Heroes From Belford, Port Monmouth, and New Monmouth Who Served in the World War

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Heroes From Belford, Port Monmouth, and New Monmouth Who Served in the World War

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The following is a list of persons copied from a World War I monument I passed Memorial Day, 2001 while driving through Belford to photograph cemetery headstones. The monument caught my eye as we were travelling between cemeteries and I just had to stop and photograph it. Its about as nice a local monument as I've seen. And while it doesn't provide a whole lot of genealogical data, we believe it is worth your attention.

I really don't know much about the history of this memorial. If you have a newspaper clipping or personal knowledge you would care to share with me, we would be most appreciative. The list is pretty much exactly as we saw it but if you would like to view it for yourself, we have two pictures, one for the   top   and one for the   bottom  . There are asterisks next to a few of the names but we do not know what this denotes. If you would like to see bigger version of the picture on this page, simply click on them to view the full sized version.

  • Acker, Charles, jr.
  • Bade, Ernest
  • Bennett, Crawford W.
  • Bennett, John E.
  • Bickens, George, jr.
  • Boyce, George
  • Burlew, Joseph
  • Casler, Orville
  • Casler, Richard
  • Coddington, Harold J.
  • *Compton, Harold M.
  • Cosby, David H.
  • Cox, Frank
  • Crane, Edward
  • Crane, Robert
  • *Crane, William W.
  • De Grote, Walter
  • Downes, T. Boyd
  • Eilenberger, Paul
  • Finnegan, Daniel
  • Finnegan, J. Craig
  • Fisler, Henry
  • Franklin, John
  • Glass, John V.
  • Granderath, Anthony
  • Greeley, James
  • Guernsey, edward
  • Heyer, Denise W.
  • Heyer, William M. or H., jr.
  • Horn, Charles
  • Hubbs, James E.
  • Johnson, John E.
  • Kelly, Edward A.
  • Lee, William E.
  • Leek, Melvin
  • Lowsen, Joseph A.
  • Lube, Charles
  • Luker, Ellis
  • Lund, Frederick
  • Lutter, Charles
  • Martin, Frank
  • Martin, James
  • Maxson, Albert
  • Maxson, Elmer
  • Maxson, Irving
  • McFeeley, James E.
  • MacGrath, John
  • McNamara, Lawrence
  • Mills, Benjamin
  • Morrell, Jasper
  • Osbourne, John D.
  • Phillips, Edward
  • Phillips, Lawrence
  • Pike, Thomas E.Riechman, John
  • Roberts, Wilbur C.
  • Robertson, Paul
  • Rutt, Charles jr.
  • Schnoor, Elmer
  • Seeley, Charles W.
  • Seeley, William H.
  • Walling, Isadore M.
  • Watson, John M.
  • Willett, Clinton B.
  • Willett, Cornelius V.
  • Wilson, Garrett
  • *Walling, Clarence C.