Deaths Registered in the Town of Peterboro, NH for the year ending Dec 31, 1891, Page 1

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Deaths Registered in Peterboro, New Hampshire - 1891, Page 1

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Source: Annual Report of the Town of Peterboro, New Hampshire for the year 1891

Surnames in order presented: Converse, Joslin, Bagley, Lamort, Davis, Hadley, Wheeler, Converse, Ober, Wait, Nay, Galligher, Goodhue, Holden, Lawley, Livingston, Childs, Murphy, Jackson, Parker, Blake, Morrison, Felt, Cote, Twitchell, Buchanan, Holt, Morin, Kendall, Russell, Spofford, Huntee, Buss, Crosby, Smith, Stacy