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USS Arizona Casualty List

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    TAMBOLLEO, Victor Charles SF3c USN Maryland
    TANNER, Russell Allen GM3c USN Washington
    TAPIE, EDward Casamiro MM2c USN California
    TAPP, Lambert Ray GM3c USN Kentucky
    TARG, John CWTP USN California
    TAYLOR, Aaron Gust MATT1c USN California
    TAYLOR, Charles Benton EM3c USN Illinois
    TAYLOR, Harry Theodore GM2c USN Indiana
    TAYLOR, Robert Denzil COX USN Iowa
    TEELING, Charles Madison CPRTP USNR California
    TEER, Allen Ray EM1c USN California
    TENNELL, Raymond Clifford S1c USN Texas
    TERRELL, John Raymond F2c USN Arkansas
    THEILLER, Rudolph S1c USN California
    THOMAS, Houston O'Neal COX USN Texas
    THOMAS, Randall James S1c USN West Virginia
    THOMAS, Stanley Horace F3c USN
    THOMAS, Vincent Duron COX USN California
    THOMPSON, Charles Leroy S1c USN Illinois
    THOMPSON, Irven Edgar S1c USN Ohio
    THOMPSON, Robert Gary SC1c USN California
    THORMAN, John Christopher EM2c USN Iowa
    THORNTON, George Hayward GM3c USN Mississippi
    TINER, Robert Reaves F2c USN Texas
    TISDALE, William Esley CWTP USN California
    TRIPLETT, Thomas Edgar S1c USN California
    TROVATO, Tom S1c USN California
    TUCKER, Raymond Edward COX USN Indiana
    TUNTLAND, Earl Eugene S1c USN North Dakota
    TURNIPSEED, John Morgan F3c USN Arkansas
    TUSSEY, Lloyd Harold EM3c USN North Carolina
    TYSON, Robert FC3c USN Louisiana

    Index   A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   Y   Z

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