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Welcome to The Ravelings, Yearbook of Monmouth College (Illinois) June, 1921

We have scanned The Ravelings, Yearbook of Monmouth College (Illinois) June, 1921. and indexed it for your quick search. Click on the page number which corresponds to the page in which you are interested and this should take you to the appropriate page.These pages are scans of the original publication which are fairly large files. The average page is about 100K and will download slowly if you are not on a fast connection. Please be patient and let us know if you have problems.

Page #Decsription / Names
Page 3Title Page
Page 4Dedication
Page 5Foreword
Page 6Contents
Page 7Illustration
Page 9Photograph: Sunrise on Campus
Page 10Photograph: The Campus thru the Trees
Page 11Photograph: Carnegie Library
Page 12Photograph: The Court in front of Wallace Hall
Page 13Photograph: Wallace Hall
Page 14Photograph: McMichael Science Hall
Page 15Photograph: Facing Broadway from the Entrance of Wallace Hall
Page 16Photograph: Sunnyside thru the Trees in Winter
Page 17Photograph: The Auditorium
Page 18Photograph: McMichael Home
Page 19Photograph: Sunnyside
Page 20Photograph: Evening on the Campus
Page 22Thomas Hanna McMichael, D.D., President
Page 23Professors / Graham, Winbigler, Robinson, Van Gundy, Shilling, Martin
Page 24Professors / Goodrich, Haldeman, Hume, Menser, Barr, Maynard
Page 25Professors / McClanahan, Weed, Nesbit, Embree, Leeds, Stegeman
Page 26Professors / Elliott, Gibson, Culbertson, McKelvey, Hamilton
Page 27Professors / Austin, Riggs, Kettering, Cooper, Getty
Page 28Professors / Fischer
Page 30Students / Ady, Axline, Bishop
Page 31Students / Barnes, Bailey, Beveridge
Page 32Students / Britt, Blick, Culbertson
Page 33Students / Davidson, Douglass, Dugan
Page 34Students / Eckerman, Evans, Firth
Page 35Students / Glass, Harper, Hillman
Page 36Students / Hodge, Kruidenier, McCaughan
Page 37Students / Meredith, Milne, Morgan
Page 38Students / Neilson, Nesbit, Orr
Page 39Students / Patterson, Quinby, Smiley
Page 40Students / Spicer, Stewart, Thome
Page 41Students / Wilson, Woods, Work
Page 42Students / Work, Cooper, Ely
Page 43Students / Fort
Page 44Senior Class History
Page 46Students / Young, Wilson, Pattison
Page 47Students / Melburg, Thompson, Pinkerton
Page 48Students / Hensleigh, Smith, Hensel
Page 49Students / Van Nuys, Moffett, Livingston
Page 50Students / Gracey, Woodruff, Palmer
Page 51Students / Settle, McKnight, Douglass
Page 52Students / McLaughlin, Davidson, Anderson
Page 53Students / Work, White, Meloy
Page 54Students / Saville, Ferguson, Knipe
Page 55Students / Brown, Beveridge, Houston
Page 56Students / Rankin, Ardrey, Hood
Page 57Students / Arendt, Dugan, Houston
Page 58Students / Patterson, Rabenold, Turnbull
Page 59Students / McMorris, Hill, Gillespie
Page 60Students / Pierce, Stewart, McCracken
Page 61Students / Alexander, Hogue, Hamilton
Page 62Students / Graham, Livingston, Seaton
Page 63Students / Lawrence
Page 64Junior Class History
Page 66Students' Portraits / Spear, McCutcheon, Miller, Winship, Shimmins, Bailey, Simpson, Hofstetter, Babbitt, McWhinney, Lackey, Hamilton, Lorimer, Johnston, Wells, Eckstrom, Cummings, Lynn, Rankin, McIntosh
Page 67Students' Portraits / Brumbaugh, Hofstetter, Smith, Robinson, Jones, Settle, Francis, McCullough, McDill, Keating, Snodgrass, Rigg, Green, Potter, Martin, Davis, McCoy, Hunt, Douglass, Boruff
Page 68Students' Portraits / Kettering, Eby, Huang, Whitmore, Leet, Campbell, Eckley, McMorris, Lewis, Hannum, Hayslip, Winans, Davidson, Wells, Smiley, Niblock, McDill, Whiteman, Watt, Brown
Page 69Students' Portraits / Pattison, Lugg, Walker, Murphy, Wallace, Frazelle, Godfrey, Teachout, White, Pollock, Jackson, Morrow
Page 70Sophomore Class History
Page 71Sophomore Class Roll / Babbitt, Bailey, Bear, Boruff, Brown, Brumbaugh, Campbell, Clarke, Cummings, Davidson, Davis, Douglass, Ebersole, Eby, Eckley, Eckstrom, Francis, Frazell, Godfrey, Green, Hamilton, Hannum, Hayslip, Hofstetter, Hunt, Jackson, Johnston, Jones, Keating, Kettering, Lackey, Leet, Lewis, Lorimer, Lugg, Lynn, McCoy, McCullough, McCutcheon, McDill, McEachron, McIntosh, Martin, Miler, Murphy, Niblock, Nichols, Pattison, Pollock, Potter, Rankin, Riggs, Robinson, Scott, Settle, Shimmins, Simpson, Smiley, Smith, Sneath, Snodgrass, Speer, Walker, Wallace, Watt, Wells, Winship, White, Whitmore, Winans, Young
Page 72Photograph
Page 74Portrait / Caslin, Eckstrom, Frank, Hammond, Walters, Huey, Cable, Douglass, Black, Dickson, Kennedy, Dickson, Barnum, Bailey, Griffith, Baldridge, Davidson, Howard, Beard, Johnson, Johnston, Childs, Deen, Dierstein, McLaughlin, Wells, Murray, Davidson, Hayden, Hamilton, Crow, Kennedy, Collins, Hillyard, Hunter, Farrel, Eldridge, Hamilton, Clark, Finley, Doty, Gillis, Eckroyd, Berry, Allen, Hogue, Fish, McCrackin
Page 75Portrait / Moore, Sillars, Staat, Pinney, Wherry, Skinner, Winship, Watt, Wallace, Laughlin, McBride, Russel, Warfield, Rogers, Smith, Copley, Rodgers, Nesbit, Young, Kobler, Turnbull, Lawhead, Wheeler, Welch, Stewart, Tibby, Young, Kingdom, Vawter, Rowley, Livingston, Glass, Van Gundy, Niblock, Oliver, McCreary, Mason, Taylor, Olson, Palmer, Murphy, Manes, Swinney, McCreight, Smith, McKelvey, Akin, Back, McCoy, Law, Winans, Lee, McConnell, McBride, McKee, Thompson, Zinzow, McDermott, Wilson, Snodgrass, Hayes, Hayes, Tyler, Oaks
Page 76Freshmen Class History
Page 77Freshmen Class Roll / Akin, Allen, Bailey, Baird, Barnum, Beal, Berry, Black, Cable, Caslin, Childs, Clarke, Collins, Copley, Cowell, Crow, Davidson, Deen, Dierstein, Dickson, Doty, Douglass, Duke, Ecroyd, Ekstrom, Eldridge, Farrell, Finley, Fich, Frank, Gillis, Glass, Griffith, Hamilton, Hammond, Hawes, Hayden, Hays, Hillyard, Hogue, Howard, Huang, Huey, Hughes, Hunter, Jensen, Johnson, Johnston, Kennedy, Kingdon, Kobler, Laughlin, Law, Lawhead, Lashley, Lee, Livingston, McBride, McCaw, McConnell, McCoy, McCracken, McCreight, McCrery, McDermott, McKee, McLaughlin, McKelvey, McWhinney, Manes, Mason, Miller, Moore, Morrow, Murray, Nesbit, Niblock, Oaks, Olson, Oliver, Pinney, Palmer, Rodgers, Rogers, Rowley, Russell, Skinner, Sillars, Smith, Snodgrass, Sprole, Staat, Stancliff, Stawart, Swinney, Taylor, Thompson, Tibbey, Turnbull, Torley, Tyler, Van Gundy, Vawter, Wallace, Walter, Watt, Warfield, Welch, Wells, Wheeler, Wherry, Whiteman, Winans, Winship, Young, Zinzow
Page 78Photograph
College Life
Page 811920 Baseball Season
Page 821920 Baseball Season
Page 831920 Track Season
Page 841920 Track Season
Page 851921 Track Schedule
Page 86Football 1920
Page 87Football 1920
Page 88Football Team Portrait
Page 89Football Team, Individual Player Profiles
Page 90Football Team, Individual Player Profiles
Page 91Football Team, Individual Player Profiles
Page 92Football Team, Individual Player Profiles
Page 93Basketball Season
Page 94Basketball Team Portrait
Page 95Racquet Club
Page 96Girls Tennis Tournament
Page 97Girls Basketball
Page 98Girls Basketball
Page 99Girls Basketball
Page 101State Oratorical Contest
Page 102Debate Season, Women's Debate
Page 103Affirmative Team
Page 104Negative Team
Page 105Portraits A.B.L.
Page 106Portraits ALETH
Page 107Portraits ECCRIT
Page 108Portraits PHILO
Page 109A.B.L. Aletheorean Contest
Page 110Philo-Eccritean Contest
Page 111Portrait and brief bio for Professor John Henry McMillan and remembrance for Rev. Arch Graham
Ravelings Organization
Page 113Ravelings Portraits
Page 114Ravelings Portraits
Page 115Ravelings Staff / Moffett, Turnbull, Anderson, Pinkerton, Van Nuys, Melburg, Livingston, Beveridge, Graham, Alexander, Hogue, McCrackin, Ferguson
Page 116About Ravenings
Page 117Campus Newspaper - The Oracle
Page 118Oracle Staff Portraits
Page 119Y. M. C. A.
Page 120Y. M. C. A. Portraits
Page 121Y. W. C. A.
Page 122Y. W. C. A. Portraits
Page 123Eccritean Society
Page 124Eccritean Society Portraits
Page 125Philadelphian Society
Page 126Philadelphian Society Portraits
Page 127Amateurs Des Delles Letters
Page 128Amateurs Des Delles Letters Portrait
Page 129Aletheorean Society
Page 130Aletheorean Society Portrait
Page 131Liberal Arts Club
Page 132Tau Kappa Alpha
Page 133Student Volenteer (sic) Band
Page 134International Relations Club
Page 135Student Council
Page 136Student Body, Forensic League
Page 137Photograph
Page 138Music
Page 139Men's Glee Club
Page 140Men's Glee Club Portrait
Page 141Men's Glee Club Program
Page 142Girl's Glee Club
Page 143Girl's Glee Club Program
Page 144Girl's Glee Club Portrait
Page 145Monmouth Music Club, Conservatory Recitals, Artist Course
College Tradition
Page 147Illustration entitled Tradition
Page 148Traditions - Narrative
Page 149Junior Class Play
Page 150May Party -- 1920
Page 151Photo Collage
Page 152Photo Collage
Page 153Senior Class Play
Page 154Junior Senior Banquet
Page 155Various Banquets etc.
Page 156Photo Collage
Page 157Photo Collage
Page 158Photo Collage
Page 159Photo Collage
Page 160Eccritean Peanut Banquet
Page 161Philo Peanut Banquet
Page 162Various Events
Page 163Various Events
Page 164Photo Collage
Page 165College Yells
Page 166Various Photographs
College Frolix
Page 168Illustration entitled Frolix
Page 169Bird's Eye View
Page 170Bird's Eye View
Page 171Photo Collage
Page 172Miscellany
Page 173Photo Collage
Page 174Miscellany
Page 175Photo Collage
Page 176Photo Collage
Page 177Photo Collage
Page 178Photo Collage
Page 179Photo Collage
Page 180Photo Collage
Page 181Photo Collage
Page 182Miscellany
Page 183Photo Collage
Page 184Miscellany
Page 185Photo Collage
Page 186Photo Collage
Page 187Photo Collage
Page 188Photo Collage
Page 189Photo Collage
Page 190Miscellany
Page 191Photo Collage
Page 192Photo Collage
Page 193Photo Collage
Page 194Une Chose Tragique
Page 195Collage
Page 196"For Good-Looking Girls Only"
Page 197Beauty Contest
Page 198Collage
Page 199School Diary
Page 200School Diary
Page 201School Diary
Page 202School Diary
Page 203School Diary
Page 204School Diary
Page 205School Diary
Page 206Advertisement
Page 207Advertisement
Page 208Advertisement
Page 209Advertisement
Page 210Advertisement
Page 211Advertisement
Page 212Advertisement
Page 213Advertisement
Page 214Advertisement
Page 215Advertisement
Page 216Advertisement
Page 217Advertisement
Page 218Advertisement
Page 219Advertisement
Page 220Advertisement
Page 221Advertisement
Page 222Advertisement
Page 223Advertisement
Page 224Advertisement
Page 225Advertisement
Page 226Advertisement
Page 227Advertisement
Page 228Advertisement
Page 229Advertisement
Page 230Monmouth College General Information
Page 231Advertisement
Page 232Advertisement
Page 233Advertisement
Page 234Advertisement
Page 235Advertisement
Page 236Advertisement
Page 237Area Physicians / Worrell, Camp, Ebersole, Graham, Patton, Blair, Sherrick, Featherston, Winters
Page 238Area Dentists / Hood, Knights, Phelps, Shaffer, Stott, Vaughn, Gallop, Giltner, Higgins, Turnbull
Page 239Advertisement
Page 240Advertisement
Page 241Advertisement

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