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Please Share Your Obituaries and Death Notices!

    Obituaries are one of the best sources of genealogical data. We are looking to create a database to share with visitors to this site. Obituaries from any location are, of course, welcome.

    All you need to do is type an obituary into an e-mail or an MS Word document (and attach it to an e-mail), then send it to

    The only thing we request of you is that you:

    • tell us where you copied it from,
    • include only factual data - exclude any narrative which might be covered by someone's copyrights, Please do not simply copy obituaries from newspapers dated after 1923 and send them to us. If you do want to refer to such a newspaper, please submit only raw facts such as names, dates, relationships and the like to us. We cannot publish an exact replica of an obituary appearing in a newspaper after 1923 unless you wrote the item and are transferring the right to reproduce it on this web site with your submission.
    • include state and date of death somewhere in the obit or death notice, and
    • tell us if you want your e-mail and / or name to be published along with it

    Please note that obituaries appearing in newspapers dated 1923 and earlier may be copied exactly and submitted as is.

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