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USS Arizona Casualty List

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    RADFORD, Neal Jason MUS2c USN Nebraska
    RASMUSSEN, Arthur Severin CM1c USN California
    RASMUSSON, George Vernon F3c USN Minnesota
    RATKOVICH, William WT1c USN California
    RAWHOUSER, Glen Donald F3c USN Oregon
    RAWSON, Clyde Jackson BM1c USN Maryland
    RAY, Harry Joseph BM2c USN California
    REAVES, Casbie S1c USN Arkansas
    RECTOR, Clay Cooper SK3c USN Kentucky
    REECE, John Jeffris S2c USN Oklahoma
    REED, James Buchanan Jr. SK1c USN California
    REED, Ray Ellison S2c USN Oklahoma
    REGISTER, Paul James LCDR USN North Dakota
    REINHOLD, Rudolph Herbert PVT USMC Utah
    RESTIVO, Jack Martin Y2c USN Maryland
    REYNOLDS, Earl Arthur S2c USN Colorado
    REYNOLDS, Jack Franklyn S1c USN
    RHODES, Birb Richard F2c USN Tennessee
    RHODES, Mark Alexander S1c USN North Carolina
    RICE, William Albert S2c USN Washington
    RICH, Claude Edward S1c USN Florida
    RICHAR, Raymond Lyle S1c USN
    RICHARDSON, Warren John COX USN Pennsylvania
    RICHISON, Fred Louis GM3c USN California
    RICHTER, Albert Wallace COX USN
    RICO, Guadalupe Augustine S1c USN California
    RIDDEL, Eugene Edward S1c USN Michigan
    RIGANTI, Fred SF3c USN California
    RIGGINS, Gerald Herald S1c USN California
    RIVERA, Francisco Unpingoo MATT2c USN Guam
    ROBERTS, Dwight Fisk F1c USN Kansas
    ROBERTS, Kenneth Franklin BM2c USN
    ROBERTS, McClellan Taylor CPHMP USN California
    ROBERTS, Walter Scott Jr. RM1c USN Missouri
    ROBERTS, Wilburn Carle BKR3c USN Louisiana
    ROBERTS, William Francis S2c USN
    ROBERTSON, Edgar Jr. MATT3c USN Virginia
    ROBERTSON, James Milton MM1c USN Tennessee
    ROBINSON, Harold Thomas S2c USN California
    ROBINSON, James William S2c USN California
    ROBINSON, John James EM1c USN Oregon
    ROBINSON, Robert Warren PHM3c USN West Virginia
    ROBY, Raymond Arthur S1c USN California
    RODGERS, John Dayton S1c USN Pennsylvania
    ROEHM, Harry Turner MM2c USN Illinois
    ROGERS, Thomas Sprugeon CWTP USN Alabama
    ROMANO, Simon OC1c USN Virginia
    ROMBALSKI, Donald Roger S2c USN Washington
    ROMERO, Vladimir M. S1c USN Virginia
    ROOT, Melvin Lenord S1c USN Ohio
    ROSE, Chester Clay BM1c USN Kentucky
    ROSENBERY, Orval Robert SF2c USN Illinois
    ROSS, Deane Lundy S2c USN New York
    ROSS, William Fraser GM3c USN New York
    ROWE, Eugene Joseph S1c USN New Jersey
    ROWELL, Frank Malcom S2c USN Texas
    ROYALS, William Nicholas F1c USN Virginia
    ROYER, Howard Dale GM3c USN Ohio
    ROZAR, John Frank WT2c USN California
    ROZMUS, Joseph Stanley S1c USN New Hampshire
    RUDDOCK, Cecil Roy S1c USN
    RUGGERIO, William FC3c USN
    RUNCKEL, Robert Gleason BUG1c USN
    RUNIAK, Nicholas S1c USN New Jersey
    RUSH, Richard Perry S1c USN Texas
    RUSHER, Orville Lester MM1c USN Missouri
    RUSKEY, Joseph John CBMP USN California
    RUTKOWSKI, John Peter S1c USN New York
    RUTTAN, Dale Andrew EM3c USN Florida

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