The 32nd Division (USA) in the World War 1917 - 1919


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The 32nd Division in the World War 1917 - 1919
The Red Arrow Division
Issued by the Joint War History Commission of Michigan and Wisconsin



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Page 1Brief bio and portrait of Major General W. G. Haan
Page 7Introduction
Page 8Introduction
Page 9Introduction
Page 10Introduction
Page 11Introduction
Page 12Introduction
Page 13Introduction
Page 15Portrait of Major General William Lassiter
Page 17Portrait of Major General James Parker
Page 19Portraits of Captains Daniel D. Thomson, LeRoy Pearson and Douglas C. Crawford
Page 21Contents
Page 23Portraits of Colonel J. G. Pillow, Lieutenant Colonel Paul B. Clemens, Colonel Robert M. Beck, Major Robert Connor, and Lieutenant Colonel John H. Howard
Page 25Organization of the Thirty-Second Division
Page 26High Lights in the History of the Thirty-Second Division
Page 27Birth of the Thirty-Second Division
Page 28Birth of the Thirty-Second Division
Page 29Birth of the Thirty-Second Division
Page 30Birth of the Thirty-Second Division
Page 31Birth of the Thirty-Second Division
Page 32Birth of the Thirty-Second Division
Page 33The Thirty-Second Division in France
Page 34The Thirty-Second Division in France
Page 35The Thirty-Second Division in France
Page 36The Thirty-Second Division in France
Page 37The Thirty-Second Division in France
Page 38The Thirty-Second Division in France
Page 39Portraits of Lieutenant Colonel Charles S. Caffrey, Lieutenant Colonel Allan L. Briggs, Colonel George M. Russell, Brig. Gen. E. H. DeArmond, Colonel Hjalmer Erickson, Major Mathew Hansen, Major Edward D. Arnold
Page 41First on German Soil
Page 42Photo
Page 43First on German Soil
Page 44First on German Soil
Page 45Photo
Page 46First on German Soil
Page 47Portraits of Lieutenant Colonel Glen Garlock, Mieutenant Colonel Frank H. Fowles, Lieutenant Colonel S. D. Pepper, Lieutenant Colonel Charles R. Williams, Colonel Harold C. Fiske, Colonel Gilbert E. Seaman, Major William A. Woodlief, Major Amos Ashley, Lieutenant Colonel John Scott
Page 49Into the Big Battle
Page 50Into the Big Battle
Page 51Into the Big Battle
Page 52Into the Big Battle
Page 53Into the Big Battle
Page 54Into the Big Battle
Page 55Into the Big Battle
Page 56Into the Big Battle
Page 57The Baptism of Fire
Page 58The Baptism of Fire
Page 59The Baptism of Fire
Page 60The Baptism of Fire
Page 61The Baptism of Fire
Page 62The Baptism of Fire
Page 63The Baptism of Fire
Page 64The Baptism of Fire
Page 65The Baptism of Fire
Page 66The Baptism of Fire
Page 67The Baptism of Fire
Page 69Chapter VI
Page 70Chapter VI
Page 71Chapter VI
Page 72Chapter VI
Page 73Chapter VI
Page 74Chapter VI
Page 75Chapter VI
Page 76Chapter VI
Page 77The Capture of Juvigny
Page 78The Capture of Juvigny
Page 79The Capture of Juvigny
Page 80The Capture of Juvigny
Page 81The Capture of Juvigny
Page 82The Capture of Juvigny
Page 83The Capture of Juvigny
Page 84The Capture of Juvigny
Page 85The Capture of Juvigny
Page 86The Capture of Juvigny
Page 87The Red Arrows Join the First American Army
Page 88The Red Arrows Join the First American Army
Page 89The Red Arrows Join the First American Army
Page 90The Red Arrows Join the First American Army
Page 91The Red Arrows Join the First American Army
Page 92The Red Arrows Join the First American Army
Page 93The Red Arrows Join the First American Army
Page 94The Red Arrows Join the First American Army
Page 95The Red Arrows Join the First American Army
Page 96The Red Arrows Join the First American Army
Page 97Breaking the Kriemhilde Stellung
Page 98Breaking the Kriemhilde Stellung
Page 99Breaking the Kriemhilde Stellung
Page 100Breaking the Kriemhilde Stellung
Page 101Breaking the Kriemhilde Stellung
Page 102Breaking the Kriemhilde Stellung
Page 103Breaking the Kriemhilde Stellung
Page 104Breaking the Kriemhilde Stellung
Page 105Breaking the Kriemhilde Stellung
Page 106Breaking the Kriemhilde Stellung
Page 107Breaking the Kriemhilde Stellung
Page 108Breaking the Kriemhilde Stellung
Page 109Breaking the Kriemhilde Stellung
Page 110Breaking the Kriemhilde Stellung
Page 111Portraits of Lieutenant Colonels W. E. Marble, J. A. Howell, Guy M. Wilson, William Mitchell Lewis, James R. Scott; Colonel L. H. Callan; and Majors Fred A. Rodgers, A. W. Fluegel, and J. E. Barzynski
Page 112Breaking the Kriemhilde Stellung
Page 113Our Last Fight and Armistice
Page 114Our Last Fight and Armistice
Page 115Our Last Fight and Armistice
Page 116Our Last Fight and Armistice
Page 117Our Last Fight and Armistice
Page 118Our Last Fight and Armistice
Page 119Our Last Fight and Armistice
Page 120Our Last Fight and Armistice
Page 121Our Last Fight and Armistice
Page 122Our Last Fight and Armistice
Page 123Our Last Fight and Armistice
Page 124Our Last Fight and Armistice
Page 125Our Last Fight and Armistice
Page 126Our Last Fight and Armistice
Page 127The March to the Rhine
Page 128The March to the Rhine
Page 129The March to the Rhine
Page 130The March to the Rhine
Page 131The March to the Rhine
Page 132The March to the Rhine
Page 133The March to the Rhine
Page 134The March to the Rhine
Page 135The March to the Rhine
Page 136The March to the Rhine
Page 137The March to the Rhine
Page 138The March to the Rhine
Page 139The March to the Rhine
Page 140The March to the Rhine
Page 141The March to the Rhine
Page 143Chapter XII
Page 144Chapter XII
Page 145Chapter XII
Page 146Portraits of Brig. Gen.s W. D. Connor, Louis C. Covell, Frank R. McCoy; Major Gen. Robert Alexander; Brig Gen. William R. Smedberg
Page 147Leaders of Thirty-Second Division
Page 148Leaders of Thirty-Second Division
Page 149Leaders of Thirty-Second Division
Page 150Leaders of Thirty-Second Division
Page 151Leaders of Thirty-Second Division
Page 152Leaders of Thirty-Second Division
Page 153Portraits of Major Gen. John A. Lejeune, Brig. Gen. Edwin B. Winans, Brig Gen. Charles R. Boardman
Page 155Chapter XIV - Cited in Orders
Page 156Chapter XIV - Cited in Orders
Page 157Portraits of Major H. W. Rogers, Lt. Col. John J. Burleigh, Lt. Col. John B. Johnson, Maj. Edgar H. Campbell, Maj. Charles A. Green
Page 158Chapter XIV - Cited in Orders
Page 159Chapter XIV - Cited in Orders
Page 160Chapter XIV - Cited in Orders
Page 161Portraits of Col. E. G. Heckel, Col. John B. Westnedge, Col. R. B. McCoy, Col. Peter F. Piasecki, Col. Russell C. Langdon
Page 162Chapter XIV - Cited in Orders
Page 163Chapter XIV - Cited in Orders
Page 164Portraits of Col. Chester B. McCormick, Col. Carl Penner, Lt Col. Robert Arthur, Maj. Gen. E. F. McGlachlin, Brig. Gen. G. Leroy Irwin, Col. Phillip Westfahl, Maj. James Gilson
Page 165Chapter XIV - Cited in Orders
Page 166Chapter XIV - Cited in Orders
Page 167Chapter XIV - Cited in Orders
Page 168Portraits of Col. William Mollison, Col. Wilbur M. Lee, Col. George T. Smith, Lt. Col. John B. Schneller, Col. Paul S. Bond, Col. Henry A. Meyer, Col. John B. Boucher, Col. Ambrose C. Pack, Col. John Turner
Page 169Chapter XIV - Cited in Orders
Page 170Chapter XIV - Cited in Orders
Page 171Chapter XIV - Cited in Orders
Page 172Portraits of Col. Morse, Brig. Gen. A. S. Fleming, Lt. Col. S. R. Hopkins
Page 173Chapter XIV - Cited in Orders
Page 174Chapter XIV - Cited in Orders
Page 175Chapter XIV - Cited in Orders
Page 176Chapter XIV - Cited in Orders
Page 177Chapter XIV - Cited in Orders
Page 178Chapter XIV - Cited in Orders
Page 179Chapter XIV - Cited in Orders
Page 180Chapter XIV - Cited in Orders
Page 181Chapter XIV - Cited in Orders
Page 182Chapter XIV - Cited in Orders
Page 183Chapter XIV - Cited in Orders
Page 184Chapter XIV - Cited in Orders
Page 185Chapter XIV - Cited in Orders
Page 186Chapter XIV - Cited in Orders
Page 187Chapter XIV - Cited in Orders
Page 188Chapter XIV - Cited in Orders
Page 189Chapter XIV - Cited in Orders
Page 190Chapter XIV - Cited in Orders
Page 191Chapter XIV - Cited in Orders
Page 193Reading the General's Mail
Page 194Reading the General's Mail
Page 195Reading the General's Mail
Page 196Reading the General's Mail
Page 197Reading the General's Mail
Page 198Reading the General's Mail
Page 199Reading the General's Mail
Page 200Reading the General's Mail
Page 201Reading the General's Mail
Page 202Reading the General's Mail
Page 203Reading the General's Mail
Page 204Reading the General's Mail
Page 205Reading the General's Mail
Page 206Reading the General's Mail
Page 207Reading the General's Mail
Page 208Reading the General's Mail
Page 209Reading the General's Mail
Page 210Reading the General's Mail
Page 211Reading the General's Mail
Page 212Reading the General's Mail
Page 21332d Veteran Assoc. Constitution
Page 21432d Veteran Assoc. Constitution
Page 21632d Veteran Assoc. Constitution

Roll of Honor


Page 217Abele, Amberlang, Anderson, Arnold, Atkins, Barlow, Beal, Beaton, Beaudry, Blomberg, Bostick, Brigham, Buck, Burton, Canary, Champagne, Chapman, Chatterton, Clarke, Colvin, Cook, Cottrell, Cranefield, Crowell, Daniels, Davis, Davitt, Devenny, Dickop
Page 218Dole, Duff, Falk, Fenelon, Feustel, Ebert, Fick, Fielding, Frierson, Gaartz, Gerald, Girard, Godfrey, Grassold, Hammond, Hanger, Harding, Harris, Harrison, Hastings, Hawkes, Hefferan, Hill, Hoffman, Hyland, Johnson, Jones, Joyce, Kanter, Kearn, Keiser, Keller, Kelly, King, Lamb, Learned, Le Baron, Lietemeyer, Lindberg, Locke, McElderry
Page 219McLachlan, McGee, Macheska, Mackay, Maddox, Malloy, Mattern, Manger, Mehl, Morgan, Mulcahy, Miller, Murry, Nelson, Noble, Oas, Oates, Osthaus, Perry, Peters, Post, Redner, Regan, Rhodes, Rice, Rit, Roberts, Ross, Rust, Schwartz, Weif, Settle, Sheldon, Shelly, Shiells, Slade, Slesinger, Smith
Page 220Sperbeck, Steen, Street, Stubbs, Sturtevant, Sugg, Taylor, Terhune, Thomas, Thompson, Thorsen, Togstad, Toole, Trier, Verney, Vogel, Wall, Wallber, Ward, West, Westnedge, Wheeler, Wilber
Page 223Toole, Harrison, Nelson, Rhodes, Thompson, Miller, Oates, Johnson, Hoffman
Page 229Taylor, Ebert, Thorson, Slade, Rowles, Wallber, Buck, Malloy, Abele
Page 235Mulcahy, Sturtevant, Regan, Joyce, Arnold, Jones, Vogel, Mattern, Peters
Page 241Kelly, Brigham, Kearn, Nelson, Sperbeck, Everett, Schwartz, Smith, Seif
Page 247Chatterton, Hefferan, Beal, Girard, Smith, Beaudry, Atkins, Osthaus, Cook
Page 253Clarke, Blomberg, Dickop, Roberts, Trier, West, McGee, Lietemeyer, Oas
Page 259Gerald, Grassold, Henger, Crowell, Daniels, Cranefield, Murray, Colvin, Togstad
Page 265Burton, Perry, Godfrey, Rice, Hill, Noble, Dole, Harris, Locke
Page 271Wilbur, Devenny, Thompson, Champagne, Hawkes, Wall, Cottrell, Thomas, Smith
Page 277Davitt, Frierson, Steen, Learned, Falk, Lamb, Duff, Barlow, Hammond
Page 283Chapman, Keiser, Amberland, Fick, MacLachlan, Rust, Sheldon, Ross, Shelly
Page 287Terhune, Morgan, King, Dineen, Street, Bostick, Johnson, Anderson, Keller
Page 291Settle, Fenelon, Mauger, Wheeler, Cook, Stubbs, Beaton, Feustel, Harding
Page 295Mehl, Gaartz, Taylor, Shiells, Harris, LeBaron

Enlisted Men

Page 220Abbott, Abe, Abegg, Abendroth, Abernathy, Abrams, Ackley, Adair, Adamick, Adams, Adamson, Agaires, Ahlf, Akin, Albrecht
Page 221Aldereta, Alderman, Alexander, Alfano, Alft, Allen, Allinson, Altman, Ammarell, Amstutz, Anderson, Andres, Andrews, Andrykowski, Antczak, Antico, Aravanis, Arbutz, Arlt, Armes, Armijo
Page 222Arms, Armstrong, Arnett, Arnold, Arvig, Asch, Asmundsen, Astarita, Atkinson, Augustine, Ausems, Austin, Ayatte, Babin, Baca, Back, Bacon, Badke, Baggett, Baggio, Bailey, Baily, Baird, Baker, Baldridge, Baldwin, Ball, Ballard, Ballman, Bamm
Page 224Banholzer, Banks, Bannister, Bannworth, Baranouski, Barclay, Barg, Barkley, Barlow, Barnaby, Barnard, Barnes, Barnett, Barr, Barrett, Bartels, Bartelt, Bartlett, Bartlette, Bartolino, Bartusiak, Basel, Basford, Bashore, Basom, Bass, Basta, Bastian, Bates, Batista, Battiste, Bausam, Bauer, Baughey, Bauley, Bayhem, Bayons, Bazzarre, Beam, Beard, Beardsley, Beavers
Page 225Bebout, Beck, Becker, Bedford, Beebe, Beechley, Beer, Besaw, Beldon, Bell, Bellis, Beloungea, Benedict, Bennett, Bennetts, Benoit, Benson, Beranek, Bereal, Berg, Bergann, Berge, Bergmann, Bergquist, Berkompas, Berry, Bertram, Bertz, Best, Beuthin, Bevier, Bezio, Biavaschi, Bicker, Bierschbach, Bigelow
Page 226Biletz, Bills, Bishell, Bissonette, Bjerken, Bjorbeck, Bjordal, Black, Blackmar, Blackwood, Bladyka, Blair, Blake, Blakeslee, Blanford, Blankertz, Blaschka, Blase, Blevins, Blixt, Block, Blockside, Bloedorn, Blumenthal, Bodell, Bodin, Bodstuebner, Boerner, Boog, Bohanon, Bolcom, Bolin, Bohacz, Bonue, Bond, Boneburg, Bonnevie, Boone, Borabeck, Boraschi
Page 227Borle, Borondo, Borst, Bosnett, Boswell, Bouder, Boursaw, Bovin, Bovyn, Boyer, Bowman, Boyd, Boyer, Boyett, Boykin, Brabazon, Brackin, Bradburry, Bradbury, Braden, Bradley, Bradshaw, Bray, Bragvatne, Branchini, Branch, Brandt, Branigan, Bray, Brazcan, Brebout, Brehl, Breit, Bremaiyer, Breningsthull, Brittenham, Brisendine, Brewer
Page 228Brewer, Briggs, Brigham, Bright, Brill, Brodie, Bronsted, Brontsena, Brooks, Brougher, Brower, Brown, Browne, Browning, Brayles, Bruno, Bruce, Bruhn, Brunner, Bryan, Bryant, Brzozwski, Buck, Budd
Page 230Buettner, Bumgarner, Burbey, Burch, Burdick, Burk, Burke, Burkett, Burkland, Burns, Burton, Burwill, Bush, Buskirk, Butler, Butterfield, Bychinski, Byers, Cabai, Cairns, Caldie, Call, Caloni, Cameron, Camors, Campbell, Canavan, Cantanszei, Canuteson, Capelleti
Page 231Caradine, Carboneau, Card, Carignan, Carlisle, Carlson, Carnehan, Carps, Carr, Carretto, Carrico, Carroll, Carter, Carvounis, Case, Casford, Casper, Cassens, Cason, Catilini, Catlin, Catlow, Caton, Caulkins, Cayo, Calmer, Cescato, Chamberlain, Champagne, Champion, Chaney, Chaoman, Chaplain, Chapman, Chatfield, Cherry, Chipchase, Choate, Cherney, Christanson, Christenson
Page 232Christensen, Christianson, Christie, Ciniglio, Cirwyski, Clancy, Clark, Clarke, Clarkson, Clegg, Cleightman, Clemens, Cline, Clinefelter, Clszek, Coates, Coehren, Cody, Coffee, Coffin, Cofran, Cohen, Colbert, Cole, Coleman, Colenso, Collins, Combs, Compana, Comiska, Compton
Page 233Conley, Conlin, Conroy, Conti, Cook, Colley, Cooper, Cooperider, Cornal, Cornice, Coryell, Cossette, Costa, Counter, Corwell, Coutu, Covert, Cowen, Cowley, Cox, Craidge, Craig, Crain, Crane, Crawford, Creasey, Creech, Cripps, Crist, Crocos, Croff, Croninger
Page 234Crosby, Cross, Crothers, Crystal, Cudworth, Cummings, Cunningham, Cupast, Curb, Curran, Curwen, Cushing, Cusick, Custer, Cutright, Cutsinger, Cuza, Czyziewski, Dadison, Dahl, Dahlberg, Dahlem, Dalen, Daley, Dally, Daly, Damhuk, Daniels, Daniliuk, Danner, Dant, Dargo, Daugherty, Dausman, Davenport, Davis
Page 236Davis, Dawson, Day, Dearmond, Debutts, Decaire, Decorah, De Dominicis, Deeds, Doering, Deeringer, Deeringhoff, Deetz, Degiacomo, DeGuerre, Dehl, Dekkinga, Delaney, Delapp, Delgoff, Delihant, Dahlberg, Demorest, Demund, Deneker, Dennis, Denno, Denouden, Densmore, Denton, Derdowski, Dereuisseaux, DeRonde, Desantis
Page 237Devries, Dewitt, DeWitt, Deyo, Diamond, Deangelo, Dick, Dickerson, Dickey, Dickinson, Dietrich, Dimassa, Dinwiddie, Dirrigl, Dicken, Distler, Dixon, Dodds, Doerr, Dolan, Dollinger, Dombrowski, Doney, Dinnelly, Doran, Doreheus, Dorenburg, Dorey, Dorfman, Doughert, Douglas, Dow, Dowling, Dowdy, Dowty, Dozier, Drabenstott, Drake, Draper, Drennon, Drepse, Dressell
Page 238Dresser, Drill, Driver, Drury, Dry, Duane, Duckett, Dudek, Dudley, Dudzinski, Duerwearder, Dufan, Duffy, Dugan, Duhn, Dujoudin, Duket, Dulepski, Duncan, Duncklee, Dunham, Dunigan, Dunken, Dunn, Dupras, Dupius, Dupris, Durbin, Durka, Durkee, Durnberger, Duseld, Dwyer, Dyer, Dykes, Easly, Eastlund, Eastman, Eaton, Eby
Page 239Edelson, Edmonson, Edwards, Egelhoff, Eggert, Egle, Egleston, Ehlen, Eich, Eick, Elder, Eldridge, Elefson, Elias, Elijah, Ellenberger, Elliott, Ellis, Elmer, Embrey, Elerick, Emfinger, Engle, Englehardt, English
Page 240Evans, Evens, Ewald, Ewing, Exline, Fahey, Fair, Farmer, Farnham, Farrand, Farrell, Ferris, Faunce, Fay, Fehrs, Felber, Felhefer, Feltz, Ferguson, Fessenden, Fetrow, Fetscher, Fett, Fick, Finley, Fischer, Fields, Fien, Fikstad, Finnerty, Finney, Finstad, Fintrilakis, Fisher, Fitzgerald, Fitzpatrick
Page 242Flanery, Fleisner, Fligg, Flee, Florine, Flynn, French, Foley, Folkener, Floker, Foody, Forbes, Ford, Forsberg, Forshee, Forsman, Fortenberry, Foss, Fountain, Fowers, Fowler, France, Francis, Francovick, Franek, Frank, Franks, Franz, Frede, Frederickson, Fredrichs, Freeman, Freshour, Freyler, Frink, Friske, Frith, Fritz
Page 243Frest, Fruend, Frye, Fuchs, Fuerback, Fuller, Fulton, Furmanski, Gaj, Galaska, Galvin, Gallus, Gamblin, Gample, Gander, Gappa, Garcia, Gardiner, Gariepy, Garrett, Garski, Gates, Gattis, Gebert, Gecowets, Gehring, Georgakis, George, Gerald, Gerbasi, Gerheim, Gerlach, Germann, Gilligan, Germershausen, Gerowx, Getchel, Giacoma, Gibbons, Gielarowski, Gietzen
Page 244Gilbert, Giles, Gillespie, Gillette, Green, Gilmette, Gislasson, Glenn, Glynn, Goddard, Godowski, Godwin, Golden, Goltz, Goree, Gorke, Gortz, Gossett, Gosswiller, Gould, Gowan, Gowers, Grabowski, Graf, Graham, Grammer, Grams, Grane, Grave, Graves, Gray, Greeley, Green, Greggs, Grego
Page 245Greer, Greskowiak, Griffin, Grimes, Griswold, Grooms, Gross, Groves, Grubb, Guide, Gullo, Gustafson, Guth, Guyton, Guzal, Guzman, Haas, Hadtrath, Hagan, Hagerstrom, Haines, Hall, Hatch, Hallopeter, Hamilton, Halvorsen, Hamilton, Hammond, Hampton, Hanlon, Hanrahan, Hamilton, Hansen
Page 246Hansford, Haralobas, Hargis, Harden, Harder, Harding, Hardlicks, Harding, Hardy, Harem, Harmon, Harkins, Harridge, Harms, Harper, Harpham, Harris, Hassell, Harrison, Hart, Hartman, Harvey, Haslick, Haught, Hayden, Haugen, Hawes, Hawks, Hawkins, Hawks, Hazelton, Hayes, Haynes, Hayton, Hayword, Heier
Page 248Healey, Heasley, Heffron, Hegelan, Hillery, Heinecke, Heis, Helmke, Hendrikson, Henning, Henniger, Herber, Herbert, Herbst, Herigstad, Herman, Herrold, Hesterkind, Hewitt, Heyenga, Hibbard, Hickey, Hieatt, High, Highfil, Higley, Hildebrand, Hiler, Hilferink, Hill, Hillman, Hilton, Hoff, Hintz, His-horse-is-fast, Hitchcock, Hix, Hodder, Hodges, Hodson, Hoefer
Page 249Hoeppner, Hoffman, Hollingsworth, Hoffman, Hoffner, Hohn, Hokanson, Holcomb, Holland, Hollenberger, Holewinski, Hood, Hollis, Hollonsbad, Holmes, Holtke, Holton, Holtz, Holub, Holzschuh, Honaker, Hood, Hurst, Hooker, Hooten, Hope, Hopkins, Hopeland, Hopp, Horn, Hornaday, Hosler, Hosder, Hottenstein, Hottinger, Houshin, Houreaillou, House, Houser
Page 250Hovercamp, Howard, Howe, Howell, Holzhieter, Hrdlicka, Hubbard, Hubert, Hudson, Huff, Huggins, Hughes, Hulet, Humphreys, Humphrey, Hunsinger, Hunt, Hunter, Hurst, Hurt, Huschke, Hutcheson, Hutchison, Ibbotson, Igo, Ingram, Irish, Irons, Irwin, Isaacson, Iverson, Jack, Jackola, Jacks, Jackson
Page 251Jackson, Jacobson, Jaeckel, Jager, Janczyak, Janke, Jankowski, Janssen, Jarkala, Jatropulos, Jaworski, Joworski, Jelbrer, Jenkins, Jonnart, Jenson, Jeppson, Jerred, Jerzakowski, Jett, Jewell, Jobe, Johns, Johnson
Page 252Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jonker, Jorgenson, Josephson, Joyner, Judkins, Jusdson, Jump, Jung, Kagibitang, Kah, Kahn, Kahra, Kain, Kalbes, Kalkbrenner, Kapanke, Kaparos, Kapezuk, Kaphan, Karch, Karolczak, Karston, Karvola
Page 254Kase, Karopodes, Katz, Kaufman, Keegan, Keel, Keener, Keezel, Keezer, Kegley, Keinarth, Keith, Kelian, Kellar, Kelle, Keller, Kelley, Kellis, Kelly, Kempter, Kennedy, Kent, Kerlin, Kerns, Kerp, Keske, Kesser, Kessler, Keveney, Kicklighter, Kidd, Kidder, Kiefer, Kierschke, Kilgore, Kimball, Kimbel, Kimmel, Kinard, King
Page 255King, Kingsburg, Kirkeman, Kirkpatrick, Kister, Klavanian, Klebba, Klemmer, Kline, Klingman, Klinkner, Klomstad, Klucka, Klusendorf, Klykunas, Knag, Knapp, Knarr, Kneer, Knobloch, Knoke, Koblitz, Koca, Kochanik, Kocian, Kocklaun, Kohlmeier, Koivupalo, Kokoska, Kolche, Kolean, Kolkana, Kolling, Kolodziejski, Kominek, Kopchinski, Koperwicz, Kopp, Kops, Kordus, Kores
Page 256Korinski, Kornas, Kosal, Koss, Kossewski, Koster, Kovasivick, Kovnat, Kovich, Krause, Kovola, Krawczyk, Krazewski, Kreitel, Krell, Kremer, Kremetski, Kresen, Kresowski, Kristoferson, Kritt, Kriz, Kroepfel, Kronquist, Kromer, Krueger, Krull, Kryseysyns, Kubeck, Kucern, Kudlinski, Kuhn, Kujawa, Kujawski, Kulbacki, Kumbera, Kunes, Kunkel, Kunz, Kunzie, Kurklietis, Kvlet, Kvikawskie
Page 257Kwyecinski, Labar, Labelle, Labudavitch, Labutsky, Ladd, Lade, Laffey, LaFrania, Lagemarsino, Lair, Laird, LaJeunnesse, LaJiness, Lajores, LaLonde, Lamb, Lamberton, Lammerding, Lamphere, Lams, Lander, Landstrom, Lane, Lang, Lange, Langehaug, Langendorf, Langford, Laniesski, LaPage, LaPoint, Larges, Larkin, Larkowski, Larm, Larrick, Larson
Page 258Larson, LaReu, Lathrope, Law, Leach, Leary, Le Buda, Lecher, Ledford, Lee, Leggett, Lehmann, Leistikow, Lesland, Lemanski, Lemaster, Lamke, Lendowsky, Lenig, Leonard, Lesch, Lerch, Leschikaz, Lese, Leslie, Lesniak, Lesselyoung, Lesczeinski, Leszkievitch, Leveaux, Leverenz, Levesque, Levi, Lewis, Leyanna
Page 260Lichtfuss, Liedke, Lien, Likens, Lillefloren, Lindon, Lindsay, Linar, Liniger, Linn, Linna, Linstrum, Lippert, Lipschitz, Littleton, Livingston, Lockhart, Locke, Lodusire, Loeacono, Loftus, Loibl, Loicca, Loomis, Lopez, Losciskie, Lukeman, Lott, Lovejoy, Lowall, Lowder, Lowe, Loxon, Lucas, Luce, Luciand, Luduser, Ludvigson, Luecke, Lueskow, Lumsden, Lund
Page 261Lund, Lungwitz, Lutz, Lux, Lyczkowski, Lymburner, Lynch, Lynge, Lyngen, Lyons, Maas, MacGregor, Machen, Maciejewski, Mackinder, MacMillen, Madera, Madson, Mairsky, Mainard, Mainville, Maiorana, Malinowski, Malinski, Manecke, Mangan, Margold, Manocke, Manriquez, Mansfield, Manska, Manson, Manzella, Mapes, Marco, Markel, Markely, Markowski, Marks
Page 262Marler, Marlia, Marquardt, Marsh, Marshall, Marthaler, Martin, Marvin, Mason, Matchkiewicz, Matemazyk, Mather, Mathews, Mathiot, Mayer, Maynard, Mazonski, McArthur, McCabe, McCadam, McCann, McCarter, McCarthy, McCloskey, Mathison, McCann, McClurg, McCormack, McCormick, McCoy, McCracken, McDermott, McDonald
Page 263McDonnell, McDowell, McElfresh, McEvoy, McFarling, McGaughey, McGenley, McGlue, McGolerick, McGraw, McGregor, McGuinness, McQuire, McGushin, McHugh, McIntyre, McKeehan, McKay, McKearn, McKeen, McKinney, McLaughlin, McLenahan, McLean, McLenden, McManus, McMillan, McMullen, McNamara, McNeese, McPherson, McQuien, McRae, Meacham, Mead, Meadows, Meier, Meinhart, Meiser
Page 264Melcher, Melnichuk, Melosh, Melvin, Mercer, Merrill, Merry, Messner, Metzenbauger, Metzler, Meuli, Meyer, Michel, Michell, Michelson, Mienkwicz, Mierzwinski, Mike, Mikelajczyk, Mikkelson, Miles, Millar, Miller, Mills, Minehan, Minnard
Page 266Minus, Mitchell, Mittlestat, Mjelde, Moeller, Moenkhouse, Monday, Monocka, Monroe, Montgomery, Montley, Mooney, Moonier, Moore, Moos, Moran, Morgan, Morris, Morrison, Moser, Mortenson, Moszinski, Moussa, Moyer, Moyers
Page 267Mrvalevitch, Mueller, Mulcare, Muller, Mulligan, Munch, Munksgard, Murawski, Muri, Mureowski, Murphy, Murray, Murry, Musgerd, Musier, Muth, Muzzall, Myers, Nadler, Nadolski, Naronjo, Narbon, Narodzonek, Nascadi, Naylor, Nehrbass, Nehring, Neilson, Nell, Nelson
Page 268Nelson, Netcher, Netzel, Newman, Nichols, Neverdahl, Nichols, Nicholson, Niskerson, Niebuhr, Niehaus, Nielson, Ninneman, Noel, Norris, Notting, Novek, Novitske, Nowack, Nowatny, Nusbaum, Nystrom, Oakey, Oakley, O'Brien, O'Connel, O'Connell, O'Connor, O'Day
Page 269Odee, Odell, Odermatt, O'Donnell, Oehler, Oertel, Ogdin, Ogletree, Oldenburg, Olin, Oliver, Olk, Ollnich, Olsen, Olson, Olsson, O'Malley, Opsahl, Orr, Orrick, Ortis, Orwoeke, Osborn, Oser, Ostrom, Ostrander, Osypienski, Ottinger, Overholser, Owen, Owens, Ozman, Pada
Page 270Paden, Padgett, Page, Pagnani, Pahoon, Paine, Palmer, Palmiero, Pape, Pardee, Pargawski, Paksinson, Parks, Parnis, Parrish, Parthe, Partridge, Paseka, Patterson, Patrick, Paulson, Payne, Payson, Pearson, Peatroski, Paccia, Pederson, Peebles, Pegues
Page 272Pelagalle, Pelissero, Pelligrino, Pelowski, Penneyer, Perdue, Perkins, Perlick, Perou, Perry, Perryman, Pester, Peters, Peterson, Petitt, Petri, Petro, Petrowsky, Petty, Pfeil, Pflug, Philbrook, Phillips, Phillip, Piaskowski, Pickney, Pierce, Pierson, Pietras, Pietrykowski, Piezy, Pellington
Page 273Punch, Pinn, Piper, Pira, Pittenger, Pitterle, Pitts, Pexley, Pizzini, Plana, Plassmeyer, Plude, Plummer, Poe, Poet, Pohlmann, Pohlpeter, Polak, Polomis, Polovina, Polowski, Polubitz, Ponti, Pophan, Porte, Porter, Posharitzky, Potter, Powell, Powers, Prahl, Prate, Pravica, Preiss, Preissner, Prestegard, Preston, Price, Preiskorn
Page 274Prime, Printz, Prizzi, Procter, Prokopowich, Pruchnofski, Prybylski, Przybylowski, Pukita, Pullen, Purdy, Purvis, Qualls, Quereau, Quigg, Raak, Raasch, Eabenstein, Radcliff, Radecki, Radovich, Radovitch, Ragan, Raithel, Ralph, Ramm, Randall, Rankin, Rannow, Rapp, Rasp, Rath, Rathburn, Rathbun, Raustis, Rawdon, Raymer, Reardon, Rebec, Rech, Redmen, Reed
Page 275Reed, Reedy, Rees, Reese, Reeser, Regert, Rehling, Reid, Reiff, Reily, Reinkens, Remley, Rempler, Replogla, Reuter, Reynolds, Rezak, Rice, Richard, Richards, Richardson, Riches, Richmond, Riddle, Rieck, Riemer, Rierson, Rietz, Riffle, Riggleman, Rigic, Riggs, Rimstidt, Rinaldi, Rineberger, Rippberger, Rising, Ritzert
Page 276Roam, Rease, Robb, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Roemer, Rogalska, Rogers, Roman, Romanzuk, Romes, Romely, Romotowski, Roose, Rooney, Root, Rorabacher, Rosati, Rose, Rosenburger, Rosenkranz, Rosenzweig, Rosky, Ross, Rossbach, Rothermel, Rothfus, Rosseau, Rowe, Roy
Page 278Royer, Rozwadewski, Rube, Ryby, Ruchti, Ruedisale, Rugg, Rundquist, Runnyon, Rush, Russell, Rust, Ruth, Ryan, Sabeen, Sadkowski, Sader, Sage, Saintom, Sakkinen, Sakolka, Salazar, Sales, Salo, Salsgiver, Saltin, Salvator, Salzor, Samples, Sandheimier, Sanders, Sandridge, Sands, Sanstrom, Sandy
Page 279Sanson, Santerelli, Sarazen, Sather, Satterlee, Satterwhite, Sauvola, Sauvala, Savedro, Sawcheck, Saxe, Schener, Saxay, Schaedler, Schafke, Schanger, Scheffler, Schenck, Scheik, Schielz, Schireson, Schaikowski, Schlosser, Schmees, Schmidt, Schmitt, Schmitz, Schmider, Schnieder, Schniers, Schnupp, Schoenrock, Schoof, Schoon, Schram, Schubert, Schrech, Schroeder, Schweikert
Page 280Schwenker, Schukalsky, Schuknecht, Schulgen, Schultz, Schulz, Schur, Schwartzburg, Schyr, Severson, Schwietzer, Schwindt, Schwitzenbert, Sharpe, Scribner, Scully, Sczepanick, Seay, Secrest, Seeley, Sehrt, Seidl, Seifert, Seipold, Sells, Selschotter, Senstad, Seveille, Shershenuk, Sewell, Shaefer, Shanks, Shersheniak, Sharp, Shick, Sharpley, Shaver, Shaw
Page 281Shea, Sheehan, Shell, Sherman, Sievers, Sinnatt, Shinkle, Shinn, Shirey, Shirley, Shovan, Shrigley, Shubert, Shull, Shuttlesworth, Sierplenski, Sigorski, Sikors, Sijka, Siberberg, Simons, Simonsen, Simonson, Sims, Sinaveski, Sinclair, Sines, Sinniger, Siuba, Sizemore, Sizer, Skaggs, Skaleski, Skibski, Skinner, Sky, Slaney, Slattery, Slining, Slonina
Page 282Smalor, Smith, Smotzer, Sneed, Snell, Snyder, Sole, Soles, Solomon, Soltis
Page 284Sonn, Sorenson, Sortum, Soulis, Sours, Sowards, Spargimino, Sparks, Spencer, Sperle, Spicknell, Sprightly, Sproul, St. Anthony, St. Peter, Stack, Staff, Stafford, Stamitz, Stamp, Stanton, Stapski, Starbuck, Stauber, Stauppacher, Stearns, Stedwell, Steeves, Steffe, Stegal, Steinberg, Steinborn, Stekelberg, Stenseth, Stepke, Sterling, Stettler, Stevans, Stever, Steves, Steward
Page 285Stewart, Stewert, Stimay, Stinson, Stipsky, Stoewer, Stokes, Stolling, Stomner, Stone, Stonecipher, Storey, Stover, Stovall, Stowasser, Straightwell, Strand, Stover, Strand, Stratham, Stratton, Struber, Strong, Stringhoener, Stracham, Strunk, Stuart, Sturla, Sucicie, Sukut, Sullivan, Summers, Sund, Sutfin, Sutherland, Sutter
Page 286Svetlik, Sweet, Swiedarke, Swierczynaski, Swift, Swiney, Swischer, Szczepanski, Tackowiak, Tahlier, Talbert, Talbot, Tallroth, Tande, Tanner, Tanson, Tasson, Tate, Taylor, Teichler, Terry, Teunis, Therkildsen, Thomas, Thompson, Thorne, Thanton, Thurlow
Page 288Tice, Tidball, Tiegs, Tieman, Timm, Tira, Titus, Tobin, Toby, Tollefson, Toloknianik, Tolsma, Tomanski, Tomczak, Tomilson, Toskan, Town, Tracey, Trautmann, Traylor, Trepozynski, Trierweiler, Trites, Troester, Trombley, Trout, Trowbridge, Truckey, Tucker, Tunis, Turley, Turner, Tweedale, Tweite, Twomey, Tyler, Udych, Udell, Ulrich
Page 289Underwood, Upton, Urbaniak, Urbanschack, Vance, Vandegarde, Vandegezelle, Vonder Heide, VanDeHoming, Vanderhoof, Van Dyke, VanEimeren, Van Ells, Van Handel, VanHorsen, Van Huizen, Van Voorhees, Van Wert, Varga, Vermecky, Varno, Vath, Vegnapoulos, Velliquette, Verner, Vetraino, Vibbert, Villalevos, Villeneauve, Vingere, Voss, Vurn, Wache, Wade, Wagner, Wagoner, Waite, Waitekunas
Page 290Wakeman, Walker, Wallace, Wallen, Wallis, Walling, Walsh, Walters, Walton, Wangen, Ward, Warner, Warren, Washburn, Wasserberger, Watkins, Watson, Way, Waybrant, Weaver, Webb, Weber, Weeks, Wertman, Weese, Weide, Weigell, Weigel, Weisgerber, Weiss
Page 292Welmerink, Wellner, Wells, Welsh, Welton, Wenzel, Werner, Wescott, West, Wezesenski, Whalen, Wharren, Wheaton, Wheeler, Whichser, Whipple, Whisler, White, Whitehurst, Witemore, Wicklund, Widdifield, Widener, Wiebusch, Wietem, Wilcox, Wilczynski, Wilke, Wilker, Wilkerson, Wilkins, Wilkinson, Wilks, Willar, Williams
Page 293Williams, Willis, Wilson, Winch, Windl, Winkler, Winner, Winslow, Winsper, Winger, Wireman, Wirketis, Witte, Wludarski, Woleford, Wojciechowski, Wolfe, Wolff, Wolinski, Wolman, Womac, Wood, Woods, Woolford, Woodville, Woodworth, Woolridge, Worcester, Wortz, Wozenski, Wrasse, Wray, Wright
Page 294Wright, Wynt, Yaney, Yarno, Young, Zachow, Zahn, Zajicek, Zaleski, Zane, Zaneni, Zenewich, Zenus, Zeuske, Zilmar, Zimmerlie, Zimmerman, Zitterman, Zive, Zubin, Zuckowski, Zullo
Page 296Consolidated Casualty Report

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