Hunt
Page 456Hunt, Hursh, Hutchins, Hyndman, Jacobs, Jacobsen, Jaquet, Johnson, Jones
Page 457Jordan, Kahlert, Kautz, Kegley, Kelso, Kerch, Kibby (Rufle), Kindig (Shaver), Knappenberger
Page 458Knirk, Laflin (Eisner), Lange (Parker), Latzer, Larracas, Lawless, Leideneker, Lewis, Liggett, Lloyd, Lodge
Page 459Logan, Long, Loutzenhiser, Love, Lowry, Lumbrick, Lybarger, Lynch, McCain, McCaskey (Bardwell)
Page 460McCoy, McCracken, McDonald, McIntire, McMahon, McMillan, Madison, Malcom, Mangas, Mann
Page 461Marsden, Matthews (Jordan), Maze, Meadows, Miller, Miner (Chapin), Moore, Moran
Page 462Morgan, Morris, Morrison, Moulton, Moynihan, Munger, Murphy (Taylor), Nation (Park), Nebeker, Neuman
Page 463Newcomb (Avey), Nichol, Niederman, Nitz, Nydegger (Jackson), O'Hair, Olmsted, Ostrander, Palmer, Park
Page 464Parker (Stults), Parker, Parsons, Pearman, Perry, Pfeil, Pfisterer, Phillips, Pierce, Pillinger, Porterfield (Kerch)
Page 465Powers, Quinlan, de la Rama, Rambo, Ray, Reno, Robinson, Rolfe, Ropp, Roth, Routson, Rutledge
Page 466Sanvictores, Sargent (Blossom), Sawyer, Schertz, Schwerin, Scovill, Scroggin, Seaman, Sevilla, Shannon
Page 467Shaw, Shipman (Wagner), Simpson, Slaymaker, Smith, Smith (Waughtel) (Grady), Smith
Page 468Snyder, Solberg, Sonntag, Spencer, Stair, Stanford, Stephens, Stewart, Stiff, Stinson
Page 469Stone, Stout, Straight (Myers), Strauch, Streid, Styles, Swigart, Taylor, Ten Broeck, Terrill, Thal, Thomas (Mangold)
Page 470Tilden, Toland, Toops, Tucker, Underwood, Urban, Van Brunt, Van Galder (Hart), Van Inwagen
Page 471Van Petten, Vaniman, Wagner, Wardall, Warner, Watters, Waugh, Way, Weatherhead, Weber, Webber
Page 472Webster, Weinberg (Greenwood), Westervelt, White, Wickersham, Wilkinson, Williams, Williamson, Wilson
Page 473Wilson, Winn, Wood, Woodbridge, Ziesling


Class Years:   1872   1873   1874   1875   1876   1877   1878   1879   1880   1881   1882   1883   1884   1885   1886   1887   1888   1889   1890   1891   1892   1893   1894   1895   1896   1897   1898   1899   1900   1901   1902   1903   1904   1905   1906   1907   1908   1909   1910   1911  

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