Roster of the 56th Pioneer Infantry / First Maine Heavy Field Artillery in Germany, 1919

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Roster of the 56th Pioneer Infantry / First Maine Heavy Field Artillery in Germany, 1919


We have acquired and scanned a copy of a publication entitled:

Fifty-Sixth Pioneer-Infantry (First Maine Heavy Field Artillery)
with the Army of Occupation
in Germany
New Year 1919

The publication is organized by unit. For this reason there is no easy way to formulate a workable index. We have, therefore, made the pages searchable. If you are on a fast connection and wish to peruse this publication page by page, simply click on each page number to access the actual page. Otherwise, we suggest you use the search mechanism at the top of this page to find the sections which pertain to the surnames you are interested in.

We have no additional information for the individuals listed and we are unable to correct errors and ommissions in the publication. This information is provided in order to help you locate information regarding your ancestors. We cannot vouch for and make no claims regarding the authenticity of information presented.

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Page #Contents
Page 1Introduction
Page 2Introduction, page 2
Page 3Regimental HQ and HQ Company
Page 4Regimental HQ and HQ Company cont'
Page 5Regimental HQ and HQ Company cont'
Page 6Regimental HQ and HQ Company finish & Supply Company
Page 7Supply Company cont'
Page 8Ordnance Detachment; Sanitary Detachment; and Company A
Page 9Company A cont'
Page 10Company A cont'
Page 11Company A cont' & Company B
Page 12Company B cont'
Page 13Company B cont'
Page 14Company C
Page 15Company C cont'
Page 16Company C cont' & Company D
Page 17Company D cont'
Page 18Company D cont'
Page 19Company D cont' & Company E
Page 20Company E cont'
Page 21Company E cont'
Page 22Company E cont' & Company F
Page 23Company F cont'
Page 24Company F cont'
Page 25Company F cont' & Company G
Page 26Company G cont'
Page 27Company G cont'
Page 28Company G cont'
Page 29Company H
Page 30Company H cont'
Page 31Company H cont'
Page 32Company I
Page 33Company I cont'
Page 34Company I cont' & Company K
Page 35Company K cont'
Page 36Company K cont'
Page 37Company K cont' & Company L
Page 38Company L cont'
Page 39Company L cont'
Page 40Company L cont' & Company M
Page 41Company M cont'
Page 42Company M cont'
Page 43Company M cont'

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