State of Vermont, Roster of Soldiers in the War of 1812-14 - N .. O Surnames

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Page #Description / Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 308Names
Page 309Narse, Nash, Nasmith, Nason, Nay, Naysmith, Neal, Nealey, Nealy, Needham
Page 310Needham, Neels, Neff, Nelson, Nesmith, New, Newcomb
Page 311Newell, Newland, Newman, Newton
Page 312Newton, Nicholas, Nichols
Page 313Nichols, Nicholson, Nickinson, Nieman, Niles, Nimblet, Nite
Page 314Noble, Nobles, Noles, Nolton, Norris, Normandin, Northaway
Page 315North, Northrop, Northrup, Northway, Norton, Nourse, Noyes
Page 316Noyes, Nunn, Nutt, Nutter, Nutting, Nye, Nyes, Oak, Oatman, Ober
Page 317O'Brien, O'Conner, Odell, Odit, Odle, Ogden, Olcott, Older, Oldfield, Oldham, Olds, Oleds, Olin, Oliver, Olmstead
Page 318Olmsted, O'Neil, Orcutt, Ordway, Orlin, Ormes, Orms, Ormsbee, Ormsby, Ormstead, Orne, Orr, Orton, Orvis, Osborn
Page 319Osborne, Osburn, Osgood, O'Stund, Osyer, Otherthorp, Otis, Oudercarrick, Ovit, Owen, Owens
Page 320Owens