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1913 Alumni Record of the University of Illinois - Class of 1900

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Page #Surname
Page 234Abry, Adams, Alarco, Ambiler, Appelquist, Ashley, Baker, Barrett, Beck (McGlachlin), Bennett
Page 235Boyd, Branch (Shepard), Brown, Bullock (Kastner), Burke, Burroughs, Busey, Bush
Page 236Campbell, Capron, Church, Clatworthy, Cooper, Corbus, Darmer, Dolan, Doney, Dougherty
Page 237Dowiatt, Eddy, Fisher, Foster, Fox, Francis, Freeman, Gibbs, Glenn
Page 238Glenn, Graham, Gray, Grossberg, Gunthorp, Hall, Hannan, Hanson (Gurley), Harker
Page 239Hartrick (Webster), Harts, Hasson, Haven, Hawley, Hayes, Headen, Hines, Holabird, Hughes
Page 240Jackman (Dougherty), Jahr, Johnson, Johnston, Jordan, Keeney, Kepler, Ketchum, Kirkpatrick, Krahl
Page 241Kratz, Kuehn, Langman, Lathrop, Latzer (Kaeser), Lee, Logue, McWilliams, Mather (Forbes), Maury
Page 242May, Mayall, Merrill, Mulliken, Newton, Null, Ostrowski, Owens, Palmer
Page 243Peeples, Pettinger, Phillips, Pickett, Pollard, Ponzer, Posey, Praeger
Page 244Price, Quisenberry, Radley, Reardon, Reed (Scott), Reimers, Rhodes
Page 245Ricker, Robbins, Robertson, Rochow, Roe, Rolfe, Rowland, Rugg (Hubbard)
Page 246Ryburn, Saffer, Safford, Sanford, Sawyer (Tait), Schaefer, Schneider, Scudder, Sears, Seely, Shrum
Page 247Slocum, Smith, Soverhill, Stakemiller, Strohm, Strout, Temple, Thompson, Thorpe
Page 248Tooke, Trevett, Tyler, Van Brundt, Van Patten, Waldo (Taylor), Wandell
Page 249Waters, Wehrstedt, Wesemann, West, Wiley, Willcox (Wallace), Willis, Wood, Woods
Page 250Wray


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