328 Field Artillery in the World War

We have scanned the original publication entitled "The Red Guidon - edited by the 328 Field Artillery" and indexed it for your reference.   The publication consists of rosters of the officers and men of the various batteries which made up the 328 during its World War One service, including training.   There are timelines summarizing important dates as well as some poems, songs and comedic commentary intended to "sketch in the high-lights of a common experience."   We have indexed all men named in the publication and included a single alphabetical index.   Where names appear more than once, this is because the name appeared in multiple places within the publication.   Rosters include name, rank and place of residence.   You may access roster information by clicking on the letter which corresponds to the first letter of the surname of the individual you are researching.   We hope you find this information useful in your family history research.

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